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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 141 (107)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 141
Page 141

Drive-ins Mentioned

Marionair, Marion, IN
Theatair, Jeffersonville, IN

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 141

Waterford. Mich., STARLITE D. I. Exec: Earl E. Howard. Starlite Th. Corp., Drayton Plains, and William Clark. 815 Donovan Bldg., Detroit.


Wayne. Mich. WAYNE D. I. Exec: W. D. Shafer, State TIL, and Mutual Ths.. 505 Fox Bldg" Detroit. (1000)



/.\'OTE: 5r: also Chicago, C mcimwli and Saint Louis Territories)

Anderson. Ind., NORTH D. I., Hwy. 32. Exec: Alliance- Th. Corp.. 231 S. LaSalle St., Chicago. III. (480)

Anderson, Ind., SOUTH D. I. Exec: AllianCe Th. Cor-11., 231 S. LaSalle St.. Chicago, Ill.

{550) Angola. Ind., LAKELAND I). I. Exec: M. H. Scheidler and Clair Stuckey. (500)

Attica. Ind., WABASH D. I. Exec: (Tarl Noggle.

and Edward Campbell Ct. (350) Bainhridge, Ind., MEADOWBROOK I). 1, (Greencaatle) Exec: Archie Allen. (374)

Bedford, Ind.,lBEDFORD D. I. Exec: Y and W

Mm. ('orp , Illinois Bldg, Indianapolis. (500) Bedford, Ind., EAST 50th D. I. Exec: Y and W Mgr. ('orp.. Illinois Bldg., Indiapaolis. (500)

Bloomfietd, Ind., FAMILY D. 1., R.R. #2. Exec: Ornstein Ct., 427 S. 3rd St.. Louisville, Ky. (30m

Bloomington, Ind., CASCADE D. 1.. Martiusville Rd. Exec: Y and W Mgt. Corp, Illinois Bldiz.. Indianapolis. (500)

Blul'ftou. Ind., NEW BLUFFTON D. 1., North of City. Exec: Anthony Mailers. (350)

Centerton, Ind., CENTER BROOK I). I. Exec: Clyde E. Weddel, Jr., R.R. #2, Martinsville, and Baker Ct. (400)

('harlestown, Ind., FAMILY I). 1., P. O. Box 215. Exec: L. E. Grcwell, 514 Forum Ave.. Louisville, Ky.. Fred J. Belcher. and Ornstein CL. 427 S. 3rd St. Louisville, Ky. (250)

Clarkesville, Ind., CLARKSVILLE I). 1., 757 (Ilark Blvd. Exec: Atkins and Bowling. and R. P. Dawson. (600)

Clayton, Ind., MAPLECROFT I). I. (Mechanicshurg). Exec: C. F. Mprligison, 1250 Waldemcre. Indianapolis. ' ' (238)

(flearmont, Ind., DE LUKE I). I. Exec: Paul Boatman, Veedersburg. ' (325)

Clinton, Ind., CLINTON D. 1. (Newport). Exec:

Joe Million. (450) Cloverdale, Ind., O. C. MIDWAY I). 1. (Greencastie), Exec: Frank Ogle-s. V (250)

('olumbus, Ind., COLUMBUS D. I. Exec: Trueman T. Rembusch, Syndicate Ths. Ct., Franklin. ' (500)

('onnersville, Ind., CONNERSVILLE I). 1., 2 Mi. W. of City. Exec: R. Harrold, J. R. Pell. Rush ville. and Affiliated Ths. Inc.. Illinois Bldg" Indianapolis. (400) Crawfordsville. Ind., BEN HUR I). I. Exec: Bert Rayburn, and Co-Op Ths.. Chamber of ('ommerco Bldg. Indianapolis. (700) ('rawfordsville, Ind., VILLE I). I. Ext-c: Auto Th. (.orp., and Co-Op Ths.. Chamber of (10mmercc Eldon. Indianapolis. (400) Decatur, Ind., i)E(ATUR I). I. Exec: Dccatur Drive-In TIL. Int. and Affiliated Ths. Inc.. Illinois Bldg" Indianapolis. (-100) Ellctsvillc, Ind., SUNDOWN I). I. Exvc: T. (I. ('ramer. ILR. #3. Marlinsvillc. (400)

Elwood, Ind., ELWOOD I). I. Ext-c: Truvman T,

ltcmbusch. Syndicate Ths. CL, Franklin. (500) Evansville, Ind., FAMILY I). I. Exrc: M. Markwcll and Tin (Iraulich, ILR. 10. (425)

Evansville, Ind., SMARTEST INDOOIDOUTIH)(IR I). I.. Soonvrvillv llwy. Ext-c: Harry N. (Tolvmau.

