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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 128 (94)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 128
Page 128

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 128

Bellows Falls. Vt., BELMONT I). I. Exec: R. M. SLoclxer. Chester Depot. and Herbert Higgins. Statler Bldg, Boston, Mass. (400)

Berlin. Vt., BERLIN D. I. Exec: R. Cody, and Hy Young, 68 Cliifmont St., Rnslindale, Mass. (540)

Berlin, Vt., TWIN CITY D. I. Exec: M. Paruette, and Herbert Higgins, Statlcr Bldg.. Boston. Mass. (150!

Brattleboro. Vt. PARKWAY I). I., Putncy Rd. Exec: Marius Bonneau, and Dayiz Th. EnL. 200 Tremont St.. Boston, Mass. (450)

Burlington. Vt., SUNSET D. 1.. Route 127. Exec: D. Handy, and Daytz Th. Ent., 260 Tremont St. Boston, Mass (6001

Colchesler. Vt., MALLETTS BAY D. I. Exec: Gordon Jarvis, and Amliated Ths. Corp., 2-1 St.

James Ave, Boston, Mass. (360) Derby. Vt., DERBY PORT D. I. Exec: D. McNally. mum

Fairlee. Vt., HOLIDAY PARK 1). 1. Exec: Reginald Drown, and Daytz Th. Ent.. 260 Tremoni St., Boston, Mass. (200)

Milton. Vt., MILTON D. I. Exec: A. A. Viens. and Herbert Higgins, Statler 151112., Boston, Mass.

(31ml Morrisville. Vt., MORRISVILLE D. I. Exec: D. H. McNally, (15m

New Haven. Vt., MID HAVEN D. I. Exec: E. Morris. and Alfiliated 'Ihs. Corp" :31 St. James

Ave., Boston. Mass. 1400) North Montpelier, Vt., HOMESTEAD D. I. Exec: John C. ColTrin. i300)

Richford. Vt., RICHFORD D. I. Exec: Roy I). Brown, and Hy Young, 60 ClitIznont St., Roslindale, Mass. (400)

Rutland, Vt., RUTLAND D. I. Exec: Edwin A. Morgan. and Affiliated Ths. Corp., 31 St. James Ave., Boston. Mass. (3601

Saint Albans, Vt., ST. ALBANS D. I., R.F.D #1 Exec: R. J. Ryan, Ralph W. Dexter, and Herbert Higgins, Statler Bldg.. Boston, Mass.

(5501 Saint Johnsbury, Vt., BLUE MOON D. I. Exec: D. McNally. (378)

White River Junction, Vt., WHITE RIVER D. I. Exec: Interstate Ths., 260 Tremont St., Boston.

Mass. (600) Winooski, Vt., DRIVE IN. Exec: Edw. Fedeli. Rialto Th.. Worcester, Mass. I-lilll)


New York

(NOTE: See also Albany and New York Territories)

Allegany. N. Y., ALLEGANY D. I. Exec: Louis Drew. and Harry Berkson. 505 Pearl St... Buffalo.

(350) Angola, 11. Y. GRAND VIEW D. I., Evans Rd.. Route Exec: Elmer Reitler, (S32)

Athul Springs, N. Y., SKYWAY D. I., Lakeshore Rd. Exec: Wm. Brett. and Wm. Rosenow. 170 Franklin St.. Buffalo. (1050)

Auburn. N. Y., FINGER LAKES D. I. (Aurelius). Ext-c: Anthony DeNiro and Don Wilson.

