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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 155 (121)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 155
Page 155

Drive-ins Mentioned

Waring Auto, Carbondale, IL

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 155



(NOTE: See also Chicago and I'm Maine: Territories)

Alton, 111.. STARLITE D. 1., Rt. 140. Exec:

Tom L. Bloomer, Ritz Th., Bellville. (485) Anna, 111, ANNA D. I. Exec: Rodgers Ths., 230 8th St., Cairo. (428) Beardstown. 111., STARLIGHT D. I. Exec: Pirtle Ct., Orpheum Th., Jerseyville. (350)

Belleville, 111.. SKYVIEW D. I. Exec: Tom L. Bloomer, Rita Th. (900 and 200 Seats)

Benton, 111., MIDWAY D. I. Exec: Sullivan and

Strauss. (450) Benton, 111.. PARK D. I. Exec: W. L. Ozburn and Sam Marshall. (400) Breeze. 11l.. AVON D. I. Exec: Bernard Temborious. (265) Cairo, 111.. .53 D. I. Exec: H. Eichhorn, Roxy Th., Mounds. (425) Camargo. 11L, OKAW D. I. Exec: Thomas Falk.


Carbondale, 111., WARING AUTO D. 1., Rt. 13.

Exec: W. E. Waring, Jr., Ritz Th., Cobden. (500)

Carlinville. 111.. DIANE D. I. Exec: Mrs. Frieda Paul and Frisina Amuse. Co., Roxy Th. Bldg.,

Springfield. (280) Carlyle, 111., CAR-BREEZ D. I. Exec: Dominic Frisian and Charles Benhati, (h) Carmi, 111.. 460 D. 1., U. S. 460 East of Carmi. Exec: R. Tolliver, Ritz Th., Cisne. (500)

Casey, 111., lLB D. I. Exec: Tom Falk. (300)

Centralia. 1l1., CENTRALIA D. 1., Rt. 16, P. 0.

Box 47. Exec: Lloyd Spurgeon. (500 and 200 Seats)

Charleston. 111., E>I D. I. Exec: Tom Falk. (420)

East St. Louis. 111., E. ST. LOUIS D. I., R. R. 50. Rt. 159. French Village. Exec: I. Wienshienk, Grand Th., Alton. (567)

East St. Louis, 111., MOUNDS D. I. (Collinsville). Exec: Millard Komm, Komm Ct., 2227 S. Broadway, St. Louis 4, M0. (700)

Eflingham, 111., RUSTIC STARLITE D. 1., Route 40. Exec: Frisina Amuse. Co., Roxy Th. Bldg.,

Springfield. (400) Fairfield. 111.. FAIRFIELD D. I. Exec: Louis LaGreco. (350) Farina. 111.. 37 D. I. Exec: Robert P. McNeely, Box 422, Louisville, (250)

Flora, 111., RENDEZVOUS D. 1.. Rt. 45, P. 0. Box 92. Exec: Harry Jones, Valley Drive-In

Corp, (400) Harrisburg. 111., HARRISBURG D. I. Exec: O. J. Ingram. (465)

Harrisburg. 111.. STARLITE D. I. Exec: O. L. Turner. Jr. Turner-Farrar Ths., Orpheum Th.

(550) Herrin, 111., EGYPTIAN D. 1., Box 248, Rt. 148, 4 C Lane. Exec: Wayne L. Smith. (400) Herrin, 111.. MARLOW'S D. 1.. Route 148. Exec: John Marlow. llooo)

Highland, 111., AIR PARK D. 1., Hwy. 40. Exec: J. Schremm, Nat. Th. Supply, 3212 Olive St.,

St. Louis. Mo. (200) Jacksonville, 111., 67 D. 1., P. 0. Box 170. Exec: H. Busey. P. O. Box 170. (350)

Litchfield. 111.. SKYVIEW D. I. Exec: Frisina Amuse. Co. Roxy Th. Bldg., Springfield. (400)

Mattoon. 111. SKYWAY D. I. Exec: Mattoon Th. C0" controlled by Frisina Amuse. Co., Roxy Th.

Bldg. Springfield. (536) McLeansboro. 111.. SUNSET D. I. Exec: C. F. Downen. (250) lgctropolis. 111., EL CAPITAN D. 1.. Route 25. .\ec: Ed Clark. Massac Th. (50m Metropolis. 111.. AUTO-VUE 1). I. Exec: Ed Clark, Massuc Th. I391) Mount Carmel. 111., CARMEL D. I. Exec: Keith Coleman. American Th. (400) Mount Carmel. 111., TWIN 1). I. Exec: A. .1. hutz Ent. (500) Mount Carmel. 11]., ZIoN l). I. Exec: A. Smith imd Assoc. (500)

we"! Olive. 111., SUNSET n. 1. Near U. s. and Ill. 13.x. Exec: Louis ()do ..i. (250)

Ill-loum Vermin. "L, MT. VERNON 1). 1., Rt. 48.

xec: Frank Glenn. Tamaroa. (500) $311"? ,Vernon. IIL. STARLANI) l). I. Exec: rank Glenn. Tamaroa. (700)


gm--- Newton, 111., FAIRVIEW D. I. Exec: C. B.

