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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 132 (98)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 132
Page 132

Drive-ins Mentioned

41 Outdoor, Hammond, IN

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 132

Gary, Ind., MOONLITE I). I. Exec: Joseph Finerty, and S. B. Greiver, 1235 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago, 5, III. (1050)

Gary, Ind., Y AND W D. I., Twnshp. of Merrillville, Ind. Exec: Gary Outdoor Th. Corp., and Y and W Mgt. Corp., 642 Illinois Bldg., Indianapolis 4. (940)

Griliith, Ind., RIDGE D. 1., Ridge Rd. and Cline Ave., Box 175. Exec: Phil Smith Ct., 82 Newberry St., Boston, Mass, and S. B. Greiver, 1235 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago 5, Ill. (630)

Hammond, Ind., HAMMOND 41 OUTDOOR D. I.. Rt, 41, Calumet and Sheflield. Exec: IndianaIllinois Ths., Inc., 1307 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago 5, Ill. (1000)

Hammond, Ind., MOONLITE D. I. Exec: Peter McKeone, Tri-State Drive-In Corn, and S. B. Greiver, 1235 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago 5, III.

(1000) La Porte, Ind., DELUXE D. I. Exec: Joe Million and Assoc. (485)

Michigan City, Ind., 212 OUTDOOR D. I., Rts. 12 and 20. Exec: Indiana-Illinois Ths., Inc., 1307 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago 5, III. (6100)

Osceola, Ind., STAR LITE D. I., Route 20. Exec: The Holly Th. Co., and Louis Cochovety, Avon Ths., South Bend. (400)

Rolling Prairie, Ind., COMET D. 1., Route 1. Exec: Keith McDaniel and Robert Wiley. (350)

South Bend, Ind., MOONLITE D. I., W. Chippewa Ave., Exec: Louis Cochovety, Avon Ths., and Lewneco D. I. Th, Corp. (1000)

South Bend, Ind., SOUTH BEND AUTO D, I.. Rt. 2, 4903 W. Western Ave. Exec: G. Brenner, South Bend Drive-In Th., Inc., and S. B. Greiver, 1235 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago 5, III.




(NOTE: See also Chicago, Indianapolis and Saint Louis Territories)

Lawrenceburg, Ind., POPULAR AUTO D. I. Exec: William Statlander. (275)

Richmond, Ind., JAMES AUTO D. I. (New \Vestville. 0.). Exec: Milton Strauss, Frank Schwartz and Tri-States Booking Serv., Cincin nati 10. O. (400)

Vevay, Ind., ALPS D. I. Exec: Charles R.

Scott. (400) Kentucky

(NOTE: For Kalxo Indimmpolio, Memphis and .Sth Loni: Tm'ritorim)

Ashland, Ky., TRAIL D. I. Exec: Frank Nolan.

(500) Booneville. Ky., MOONLITE D. I. Exec: Robert R. Reynolds and Carl Barker. (150) Burnside, K32, LAKEVIEW D. I. Exec: O, G. Roadt-n. Loyall. (5100) Farrolltnn, Ky., RIVERVIEW D. I., Box 179. Exvc: R. L. Gaines. (350) Corbin, Ky., FORBIN D. I. Exec: Ray Mullins.


(Invington, Ky., DIXIE GARDENS I). I., Dixie Hwy. Exec: Willis Vance. and Theatre Owners

(1011).. ('incinnati 10, O. (700) Cumberland, Ky., AUBURN D. I. Exvc: A. L. I'. (Border. (22:?) Danville, K31, STARIJGIIT l). l. Exec: Jov Marshall. (306 and 5M Seats) Dayton. Ky., RIVERVIEW I). I. Exec: W. X. Hrosslvr. (400) Elkhorll ('ity, Ky., llREA KS 1). l. (Praise). Exec: J. E. Holt-hm". (235) Florence, KL, FLORENCE I). I. Euro: Tom Hill. (600)

Frankfort, Ky., STARWAY l). I.. P. O. Box I7I. Exw': Morrow and Janocky, and Floyd

Morrow. (150) Georgetown. I\'y., BLUE CLASS I). 1., Rt. 25. Exvc: Mark (Iummins and "('11 ('ohon. (400) Goody. I\'y., GOODY AUTO 1). I. (Williamson, W. V:i.). Ext-('1 ll. llnnk. (I00)

Harlan, KL, HARLAN I). I. E. 'c: (horm(Iumlm, and Theatre ()n-nvrs Corp" ('incinnati 10. Ohio. (300)

Harlan, K32, WAYNE l). I. Exec: Dr. B. F. Wright , Jilnll's and Hugh Martin. and William Wright. (60-0)

Hazard, Ky., GRANDVIEW D. I., Box 705. Exec: Eugene H. Combs, and Richard M. Johnson,

Lincoln Hotel Bldg. (300) Jackson, Ky., MEADOWVUE D. I., P. O. Box 135. Exec: John Robinson. (300) Jenkins, Ky., CAVALIER D. I. Exec: Wm. Tliaiheimer and Roy Letsinger. (380) Liberty, Ky., GREEN RIVER D. I. Exec: Ralph Cundiff. (175)

Manchester, Ky., FAMILY D. I. Exec: Frank Carnahan, M. C. Hughes, and John E. White.