44 West St. (300) Batuvia. N. Y., BATAVIA D. I. (Stalford). Exec: Dipson (it. (500)

Batavia, N. Y., SKYWAY GENESEE I). 1.. Clinton St. Road. Exec: Raymond Babcok. (400)

Bath. N. Y., BATH D. 1.. Lake Road. P. 0. Box 649. Exec: H. F. Peters. (516)

Big Flutes. N. Y., ELMIRA I). 1.. Box 929. Exec: H. L. Berinstein. P. O. Box 1093. Syracuse. (.300)

Binghamton. N. Y., FRONT I). I. (Nimmonsburg), 1260 Front St" Box 106. Exec: Herbert Nittkc. (600)

Blasdell. N. Y., STAR l). 1.. Lake Ave. Exec: Elatt Bros. Ct., 1701 Blvd. at the Allies, Pith;burgh. Pa. (5.70)

Bulfalo. N. Y., NIAGARA I). I. (Tonawnnda). Niagara Falls Blvd. Exec: Wm. Bret and Win.

Rosenow. 170 Franklin St. (700) Canandniuun, N. Y., PARKWAY I). I., R1. 5. Exec: Slotnick and Gradell. (I100)

(Ihecktowngu, N. Y., AERO I). 1.. 3755 Union Rd. Exe-c: Al Wright. and R. J. Iloclclo. (500)

(Iheektowagn. N. Y., BROADWAY D. I. Exec: Marvin Atlas. 305 Mt. Vernon Rd.. Snyder. (300)

(illccktowilgn, N. Y., BUFFALO I). 1., Harlem Rd. Ext-c: Alex Wintner, N.ll.(,'. Blam, Cleveland

14, Ohio. (600) Cicero. N. Y., NORTH I). l.. N. Syi':lc\isc-(.'icc-ro Rd. Exvc: Sum Slotnick. (830)

Corning, N. Y., CORNING D. I, Exec: James

Ryan. I (500) DeWitt, N. Y., DEWITT D. 1. (Syracuse). Exec: Sam Slolnick and Albert Gilbert. (800) Dryden, N. Y., DRYDEN D. I. Exec: H. L. Berinstein. P. O, Box 1093, Syracuse. (5:10) Ebenezer, N. Y., PARK D. I., Orchard Park Rd. Exec: Frank Stephen. (500)

Endwell, N. Y., TRI-CITIES D. I. (Formerly GEORGE F), (Binghamton). George F. Hwy. Exec: Mccco Ths. Ct.. 27 Chenango St.. Bing hamton. (600i Gasport. N. Y., LOCKPORT D. 1., Route 31. Exec: George F. Tator, Buffalo. (300)

Geneva, N. Y., SENECA D, 1., Box 251. Exec: Louis Drew, and Harry Berkson, 505 Pearl St.. Buffalo. (500)

Greece, N. Y., CENTRAL D. 1. (Rochester), 1700 Long Pond Rd. Exec: Fred Schweppe, and Jack Tishkoif. (1000)

Greece, N. Y., LAKESHORE D. 1. (Rochester). Lin}: Rd. Exec: Joseph Iamon, Joseph Trott. and Forest J. Robbins. 53 Winchester St., Rochester.

(4.3m Henrietta, N. Y., STARLITE D. I. (Rochester). Exec: Don Stevenson. (810) Homer, N. Y., HOMER D. 1.. RD #2. Exec: W. A. Shaw. (390)

Hornell, N. Y., STARLITE I). I., P. O. Box 36. Exec: Louis Drew, and Harry Berkson, 50?Pearl St.. Buffalo. (500)

Jaimestown, N. Y., PIC 17 D. I. (Fluvanna). Route 17 RFD. Exec: Goldstein and Ochs. (600)

Lakewood, N. Y., LAKEWOOD D. I. (Mayvillei. Box 37. Exec: Blatt Bros. Ct., 1701 Blvd. of the Allies, Pittsburgh. Pa. (525)

Limestone, N. Y., LIMESTONE D. I., P. O. Box 707, Kane, Pa. Exec: Wayne Holms, Kane. Pa., and Cliff Brown. Treasurer, Bradford D. I. Corp.

(400) Lockport. N. Y., TRANSIT D. I. Exec: Anthony Ragusa. (3.30)

Maple Springs, N. Y., MIDWAY D. I., Rt. 17. C5 Blait Brothers. Mayville. Exec: Blatt Bros. ('t., 1701 Blvd. of the Allies, Pittsburgh, Pa.

