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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 46 (12)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 46
Page 46

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 46

I IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. the new Elite, Ciudad Trujillo, is tastefullv designed with Grecian pillars and applied decoration. Most modern oi all

OTHER LATIN AMERICA theatres of importance are: (above) the MOO-seat Cine Opera, Lima, Peru. features a stone, concrete and tile iront oi mammoth proportions: (below) the Iunin. Caracas, Venezuela, has dramatic night lighting; and (at right) the glass fronted Radar, Rosario. Argentina.

huge front resembles an oblong of concrete, supported on its long side by six square columns, and over which is superimposed a smaller oblong frame bearing the name of the theatre and an abstract design in graceful neon script. A powerful effect is achieved with a bare minimum of facade adornment. The auditorium of the Los Angeles has a novel stage arrangement, with three concentric arch-shaped platforms leading from the stage to the main lioor. The sidewalls, covered with corrugated acustical plaster, are each decorated with two simple, nearly identical line draw

theatres in that country, it is completely air conditioned and sets the pace for all others. Patron acceptance is responsible for their numerical increase.

ings. Seating about 900, the theatre is equipped with Super Simplex projection machines.

Dominican Republic

In Ciudad Trujillo, Dominican Republic, the new Elite is the countryls most modern theatre, and the only air-conditioned showcase in the area. A relatively modest house, but nonetheless attractive, it has a concavely curved proscenium, Hanked by Huted Grecian columns of plaster, and some highly interesting murals symbolically depicting various phases of movie making, painted in delicate pastels.

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 46