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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 62 (28)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 62
Page 62

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 62

Gorin's (variety store) were carefully spaced in relationship to one another and to the total traffic pattern. The lineup was then completed with the remaining specialty shops, drugstores, eating places, branch bank and post office. The majority of these retail units were located by merchandise type and price range. Apparel stores are near Jordan Marsh; food stores and hardware stores are midway on either side, and eating places are adjacent to both the theatre and department store.

In practice, this interrelated trafiic and merchandising pattern has worked despite the fact that it is still incomplete. Although foot traffic is well distributed along the length of the mall, it is still heaviest at the south end dominated by the Jordan Marsh building. Tratiic at the north end of the mall will not balance that at the south until the projected north department store has been completed. The theatre and its adjacent restaurants and shops will then get their full share of trade.

diagonally opposite and near Cochituate Road. Another service station is planned for future construction.

Planned traffic control was applied to the parking areas as well as the walkways of Shopperls World. Convenient access and exit lanes connect both of the nearby highways with the centers main inner roadway. Drivers taking this roadway proceed to the parking area nearest their objective, make a right turn into one of its U-shaped parking lanes, leave their car and walk to the nearest building entrance. Thanks to this system, there is no high speed motor traffic next to the centers buildings. Shoppers enroute from their car to stores or theatre can safely use the same parking lanes used by slowmoving vehicles.

Truck traffic to the center takes the same entrance and exit routes as auto traffic but truck terminals are all isolated from the parking area. These terminals are located on the parking area side of the store buildings between each pair

A. TONGITUDINAL $ECTION oi the CINEMA shows a: modern, functional plan accomplished with a minimum of excavation. Through design and materials. sight, sound, and comfort dominate the effort.

Parking Space

Parking space at Shopperls World is distributed in relationship to store and theatre locations. The inner parking area encloses all the centers buildings. Its total car spaces are allocated in accordance with the demand and turnover rate of the various building units. Both the Cinema and the Jordan Marsh store need and get more parking space due to their greater demands in terms of total car spaces and longer occupancy of each space. The future department store building will be located in the center of a large parking area. The remaining shops and stores need fewer car spaces because their greater turnover rate, based on more transactions per hour, thus allowing more intensive use of each car space. This inner parking area is separated from the outer parking area by the centers own private highway, and inside roadway connected with both public highways. The outer parking fields are used for peak-season customer parking and everyday employee parking. Both inner and outer parking areas are brilliantly floodlit at night by clusters of high powered incandescent lights hung at the top of a series of steel towers. Inner and outer parking areas are now served by two gas stations ethe Gulf Oil station near the Worcester Turnpike and the Sears Roebuck station

ORCHESTRA PLAN shows the connecting link. plus the areas for outer lobby, lobby, ticket and refreshment counter, manager's suile, candy storage. janitor, foyer. lounge, and toilet rooms.

of customer entrances. There is a special lower level loading dock for the heavy truck traffic of the Jordan Marsh building. Wood fencing screens off each of these areas from adjacent parking. Although the Cinemals parking spaces and traiiic routes are a part of the entire Shopperls World system, they are also planned for its own Specialized requirements. Incoming families bound for the theatre can take either one of two roadways leading to the landscaped

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entrance plaza in front of the theatre. Father can stop, let the family out, then park his car in an adjacent car space. Other patrons coming on foot from the central green arrive by means of a whole series of convenient walkways. On the upper deck, a central passageway leads through a group of small shop and eating places to the theatre entrance. This upper passageway continues across the mall as a foot bridge. From the lower deck, a ramped walkway leads up to the south end of the theatre plaza. Another ramp will be added at the north end of the theatre plaza when the projected north department store is built.


All of these walkways lead to the glass-walled theatre entrance. In striking contrast to the usual cramped approach of a downtown theatre, with its narrow vestibule and hidden lobby, the. Cinema uses the glass showcase technique of the Shopperls World stores. lts ticket counter and refreshment stand, lounge and balcony stairway are all on display. Only the managers oihce, television area, menls smoking room, womenls powder room, and the auditorium itself are closed to View. Interior lobby walls are painted in a series of gay colorseyellow, blue, brown, greeneset oiic by birch woodwork. Contemporary furniture groups are upholstered in complementary fabrics. Light from the lobby is kept out of the main floor and balcony of the auditorium by light baflles instead of doors. Outdoor walls not of glass are surfaced with porcelain enamel siding. One of these walls, finished a dull black, is used as a background for poster display cases. The others are reddish brown, in colorful contrast to the tall gray walls enclosing the theatre itself.


The main walls of the theatre and the structure which supports them follow the construction system used throughout Shopperls World. The centers buildings, except for the Jordan Marsh dome and the stair and balcony of the Cinema,

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 62