(30m Middleport, N. Y., SUNSET D. 1., Churchill St. Exec: Alex Stornulli. (290) Minetio, N. Y., MIDWAY I). I. (Oswego). Rouir 4N. Exec: R. C. Canter. (4150) Niagara Falls, N. Y., STARLITE D. 1., Military Rd. Exec: Robert and Richard Hayman. (730)

Perry. N. Y., SILVER LAKE I). I., Rt. 30. Perry-Castle Rd. Exec: Harry K. Martin, and Harold Hughes. (401))

Rochester, N. Y., ROCHESTER I). I., 1200 Scoltsville Rd. xec: Paul Wintner, N.B.L' 13]ng Cleveland 14, Ohio, and George Hansen. and Rochester I). 1. Th, Corp. (726)

Sennett, N. Y., EAST D. I. (Auburn), RI) #6. Exec: Mrs. A. M. Wallace and Mrs. Shields,

20 North St.. Auburn. (5001 Syracuse. N. Y., KALLET D. I. Exec: S. J. Kallct, Kallct Ths., Inc., Oneida. (950)

Tonawanda, N. Y., DELAWARE D. I., 4100 Delaware Ave. E. Louis Drew, and Harry

Berkson, 505 Pearl St... Buffalo. (03/1) Tonawnnda, N. Y., SHERIDAN I). I. Exec: Irving Cohen. (700)

Van Buren Point, N. Y., VAN BUREN POINT I). 1.. R.F.l). #2. Dunkirk. Exec: Irvini.r Cohen.

and Albert Shapiro. (500) Wallington. N. Y., SKYWAY D. 1., Route 104. Exec: Thomas B. Nephew. (400) Westiield. N. Y., WESTFIELI) I). I. Exec: J. (intanya. (400)

West Webster. N. Y., EMPIRE D. I., P. 0. Box 166, Rochester-Wobstcr Rd. Exec: 11. Grmli-n Hodges. and Mr. Murphy. (800)


North Carolina

(.\ (l'l'lii 5m: "(.\-n tit/mm: 'l'rrrilo-ry)

Alhcmurlc, N. (X. ALBEMARLE D. I., R.F.D.

1:2. Exi-c: (l. L. li'aw. (300) Alhcinarlc. N. (1.. HADIN ROAD 1). I., Rt. 2. Hwy. 27. Exec: (l. L. an. (100) Asheboro. N. (1., III-WAY 49 W. I). I. Exec: (l. l.. Faw. (300)

Ashehoro. N. C.. NORTH 220 I). 1., Route 2150. Eva: (lonsolidaivd Tth Inc., P. 0. [tax 2440. Charlollc. MM)

Asheville. N. C., AUTO D. I. Exec: W. C. Macon. Technical Bldg. (465)

Asheville, N. C., DREAMLAND D. I., Rt. 74 S. E. Old Black Mtn. Hwy., P. O. Box 2694. Exec: Dick Jennings. (600)

Asheville, N. C., STARLITE D. I. Exec: W. C. Macon and H. Southworth, Technical Bldg. (500)

Aulander, N. C., STARLITE D. I. Exec: A. P. Lassiter, A. P. Lassiter Ths., Conway. (196)

Ayden, N. C., DIXIE D. I. Exec: Max Rinehardt. Exhibitor Service, 116 Latta Arcade, Charlotte.

(150) Beaufort, N. C.. EAST D. I., P. 0. Box 147. Morehead City. Exec: Victor Wickizer. (198)

Belmont, N. C., BELMONT D. 1.. Hwy. 223. Exec: Consolidated Ths., Inc., P. 0. Box 2446,

