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1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 65 (31)

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition
1952 Theatre Catalog
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 65
Page 65

1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 65


OWNER & OPERATOR: Philip Smith Management Company.

ARCHITECT: Ketchum, Gina and Sharp. SEATING CAPACITY: 1500.

COST OF EQUIPMENT: $125,000. Acoustical Material: Celotex.

Air Conditioning: York Corp.

Carpets: Pennsylvania Carpet Co. Chairs: Kroehler Mfg. Co. (7)111ngeowrs: RCA.

Coinchanger: Coin-O-Meter C0. Confection Equipment: ABC Vending C0. Decorator: George Macomber Co. Display F'runms: Universal Corp. Film Cabinets: Neuma-de Products Corp. Generators: Imperial Electric Co. Lenses: Kollmorgen Optical Corp. Projection Lamps: RCA.

Projection Machines: RCA.

Rubber Mats: Globe Rubber Co. Screen: RCA.

Sign & Marquee: Signs, Inc.

Sound: RCA.

Supply Dealer: Capitol Theatre Supply. Ticket Issuing Machines: General Register Co.

Ticket Chopper: General Register Co.


Projection room equipment includes RCA Brenkert projectors with RCA, Brite Arc lamps and Kollmorgen F/l.9 lenses, Imperial Electric generators. Capitol Theatre Supply, Boston, made the installation. '

Theatre Has Many Uses

In addition to its motion picture per- '

formances, the theatre is used for home appliance demonstrations, cooking and sewing classes, fashion shows and other retail uses during the morning hours. It is available for these purposes, for a rental of from $50 to $150, to any merchant in Shopperis World.

It is also planned to use the Cinema for summer stack. Auxiliary lighting and sound equipment has been installed in the exit wing walls and raised ceiling adjacent to the screen wall. Temporary men and womenls dressing rooms will be located at either side of the stage. The setting for plays will be similar, In principle, to a titheatre-in-thesround? except that the audience will not be Seated completely around the open stage.

The Cinema's Future

The Cinemais operating success has been slowly achieved. In any regional Center, shoppers make shopping their first objective. After that, theatres and restaurants have a chance at their attention. The stores in Shoppers World Were the first to establish themselves, the restaurants Second, then the theatre. Good first run pictures combined with an aggrcsive advertising campaign have helped to create theatre-going habits.

After that, it will be able to Weather bad times better than any of its downv town competitors. During,r the last two years, while theatres without adequate. Parking facilities have suffered badly, theatres in shopping centers have felt "0 boxofiice depression. Like shopping center stores, they have been able to Caliture the automobile trade.


SIGHT. SOUND AND COMFORT received the maximum attention in the CINEMA. Standard sight-lines from every seat are aided by the new maskless screen to produce lhe ultimate in eye comfort. A built-in sound box. ideal shape, and studied ucouslics,-produce live. natural sound Yen-round air conditioning. modem seating. and well appointed lounge and service rooms complete the picture.
1952 Theatre Catalog, 10th Edition, Page 65