[LIL #6. (600) Evansville, Ind., SUNSET I). 1., I), O. Iiox 2038. Slaiion l). EMT: .IOU J. Nickolick and ('. /\. Monro. (600) Evansville, Ind., WEST SIDE D. I. Exvc: Uouul.s ('arr and ()rnstuin (IL. 427 S. 3rd St. Louisville. Ky. (750)

Fort Wayne. Ind., EAST 30 I). I. Ext-c: BrailcyBrowning. Inc. and United Film Svrv.. Illinois Bldg" Indianapolis. (450)

Fort Wayne, Ind FORT WAYNE D. 1., 5800 lilufiton Rd. Exu. IIrailuy-Browninu. Inc. and United Film Hooking Sorv., Illinois Bldg.. Indianupolis. (600)


Fort Wayne, Ind., HILLCREST I). I. Exec: Charles Loudcnslager, and United Booking Serv., Illinois Bldg., Indianapolis. (500)

Fort Wayne. Ind., SUNSET AUTO 1). I. Exec: BraiIey-Browning, Inc. and United Film Booking,r Serv., Illinois Bldg.. Indianapolis. (600)

Fountaintnwn, Ind., MOONLITE I). 1.. Hwy. 52. Exec: Irving Tamler. 3557 Watson Rd.. Indianapolis. (3.30)

Frankfort, Ind., OUTDOOR I). I. Exec: AllianCe

Th. Corp., 231 S. LaSalle St. Chicago. III. (500) Garrett, Ind., TRI-HI I). I. Exec: Alliance Th. (7orp., 231 S. LaSalle St.. Chicago. III. (300) Geneva, Ind., LIMBERLOST I). I, Exec: Clyde Nihisei and W. R. Miller. (200) Georgetown, Ind., GEORGETOWN I). 1.. R.R. #3, Jeffersonville. Exec: Harry S. Miller, and Edward Campbell Ct. (330) Greenfield. Ind., NATIONAL OUTDOOR I). I. (Formerly New). Exec: Jacob M. Smiler. (1000)

Greenwood, Ind., GREENWOOD I). 1., R.R. #3.

Exec: M. D. Brazee. R.R. #3. P. O. Box 200A.

(763) Greenwood, Ind., MERIDIAN ST. 1). I. Exec: John Browning. R.R. #2, and Morrison (It. 1300) Hartford City, Ind-, BLACKFORD I). I. Exec: Scheidler Th. Co. (350) Huntington, Ind., HUNTINGTON I). I. Exec: Gail Lancaster. Huntington Amuse. Co., and Amliatcd Ths.. Inc.. Illinois Bldg.. Indianapolis.

(500) Indianapolis, Ind., SHADELANI) I). 1. ExeC: ('antor Amuse. Inc.. 922 Pennsylvania St. (800) Indianapolis, Ind., TWIN I). I. Exec: Dr. Marvin Sandorf. (1800) Indianapolis, Ind., WEST LAKE I). 1.. Rt. 2. Box 60. Exec: Earl Bell. (1000) Indianapolis, Ind-, WESTSII)E I). I. Exec: Forrest Songer, Veedersburiz. (600) Jasper, Ind., FAMILY I). I. Exec: Raymond Schmitt. (400) Jeffersonville, Ind., THEATAIR I). I. Exec: K. McAlIister and Robert Harned, R.R. #2. (232)

Kendallville, Ind., HI-VUE l). I. (Formerly Kendallville). Exec: Robert L. Hudson. Hudson Ent..

Inc., 621 Main St.. Richmond. (478) Knox. Ind., MELODY I). I.. Rt. 3. Exec: R. Hand, G. Bantu, T. Vitellc. (400)

Kokomo, Ind., KOKOMO I). I. (Peru), Hwy. 54.