Simmons. Cisne. (250) Olney, 111., OLNEY D, I., Hwy. 50. Exec: R. Worthey. Box 41. (300) Fans, 111-, TANNER D. I. Exec: Herman Tanner, Liberty Th., Vandalia. (400) Paris, 111., TWIN LAKES D. 1., North Main, Rt. 1. Exec: E. L. Staup. (500)

Quincy, 111., GEM CITY D. I., P. 0. Box 635. Exec: Robert Ellery, Gem City Drive-In Corp. (500)

Quincy, 111., QUINCY D. 1., P. O. Box 348. Exec: Robert J. Schmitt. and Andy Deitz. (1000)

Robinson, 111., GORDON D. 1., Gordon Junction. Exec: Frisina. Amuse. Co., Roxy Th, B1dg..

Springfield. (450) Salem, 11]., CLUSTER D. I., Hwy. 37. Exec: Loren Cluster, Lyric Th. (600) Sandoval, 111., HOLLYWOOD D. I., Hwy. 50. Exec: Rollen Robinson. (300) Shelbyville, 111., KAY D. I, Exec: M. Stewart son. (350) Springfield, 111., 66 D. I. Exec: Kerasotes Ths., Kerasotes Th. Bldg. (1200)

Springfield, 111., SPRINGFIELD D. I., Hwys. 66 and 29. Exec: Frisina Amuse. Co., Roxy Th.

Bldg, (1200 and 150 Seats) Steeleville, 111., ARROW D. I. Exec: Stuart Morgenstern. (400) Sullivan, 111., SULLIVAN D. I. Exec: Lee Norton. (300)

Summer Hill, 111., CLARK D. 1. Exec: Clark and Russell Armentrout, Clark Th., Louisiana, M0.

(350) Tamaroa, 111., MELODY D. I., Hwy. 51, Exec: Frank Glenn. (400)

Taylorville, 111., FRISINA D. I. Exec: Frisina Amuse. Co.. Roxy Th. B1dg., Springfield. (400)

Thayer, 111., ROUTE #4 D. 1. Exec: William Swift, Gaiety Th., Virden, (300 and 100 Seats)

Vandalia, 111., TANNER D. 1. Exec: Herman Tanner, Liberty Th. (400)

West Roodhouse, 111., DRIVE IN (Alsey-WinChester), Rt. 106. Exec: Tom Danner and P. E. Stehman. (200)

Woodriver, 111., ALTWOOD D. 1. (East Alton), Old St. Louis Rd. Exec: Dubinsky Bros., Box 1986, 201 Walton Bldg., Lincoln, N61). (570)


(NOTE: See (2150 Chicago, Cincinnati, and Indianapolix Territories)

Mount Vernon, Ind., MT. VERNON D. I. Exec: Joseph Nickolick. (378)


(NOTE: See? also Dies .Moinc: and Omaha Territoricx)

Keokuk, 1a., SKYLARK D. I. Exec: Frisinn Amuse. Co., Roxy Th. Bldg.. Springfield, 111. (425)


(NOTE: See also Cincinnati, Indianapolis and lllemphis Tcrriloriyr)

Kevil, Ky.. PARK D. 1.. Route 1. Exec: Forrest 0, Shelby, and A. R. Dietz, Co-operativc Ths., 3142 Olive St., St. Louis, M0. (225)

Morganfield, Ky.. DRIVE IN. Exec: Jamcs and Sam McElroy, 0. P. Dyer. and Dawson C. Campbell, 320 W. Jefferson St.. Louisville. (430)

Murray, Ky.. 95 D. I. Excc: Enido Nucci. (500)

Paducah, Ky.. AIRPORT I). 1, Exec: Doby B. Stout, Box 471. Cairo. 111. (400)

Paducah. Ky.. PADUCAH 1). 1., Lone Oak Rd. Exec: Columbia Amuse (70., Arcade Th. Bldg. ' 1500 and 100 Seats)

Paducah. Ky.. STARLITE 1). 1., New Benton Rd. Exec: Lakc Edwards. (381)

M lssourl

(NOTE: .S'cc ulxo Ilt'x [blah-110V, Kmlslzx Cin and [llcmrliix Tcrrirorim)

Alfton, Mo., RONNIE'S D. I, (St. Louis). Baptist (ih. La. and Lindbergh Drive. Exec: Lester Kropp. Wehrcnbcrg Ths., 2732') Cheroch St., St. Louis. (984)

Arcadia, Mo., KILLARNEY D. 1. (Pilot Knob).

Exec: William Basden, Pilot Knob. (262) Ava, Mo., HIGHWAY 14 D. I. EXec: L, H. Pettit. (100) Ava, Mo., PETTIT'S D. I. Exec: L. H. Pettit.


