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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 112 (78)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 112
Page 112

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 112

Playgrounds At Drive-Ins

Methods to be Used in the Proper Selection, Installation and Maintenance of Equipment That Assures Safety and Fun

What equipment should I buy? How much should I invest? How should it be installed? What about maintenance?

Above are some of the questions frequently asked by drive-in theatre operators when they begin planning the addition of playground facilities for the entertainment of the small fry, and not to forget, relief for their tired, harried parents.

All are very important questions, of course. Since playgrounds are a somewhat recent innovation at outdoor theatres, not much information concerning this particular phase of the operation has been published.

Answering the first question, it must be said that playground apparatus should be selected to best fit the age, size and abilities of the boys and girls who go to the drive-ins. This will guarantee the maximum play-exercise value and safety for the youngsters and money saving for the theatre operator.


For the modern drive-in, with a capacity of 400 cars or more, we recommend dividing the playground into two apparatus areasethe junior for children up to nine years of age, and the senior for those 10 years old and up.

Junior Area

Following are the apparatus recommended for the junior area:

Six-Swing Set-with chair-type nurs1 ery seats to securely hold children of pre-school age. The seven-foot high frame should be constructed of tested, hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, locked rigidly together with certified malleable fittings. Swing hangers of malleable iron, certified to test more than 50,000 pounds tensile strength per square inch, and oilimpregnated bronze bearings assure extra safety and lasting wear.

Combination Unitewith swing frame eight feet high. This unit combines the fascinating play-exercise opportunities of slides, swings and see-saws. Standard equipment includes two heavy duty seesaws, four heavy duty swing seats suspended on heavy duty No. 8/0 bulldog chains with oil-impregnated bronze bearing swing hangers and a heavy-duty allsteel 16-foot wave chute slide, complete. All metal parts should be hot-dip galvanized to rustproof permanently. Seersaw boards and swing seats should be colorfully finished with three coats of weather-resisting Wax-O-Namel, or some other high grade wax.

Primary Castle Walkea special climbing structure designed by American to provide the arm and shoulder muscle

THIS VIEW OF a typical playground installation pictures some oi the basic equipment that is required in order to maintain play areas that will keep children busy and parents relaxed.


Vice-President. American Playground Device Company

BRIEF: Playground areas for drive-ins have become virtual necessities for successful outdoor theatre operation . . . Both the youngsters and their parents have come to expect and demand recreational equipment apparatus on the grounds . . . to be used both before and during the program . . . In supplying this service to their patrons, drive-in operators must be certain that they are purchasing the proper equipment and do all in their power to maintain the play area in such a manner that will discourage accidents.

Presented here is a detailed analysis of the equipment required for a basic playground . and the proper pro. cedures to be employed in the installation and maintenance of the equipment . . . It touches upon such subjects as equipping fundamental play areas . . . costs . . . and maintenance procedures for both during and after the season . . . Drive-in operators who are thinking of installing a playground will find many valuable pointch in this informative article.


building exercises of the horizontal ladder as well as the climbing-play action of the Castle Tower. The primary unit has a seven foot tower and walk six feet

long, 24 inches wide and five feet, three inches high. Merry-Go-Roundeequipped with an assembly to afford smooth, easy motion readily propelled by one child even when carrying a capacity load of 25. Seat board should be 10 feet in diameter, constructed of clear, select two inch Oregon fir stock, with enclosure platform of select wood also. It will provide children with thousands of hours of healthful fun and exercise with maximum safety.

Senior Area

For the senior apparatus area. the following pieces are recommended:

Six-Swing Set - with 10-feet high frame fabricated with upright supports of IVs-inch and top beam supports of 2%-inch tested steel pipe. The frame should be locked together by massive certified malleable iron fittings assuring lifetime durability.

Senior Castle Towerewhich wiEi accommodate as many as 50 children at one time. Developed to satisfy the climbing instinct inherent in every child, the Senior Castle Tower is nine feet, nine inches in height. The pipe members are purposely 1-1/16-inch in diameter so that even the smallest child can grasp and maintain a firm handheld. Circular design eliminates sharp corners and ends, provides large capacity and makes the many climbing-play-exercise opportunities highly interesting and beneficial to the child.

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 112