(220) Middlesboro, Ky., REDA D. I. Exec: Don Reda. (400) Monticello, Ky., STARLITE D. I. Exec: Carl Huff. (300) Morehead, Ky., DRIVE IN. Exec: L. G. Conley. (*J

Mount Sterling, Ky., HIWAY D. I. Exec: Mt. Sterling Amuse. Co., and Nelson Ward, TriStates Booking Serv., Cincinnati 10, O. (350)

Mount Sterling, Ky., JUDY D. I. Exec: Joe Poe, Judy Drive-In, Inc. (400)

Nicholasville, Ky., LEXINGTON D. I., R. R. #1. Exec: J. E. Head, V.P., J. B. Johnson Em...

Inc. I (400) Paintsville, Ky., CAIN D. I. Exec: W. T. Cain, Jr. (320)

Pikeville, Ky., PIKEVILLE D. 1., Box 1251. Exec: Childers and Powell, and J. Bressler. (300)

Prestonburg. Ky., CLIFF D. I. Exec: Jack

Absher. (350) Richmond, Ky., REDA D. I, (Formerly Lake Carlisle). Exec: Don Reda. (400) Somerset, Ky., FAMILY D. I., P. O. Box 151. Exec: Raymond L. Edwards. (400)

Stanford, Ky., DAVIS D. 1., Route #4. Exec: H. C. Davis, and Theatre Owners Corp., Cincinnati 10, O. (200)

\Vhitesburg, Ky., ELINDA-ANN D. I. Exec: William W. Wright. (300 and 300 Seats)

Winchester, Ky-, SKY-VUE D. I., 156 N. Upper. Exec: J. B. Johnson, and J. E. Head. (375)


(NOTE: See also Cleveland Territory)

Aberdeen, 0., RIVERVIEW D. I. Exec: John R. Poe. (350)

Allensburg, 0., ROSELAWN AUTO D. I., Rt. :30. Exec: J. Henry Davidson, Assoc. Ths.,

Lynchburg. (300) Amelia, 0., STARLITE D, I. (Mt. Holly). Exec: Jerome Jackson. I (400) Athens, 0., VALLEY D. I., P. O. Box 42. Exec: Frank Nolan. . (408) Belpre, 0., BELPRE D. I., P. 0. Box 241. Exec: Fred Clemens. (400)

Bridgeville, 0., OLD TRAIL D. I. (Zanesville). Exec: C. E. Huprich, 1956 Normandie Dr., Zanesville. Roy Waller, and Tri-State Booking:

Serv.. Cincinnati 10. (300) Burlington, 0., AUTO-IN. Exec: W. E. McCoy, Cheasapeake. (400) Byesville. 0., C AND B D. I. Exec: George Brown. Brown and Coines. (364) Cambridge. 0., CRUISE IN, Rt, 40 West. Exec: Si Francis, Jr. (350) Celina, 0., LAKE D. I. Exec: Chakeres CL, Springfield. (300)

(Yhillicothe, 0., DEL AR D. 1.. Box 58, Exec: Fred N. Robertson. and Jack Needham. (400)

(Thillicothc, 0., MOONLIGHT D. I., E. Main at Rvnick. Exec: B. Cook and E. Payne, and Jack chdham. (4530)

Cincinnati, 0., AUTO-IN. 500 Rosemont Avn. Zxcc: Jerome J. Kunz, and Theatre Owners For]... Cincinnati 10. (400)

(Tincinnnti, 0., TWIN I). I.. Reading Rd, and 'llonnl-xst-v. Exm': Rube Shor. 1632 Central Pkwy. (1000 and 1450 Sonia)

(.irclevlllc, 0., STARLITE I). I. EVK'CZ Harley E. Bonnvtt. 204 Cherry St.. Chillicothe. and Jack Nor-(Ilium. (325)

(mil Grove, 0., STARLITE I). I. Exec: Dr. W. E. Day. and Theatre Owners Corn, Cincinnati

in. (400) ('oalton, 0., TOWN AND COUNTRY D. 1.. Route 73. Exec: Frank Nolan. ' (300)

('olumhus, 0., ('('(' AUTO I). I.. 1393 Harrii-ibur).r Pike. Excc: F. Yassenoif, 319 E. Town St.. and Harold Schwartz. (750)

Columbus. 0., EAST MAIN D. I.. 3000 E. Main St. Exec: Mrs. Ethel Miles. Midwest Booking. (750)

Columbus, 0., EAST SIDE D. I., 236 N. Roosevelt Ave. Exec: F. Yasse'noff, 319 E. Town St., and Harold Schwartz. ' '(750)

Columbus, 0., FIFTH AVE. D. I., 400 W. 5th Ave. Exec: F. Yassenoif, 319 E. Town St. '(675)

Columbus 12, 0., LINDEN AIR D. I., 1126 King Ave. Exec: W. Queen, 2112 Washington (1387;).

