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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 142 (108)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 142
Page 142

Drive-ins Mentioned

Skyway, Louisville, KY

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 142

Rockville, Ind., FAMILY D. I. Exec: Forrest. Songer. (3w)

Salem, Ind.. SALEM D. I. (Formerly Shamrock). Exec: H. R. Blankcnbarker and W. R. Callam, and ()rnstein Ct., 427 S, 3rd St.. Louisville, Ky.

(450) Srottsburg. Ind., MOON-GLO D. I. Exec: Atkins and Hoffman, and Morrison C1. (400) Seeleyville, Ind., CORRAL D. 1., Hwy. 40. Exec: F. 0. Hilligoss. Plainfield. (600) Seymour, Ind., STAR DUST D. I. Exec: C. W. Massy. RR. #2. (400) Shelhurn. 1nd., SHELBURN D. I. Exec: Carl Himohrook. (300)

Shelhyville. lnd.. SHELBY D. 1.. P. O. Box 309. Exec: Robert Wilcox. and United Film Bookng S(-i'v.. Illinois Bldg. Indianapolis. (400)

Shelbyville, Ind., SKYLINE D. I. Exec: Harland Walts and Lester McRoberts, and United Film Booking SOUL, Illinois Bldg., Indianapolis. (500)

Sullivan. Ind., SULLIVAN D. I.. Rt. 33-21. Ex 1. Y and W Mgt. Corp., Illinois Bldg, Indianapolis. (350)

Tell City, Ind.. STARLITE D. I. (Cannelton). Exec: W. A. Spear, P. O. Box 141. and Edward Campbell (-1. (300)

Terre Haute, Ind-, EAST D. 1., R.R. 5. Exec: Alliance Th. Corn, 231 S. LaSalli- St., Chicago, III. (200)

Terre Haute, Ind.. TERRE HAUTE D. I., N. Lafayette Ave.. R.R. T. Box IOTAA. Exec: M. W. and M. Entr., and United Film Booking Serv..

Illinois Bldg.. Indianapolis. (600) Veedersburg. Ind., "41" D. I. Exec: Joe Million. (250)

Vincennes. Ind.. ALLISON D. I., St. Rd. 50 W. EXEC: Alliance Th. Corp., 231 S. LaSalle St..

Chicago, Ill. (480) Vinccnnes, Ind.. EAST D. I. Exec: Alliance Th. (bro, 231 S. LaSalle St., Chicago, Ill. (600) Vincennes. Ind., KNOX D. I. Exec: Alliance Th. Corn. 231 S. LaSalle St., Chicago, Ill. (400)

Wabash, Ind., 13-24 D. I., Hwy. 13. Exec: Trueman T. Rembusch, Syndicate Ths. Ct.. Franklin.

(600) Warsaw, 1nd.. WARSAW D. I. Exec: Mallets Ill-08., 1014 Calhoun St.. Fort Wayne. (400)

Washington. Ind.. EAST 50 D. I. Exec: S. J. Switow, M. Switnw and Sons Ents., 651 S. 4th

SL. Louisville. Ky. (350)

Winchester. Ind.. AIR LINE D. I. Exec: Mike

Make. (400) Kentucky

(NOTE: Sec also Cincinnati, dlc'mphix and Saint Lam'x Tcriitories)

Bardstown. Ky.. GYPSY D. I. Exec: Ornstein

CL, 427 S. 3rd St.. Louisville. (250) Bowling Green. Ky., LOST RIVER D. I. Exec: Davis Duff and J. E. Thompson. (600) Bowling Green. Ky.. RIVERSIDE D. I. Exec: David Duff and J. E. Thompson. (400) Campbellsville. Ky., CAMPBELLSVILLE D. I. Exec: Whitlock and Kemp. (300)

Central City, Ky., 62 D. I. Exec: Rockwood. (250)

Columbia, Ky., ADAIR D. I. Exec: F. X. Merkely. (300)

Elizabethtown, Ky., KNOX D. I. Exec: W. R. Holder, Elizabethtown Amuse. Co. (Under Construction)

Elizabethtown, Ky., STARLIGHT D. I. Exec: Robert Enoch. (300)

Glasgow. Ky.. STAR D. 1., P. 0. Box 445. Exec: Bruce Asplcy and Aililinted Tth Inc.. Illinois

Iildg., Indianapolis. Ind. (553) Horned. Ky., SKYLINE D. I. Exec: ()rnslein CL. 427 S. 3rd St.. Louisville. (67)

Hopkinsville, Ky., B AND W D. I., Hwy. 49. Exec: George Edwards and Shelby McCollum. ISIJOI lIorsc Cave. Ky., TWIN CITY I). I. Exec: Ornstein Ct.. 427 S. 3rd St., Louisville. (400)

Lebanon, Ky.. LEBANON I). I., Hwy. 49. Exec: C. C. Sims, and ()rnstein CL, 427 S. 3rd SI...