Exec: Alliance Th. Corp., 231 S. LaSalle St.. Chicago. III. (500) Lafayette, Ind., EAST 1). 1., Hwy. 26. Exec: Fourth Ave. Amuse. (30.. Francis Bldg" Louisv ville, Ky. (450)

Lafayette, Ind., WEST SIDE I). I. Exec: Fourth

Ave. Amuse. (10.. Francis Bldg.. Louisville. Ky. (450) Lawrence, Ind., LAWRENCE I). 1.. Pendleton

Pike. P.O. Box 202. Exec: Phil Smith Ct... 81! Newlwrry St. Boston. Mass. (501))

Linton, Ind., LINTON D. I. Exec: Edward Campbell Cl. (300) Logansport, Ind., SKYLINE AUTO D. I., R.R.

l7. Exec: Alliance Th. Conn, 231 S. LaSallc St, Chicago, III. (300)

Madison, Ind., SKYLINE D. I., R.R. #5. Exec: Ray Turner. Elmer Sohowc. (400)

Marion, Ind., HIGHWAY D. 1., 26th and Bypass. Exec: Ralph Marcuccilli and Guy Bove, and Alliance Th. Corp., 231 S. LaSaIle St.. Chicago, III.


Marion, Ind., MARIONAIR D. 1.. 620 W. 3rd St. Exec: Alliance Th. Corp.. 231 S. LaSalIe St... Chicago, III. (500)

Martinsville. Ind., MARTINSVILLE D. I. Exec:

Fred Myers. and Edward Campbell Ct. (300) Mnywood, Ind., BEL AIR D. I. (Formerly Maywood Open Air). Exec: Earl Bell. (200)

Ind., FRANKFURT-LEBANON Harry Ziegler, and Morrison Ct. (150)

Monticello, Ind., MONTICELLO I). 1.. P. O. Box 222, Rt. 1. Exec: A. L. Taylor and J. C. Rickey,

Mechanicsburg. I). I. Exec:

Box 222. (400) Mooresville, Ind.. WHEEL-IN I). I.. Hwy. 67. Exec: Orval Templeton. (350) Muncie, Ind., MUNCIE D. I. Exec: Y and W Mgt. Corp.. Illinois Eldon. Indianapolis. (600) Muncie, Ind., SKY HI I). I. Exec: Y and W Mgt. Corp.. Illinois Bldg.. Indianapolis. (508)

New Castle, Ind., SKY DROME I). I.. Spice-land Rd. Exec: Marc Wolf and Mendelssohn Entr.. 2741 Central St... Indianapolis. and United Film Hooking Serv., Illinois Bldg., Indianapolis. (500)

Noblesville, Ind., NOBLESVILLE 1). I., P. O. Box 57. Exec: F. J. Mitchell, Dora] Mitchell, and

United Film Booking.r Serv., Illinois Bldg.. Indianapolis. (400) Oakland City, Ind., OAKLAND I). I. Exec: Siege] Thurman. (350)

Osgood, Ind., BEL AIR 1). I, (Versailles). Exec: Paul Kelly. 250)

Pauli, Ind., PAOLI D. I., Rt. 2. Exec: James and Gladys Dunn. and ()rnstein Ct... 427 S. 3rd St.. Louisville, Ky. (300)

Plymouth. Ind., TRI-WAY D. l. Exec: Wolf and Marcus. and United Film Booking: Serv., Illinois Bldg., Indianapolis. (500)

Portland, Ind., BEACON I). I. Exec: W. Richard

Norton. Red Key. (600) Portland, Ind., SKY
South. Exec: Princeton Drive-In Corp., and Affiliated CL. Illinois Bldg" Indianapolis. (400)

Richmond. 1nd.. NATIONAL HI-WAY I). I. Exec: Hudson Ths. C0. (600)

Ind., DRIVE IN. Exec: Alliance Th. inSalle St.. Chicago, Ill. (Under Construction)

Rochester. For]... 231 S.

THE HOLIDAY DRIVEJN. Erwin. Team. is acclaimed as one 01 the tines! small town theatres in the country. It lectures the best in proieciion and sound equipment, and a fully equipped play area.
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 141