Charlotte. (340) Benson, N. C.. STAR-VUE D. 1., Route 301. Exec: Alonzo Parrish. (175) Bessemer City, N. C.. BESSEMER D. I.. R.F.D. #2. Exec: R. G. Stinett. (200) Beulaville, N. C., TWILIGHT D, I. Exec: A. Y. Lanier. (200) Bladenboro, N. C., TWILITE D. I. Exec: H. M. Sykes. (200) Boone, N. C., SKYVIEW D. I. Exec: A. E. Hamby. Jr., and J. W. Hodges, Jr. (272) Brevard, N. C., BREVARD D. 1., Route #2. Exec: E. M. Marks. (200) Brevard, N. C., STAR I). I. Exec: S. G. Siniard. (1:30) Bryson City, N. C.. HILL TOP D. I. Exec: J. E. Massie. (200) Burgaw, N. C., ROWE I). I. Exec: Roy Rowe.

(180} Burlington, N. C., BON-AIR D. I. Exec: R. C. Saunders. (300) Burlington, N. C., BUR-GRA D. I., 1924 Maple Ave. Exec: R. C. Saunders. (314)

Burlington, N. C., EAST 70 D. 1.. Box 707. Exec: Consolidated CL, P. O. Box 2446. Charlotte. (4'24)

Canton, N. C.. CANTON D. I. Exec: Clayton Mehali'ey. Clyde. (300)

(Tary, N. C., CAR-EAL D. 1. (Raleigh). Box l901, High Point. Exec: J. T. McSwain. (20-0)

Chadhurn, N. C.. LUCKY STAR D. 1. Exec: D.

\V'. Smith. (212) Chapel Hill, N. C., PARK-VUE D. I. Exec: J. W. Thompson. (200)

Charlotte, N. C., ALBEMARLE ROAD D. I. Exec: Harris Robinson, Dixie Drive-In Ths..

W'alton Bldg., Atlanta. Ga. (320) Charlotte, N. C., MONROE ROAD 1). I. Exec: Bill Fowler. (134) Charlotte, N. C.. NORTH 21 D, I. Exec: Atlas Drive-1n Ths., Inc., Radio City Bldg. (350)

Charlotte, N. C., NORTH 29 D. I., P. O. Box 1262. Hwy. 29. Exec: Harris Robinson, Dixie Drive-In Ths., Walton Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. (600)

Charlotte, N. C., SOUTH 21 D. I. Exec: Jack Wadsworth. (400)

Charlotte, N. C., SOUTH 29 D. 1., P. O. Box 1262. Exec: Harris Robinson, Dixie Drive-1n T'ns.

Walton Bldg" Atlanta, Ga. (500) Charlotte. N. (7.. THRIFT ROAD D. 1. (Thrift). Exec: C. H. Faw, Monroe (300) Charlotte, N. C., YORK ROAD 1). 1. Exec: Filip Ths.. Inc. (300) Cherryville, N. C., CHERRYVILLE I). I. Exec: John Ritchie. (250) Chinquapin, N. C., HULA D. I. Exec: T. F. Sanderson. (2010)

Chocowanity, N. C.. ()HO-CO I). 1.. P. O. Box 08. Exec: Floyd Cox. Box 495. Washington. (200)

(llinton, N. C.. AIR PORT D. I., Hwy. 42.

R.R. I. Exec: J. D. Clark. (200) Clinton. N. (1., KITTY FORK I). I., Rt. 3. Exec: Hugh Sykes. (150) (llinton. N. (7., TOWER I). 1.. P. O. Box 864. Exec: T. A. Galc. (154) Concord. N. (1., CONCORD I). 1.. Hwy. 25). EXI'CZ J. 0. Willis. (302) Concord, N. (7.. STARLITE I). I. Exec: J. 0. Willis. (312) (Yonover. N. (L. NEW-(EON I). I. EXIT: (Ionsolidatcd Thea. Inc.. llox 2446, Charlotte. (250) Creedmoor, N. (7.. BUTNER l). I. Exec: M. 8. Glasgow. (200)

Dnbson. N. (1., DOBSON I). I. Exec: Max Reinhardt. Exhibitor Service. 116 Lotta Arcade.

Charlotte. (248) Drcxel. (2. HI PEAK I). I. Exec: Dole Norris. (200)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 128