Louisville. (30-0) Louisville, Ky.. DIXIE I). I. (Shivlcy), Hwy. 60. Exec: Floyd Morrow. (500) Louisville. Ky., EAST D. I. (St. Matthews), Hwy. 31. Exec: Floyd Morrow. (1500) Louisville. Ky.. KENWOOD D. I. Exec: W. Wood. 702 Kcntucky Home Life Bldg. (800) Louisville, Ky.. PARKWAY D. 1., Box 480, Rt. 5. Exec: John Nolan. (680)

Louisville, Ky.. PRESTON D. I. Exec: S. J. Switow, M. Switow and Sons Ents.. 651 S. 4th

St. (400) Louisville, Ky., SKYWAY D. I. Exec: Louis Ann. (650) Louisville, Ky., TWILITE D. I. (Formerly Twin), 4015 Crittcnden Dr. Exec: Louis Arru. (1000) Marion. Ky., DRIVE IN. Exec: Edward Campbell Ct. (280) Morganfield. Ky., BROADVIEW D. I. Exec: Edward Campbell Ct. (375) Owensboro, Ky., CARDINAL D. I. Exec: J. W. Blincoe. (500} Owensboro. Ky., FAMILY D. I. Exec: E. M. Blincoe. (100) Owensburo, Ky.. PARKWAY D. I. Exec: J. W. lJlincoe. (100) Owensboro, Ky.. STARLIGHT D. I. Exec: Baker Booking Serv.. Chamber 01' Commerce lilugn Indianapolis, Ind. (400) Pcndleton, Ky., LAKE VIEW D. 1. Exec: Edward Campbell Ct. (200)

Springlield, Ky., BEL VISTA D. I. Exec: Ball and Wheatley, and Edward Campbell Ct. (300)

Waverly, Ky., SUNSET D. I. (Morganlicld). Exec: J. S. Corbett and Ornstein Ct... 421 S. 3rd St., Louisville. (350)



(NOTE: See also Memphix and New O/lean: Territories)

Fayetteville, Ark., 71 D. I. (Springdale). Exec: Commonwealth Ths. Ct.. 215 W. 18th St., Kansas

City. M0. (390) Rogers, Ark.. TWIN CITY D. 1., P. O. Box 351. Exec: Harry Nichols. Ozark Ths.. Inc. (300) Siloam Springs, Ark., PARKSIDE D. I. Exec: Earl Smith. (200)

Sulphur Springs, Ark" BIG SOMBRERO AIR DOME D. I. Exec: Mrs. J. B. Coverton. (50 and Seats)


Abilene, Kan., TRAILS END D. I. Exec: Bob and Calvin Strowig. (300)

Alton. Kan., DRIVE IN. Exec: Earl Ritchie. (98)

Anthony. Kan.. STAR VUE D. 1.. Hwy. 160. Exec: Mrs. Hazel Droz. (275)

Arkansas City, Kan.. 166 D. 1., Hwy. 166. Exec: Fred Munson. (400)

Atchison, Kath, FRONTIER D. I. Exec: Charles Potter. (350)

Augusta, Kan.. AUGUSTA D. I. Exec: Mrs. D. A. Bisagno. and Augusta Drive-In Th. Co. (300)

Beloit, Kan., FIESTA D. I. Exec: Mid-central Ths. (300)

Caney, Kan., DRIVE IN. Exec: C. Gregg. (316) Chanute. Kan., NEOCHA D. I. Exec: Ray Walsh.

(360) Clay Center. Kan., SKY LINE D. I. Exec: Kenneth H. Ehret. (322) Cotfeyville, Kan. SKYLINE D. 1., Hwy. 169. Exec: Tal Richardson, Box 136. (200) Cotfeyville, Kan., TAL'S D. 1.. Cline Rd. Exec: Ta] Richardson, Box 136. (300) Colby, Kan.. COLBY D. I. Exec: Don Phillips.

(350) Columbus, Kan., CHEROKEE D. I. Exec: Stein Th8. (300) Columbus, Knn.. COLUMBUS D. I., Hwy. 69. Exec: Arthur W. Pugh. (350)

Concordia, Kan.. CONCORDIA D. I. Exec: Alex Schnidcrman. 221 W. 18th St., Kansas City. Mo.