Bridgeton, Mo., SKYLINE D. I. Exec: Ray Parker, 8741 Radley Court, Brentwood. (650 and 20 Seats)

Cape Girardeau. Mo., DRIVE IN. Exec: Howard Bates and Carl Miller. (750 Under Construction)

Centralia, Mo., BEBE D. 1. (Springfield). Exec:

E. Bebemeyer. (250) Charleston, Mo., CHARLESTON D. I. Exec: D. B. Stout, Box 471. Cairo, 111. (200)

Columbia, Mo-, BROADWAY D. I., 1100 Block Broadway. Exec: Commonwealth Amuse. 00., 215 W. 18th, Kansas City. (400)

Columbia, Mo., PARKADE D, 1. Exec: Herbert Jeans. (400)

DeSoto, Mo., SKYVIEW D. I. Exec: William A. Collins. (300 Under Construction)

Des Peres, Mo., MANCHESTER D. I. Exec: Phil Smith Ct., 82 Newberry St., Boston. Mass, and William Powell, Gem Th., St. Johns. (500)

Dexter, Mo., FAMILY D. 1., P. 0. Box 264. Exec: Miss V. Lawrence, 610 College, Apt. 1.

Columbia. (488) Doniphan, Mo., STADIUM D. I.. 101 Young St. Exec: Mrs. Ethel Chilton. (133) Farmington, Mo., CORRAL D. I. Exec: Edwards-Plumlee Ct., Ritz Th. (400) Fredericktown, Mo., HI-Y D. I. Exec: L, A. Mercier, Mercier Th. (250) Fulton, Mo., FULTON D. I. Exec: Don Fike.

(386) Garwood, Mo., 21 D. I. (Ellington). Exec: Harold Larkin and Claude Davis. (210)

Hannibal, Mo., SKY-HI D. I. Exec: Frisina Amuse. Co.. Roxy Th. B1dg., Springfield, 111). (350

Houston, Mo., SUNSET D. I. Exec: H. E. (13.313).

Illmo, Mo., CAPE D. I. (Cape Girardeau), U. S. 61, Illmo P. O. Exec: H. 0. Bates. (500)

Jackson, Mo., SHERMAN'S JACKSON D. I. Exec: Mrs. William Sherman, Sherman Th.,

Bloomfield. (250) Lebanon, Mo., MOONLITE D. 1.. Route 32. Exec: W. T. Ash. (250 and 100 Seats) Lebanon, Mo., SKY-H1 D. I. Exec: Earl Hargis.

(200) Malden, Mo., AUTOVUE D. I. Exec: G. D. Haskins and C. V. Harris. (250) Marshfield, Mo., SKYLINE D. I. Exec: Lloyd E. Schmidt. (150) Memphis, Mo., AIRWAY D. I. Exec: C. W. Locke, Time Th. Co. (288)

Mexico, Mo., LITTLE DIXIE D. I. Exec: Frisina. Amuse. Co., Roxy Th. B1dg., Springfield,

Ill. (450) Mountain Grove, Mo., 60 D. I. Exec: D. W. Davis, Jr. (300) Paris, Mo., MAJOR D. I, Exec: Mrs. Edith Major. (200) Penryville, Mo., HILLTOP D. 1.. Rt. 25. Exec: A. C. Mercier, Mercier Th. (285) Pevely, Mo., 61 D. I. Exec: H. P. Hartstein. 1116 Watts, University City. (700) Piedmont, Mo., PINE HILL D. I. Exec: A. B. Jet'feris. (2200)

Poplar BluE, Mo-, POPLAR BLUFF D. 1., Rt. 67. Exec: Rodgers Ct., 230 Eighth St., Cairo,

III. (580) Potosi. Mo., STARLITE I). I. Exec: Harry Blount. (300) Rollo, Mo., ROLLA D. 1.. U. S, No. 66. Exec: H. Blount, Plaza Th., Potosi. (400)

Saint Ann's Village, Mo., AIRWAY D. 1. (Overland). 10900 St. Charles Rd. Exec: Phil Smith CL, 82 Newbcrry St., Boston, Mass. (1000)

Saint Annis Village, Mo., ST. ANN D. I. (St. Louis) . St. Charles Rock Rd. Exec: Edward Arthur. Fanchon and Marco, 527 N. Grand, St. Louis. (1000)

Saint Charles, Mo., ST. CHARLES I). I. Exec: St. Charles Drive-In Th. Corp.. Kaimann Booking Oflicc. 4102a W. Florissant. St. Louis. (600)

St. Louis Co., Mo., NORTH I). 1. (St. Charles),

Hwy. 99 and St. (Tyr Rd. Exec: Kaimann Rook ing Oliice, 41021: W. Florissant, St. Louis. (1000 and 150 Seats)

St. Louis (70., Mo., 66 PARK 1N. Hwy. 66 and Sappimzlon Rd. Exec: Luster Kliopp. Wehrcnberg

Ths., 2735 Cherokee St., St. Louis. (792) Salem, Mo., STARLITE 1). I. Exec: P. Hamaker, (248)
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 155