Columbus, 0., NATIONAL D. I., 3750 W. Broad St. Exec: F. Yassenoif, 319 E. Town St., Columbus 15. (750)

Columbus, 0., RIVERSIDE D. I. (Dublin). Exec: F. Yassenotf, 319 E. Town St., and Harold Schwartz. 0 (320)

Columbus, 0., SCIOTO D. I., 3050 Riverside Dr. Exe'c: Mrs. Ethel Miles, Midwest Booking. (750)

Columbus, 0., SOUTH D. I. Exec: Milton YassenoI'I. (750)

Columbus, 0., WEST BROAD D. 1., 4050 Broad St. Exec: Mrs. Ethel Miles, Midwest Booking).

Dayton, 0., BELMONT AUTO D. I., R. R. #12, Box 57, Shakertown Pike. Exec: Max Milbauer.

1700) Dayton, 0., DAYTON D. I., 2700 Valley Pike. Exec: M. J. Gordon. (500) Dayton, 0., MIAMI D. 1., 6500 W'. 3rd St. Exec: M. J. Gordon. (690) Dayton, 0., SALEM D. I., 3815 Salem Ave. Exec: Fred Krimm. 4400) Dayton, 0., SHERWOOD D. 1., 5501 \1'. 3rd. Exec: Sam and Allen Levine. (600)

Dayton, 0., SKYLINE D. 1.. P. 0. Boy. 25, Sta. D. Exec: W. C. Walters, Pres, Skyline. Int. ' (750)

Dent, 0., DENT AUTO D. I.. Harrisor. Ave. Exec: Jerome J. Kunz, and Theatre Owners

Corn, Cincinnati 10. (500) Eaton, 0., CRUISE-IN. Exec: L. Clemmer. I400)

Excello, 0., DIXIE CRUISE-IN (MiddlL-town). Exec: Rube Shor, 1632 Central Pkwy., Cincint

nati. (400) Fairborn, 0., SKYBORN D. I., P. 0. Box 225, Haddix Rd. Exec: Del Kinsel. (450)

Forestville, 0., FOREST D. I., 7940 Beechmont. Exec: R. Shor, 1632 Central Pkwy., (Iinrlinfiagi). 60 1

Frederick, 0., MILLERS GROVE D. I. {West Milton), R.F.D. #6. Exec: Miller Bros. I444)

Gallipolis, 0., KANAUGA D. I. Exec: Harry

Wheeler. I400) Glendale, 0., ACME AUTO D. I., HamiltonCarthage Rd. Exec: Marc Cummins. i400) Greenville, 0., SPEEDWAY AUTO D. I. Exec: Fred Krimm. {300)

Hamilton, 0., ACME AUTO D. I. (Formerly Outdoor), Old Oxford Rd. Exec: Marc Cummins

and Ben Cohen. 1400) Hamilton, 0., RAMONA D. I. Exec: George Turlukis. (900) Jackson, 0., GROVE AUTO D. I, Exec: Harold Stegmiller. [140) Lancaster, 0., CITY D. I. Exec: Frank Nolan,

(480) Lancaster, 0., SKYVIEW D. I.. E. Mair Pike. Exec: Carlos Crumm and E. Pulliam. I400) Lebanon, 0., OLD FORT I). I. Exec: .3. H. Davidson. Assoc. Th5, [314) Lucasville, 0.. SCIOTO BREEZE D. I. Exec: R. 0. Lewis. (350) Marietta, 0., STARLITE I). I., Box 7:14. Exec: J. B. Steadman. (604) Minmishurz, 0., CRUISE-IN. S. Dixie Hwy. Exec: L. (Ilcmmcr. (350) NIllford, 0., MOTOUR-IN, Chillicothv Film. Box 236. Er A. N. Fvsscl. and Theatre Owners

Conn, Cincinnati 10. (600)

Montgomery, 0. MONTGOMERY l). I., Montgomery Pike. Exec: Phil Smith (IL. 82 Newe berry St., Boston. Mass" and Theatre Owners ("orp., Cincinnati 10. (600)

Mount Healthy, 0., MT. HEALTHY I). l (Cincinnati). 000 Compton. Exec: Lou Wiethr'. (575)

Newark, 0., VALLEY I). I., P. O. Box 790. Exec: Floyd Price and Tl'i-Stntv Booking: Servu Cincinnati 10. I400)

New Chicago, 0., SUNSET CRUISE-IN [Day

Ion). Germantown Pike. Exec: J. E. ( .ssman.

[450) Piqua, 0., PIQUA I). I., It. R. 3. Box 58A. Exec: Frotl Krimm. (400) Roseville. 0., STABLIT I). I. (Six Milt Turn). ENI'CZ Dorman Law. (340) Saint Henry, 0., STARLITE I). I. (CziKI-N'lla). Exec: Feltz Bros. (300)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 132