(320) Council Grove. Kan-. CHIEF l). I. Exec: Clo Bratlon. (300)

Dodge City, Kan., BOOT HILL D. 1.. U. S. 50 S., 150x 269. Exec: Mrs. Glen A. Cooper. (325)

Dodge City. Kan., SOUTH D. I., Box 269. Exec:

Mrs. Glen A. Cooper. (500) Eldorado, Kan.. STAR VU D. I. Exec: Ben Adams. (300)

Ellinwood, Kan., ELLINWOOD D. I. Exec: William Flynn, Flynn Entr., Box 47. Great Bend. (300)

Emporia. Ram. 50 SOUTH D. I. Exec: Wm. Flynn, Flynn Entr., Box 47, Great Bend. (665)

Eureka, Kan.. EUREKA I). I. Exec: Aley Stro wig. . (300) For! Scott, Kan., MO-KAN D. I., P. O. Box 547. Exec: Chet Borg. (300)

Garden City. Kan.. GARDEN D. I. Exec: Commonwealth Tbs. Ct., 215 W. 18th St.. Kansas City, Mo. (300)

(ioodland, Kan., GOODLAND D. I.. Hwy. 24 and 27, Box 621. Exec: Commonwealth Ths. Ct... 215

W. 18th St... Kansas City. Mo. ' (19%) Great Bend. Kan.. GREAT BEND D. I. Exec: )Vm. Flynn, Flynn Entr.. Box 47. (496) Hays. Kan.. HAYS D. I.. P. 0. Box 178. Exec: (I. A. Cooper. (350) Hiawatha, Kan., HIAWAY D. I. Exec: Midreniral Ths. (230) Hill City. Kan., DRIVE IN. Exec: Lil Welty.


Hoisimzton. Kan.. CHEYENNE I). I. Exec: Commonwealth Ths. Ct., 215 W. 18th St., Kansas

City, Mo. (468) Huzoton. Kan.. HUGOTON D. I. Exec: Merle Harris. (272) Hutchison. Kan.. AYR-VU I). I. Exec: Jay Wooten. (400) Hutchison, Kan., IRIS D. I.. R.F.D. 2:4. Exer: Robert Sproule. (448) Independence, Kan.. SUNSET D. I. Exec: Midt-entral Ct. (306) 1013. Kan.. 54 D. I., P. O. Box 263. Exec: Jack E. Hasting. (300) Junction City. Ksn.. MIDWAY D. I. Exec: Warren L. Weber. (500) Kanopolis. Kan., LAKEVIEW D. I. Exec : Tony Blazina. (186)

Kansas City. Kan.. BOULEVARD D. 1., 1899 Merriam Blvd. Exec: Charles Potter. Rosedale Drive-In Th. Corp. (750)

Kansas City. Kan., KANSAS D. 1., Stoney Point Rd. and Hwy. 40. Exec: Rube Finkelstein, 1701

N. 7th St.. Kansas City. Mo. (1000) Kansas City. Kan., LAKE PARK D. I. Exec: W. D. Fulton. (760) Kansas City. Kan., LEAWOOD D. I. Exec: Glen Dickinson, Mission. (1000) Kansas City. Ksn., NEW 50 D. I. Exec: George Baker. (740) Kansas City, Ksn.. SHAWNEE D. I. (Shawnee). Exec: Dickinson Ths., Mission. (1000)

Kingman, Kon., MEADE D. I., Hwy. 54. Exec: Commonwealth Tbs. Ct.. 215 W. 18th St., Kansas

City. M0. (300) Larned, Kain, LARNED D. I. Exec : Don Burnett. State Th. (300)

Lawrence. Kan.. LAWRENCE D. I.. P. O. Box 199. Exec: Commonwealth Th5. Ct.. 215 W. 18th

St... Kansas City, M0. (365) Lawrence, Ksn., SUNSET D. I. Exec: M. B. Landau. (390) Leavenworth. Kan.. FORT D. I., R.F.D. #4. Exec: Beverly Miller. (300) Leavenworth, Kan., SKYLARK D. I. Exec: Durwond Ths., Kansas City. Mo. (400) Liberal, Kan., GREAT WESTERN D. I. Exec: Ben Adams. (350) Lyons, Kan., LYONS D. I., Box 341. Exec: Jny Wooten. (440) Manhattan. Kan., SKY VU I). I. Exec: Mid('cntral Ct. (308) Marysville, Kan., HILL TOP D. I. Exec: Eddie Henderson. (350) McPherson. Kan.. STARVIEW D. 1.. Box 592. Exec: V. Anderson. (393) Meade. Kan.. DRIVE IN. Exec: Laird and Bristol.

(200) Medicine Lodpm. Kan., PAGEANT D. I. Exec: Roy Culley. (265)

Mount Sterling. Kan., JUDY D. I. Exec: Ed Williams, Phelps Ratliff and Tom Edwards. (400)

Neodesha, Kan., 75 AIRPORT I). I. Exec: C. E.

Klock. (301)) Ncss City, Kan., STAR D. I. Exec: Melvin Eichman. (200) Newton, Kan., WEST-VUE I). I. Exec: Roy Roberson. (300) Norton, Kan., SUNSET I). I. Exec: Fred Munson.

($00) Osage City. Kan., HILLCREST I). I. Exec: Mrs. Joyce Hitchings. (320) Osawatomie, Kan.. MIDWAY D. I. Exec: Midccntrul Ths. (330)


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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 142