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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 161 (127)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 161
Page 161

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 161


DRIVE-IN SCREEN COATING AND SCREEN MASKING rrThis screen coat in}: is designed solely for Drive-In screens andwproved in uso. Gives the maximum in clear cut projection and the assurance of extreme durability. Screen Masking: was formulated with the same care to properly mask Drive-In Screens.

CONCESSION page B l' I L D I N G SPEAKER for coverage of concession, manager's office. booth and rest rooms. Has built in volume control. easily adjusted to desired volume, wall mounting brackets and finished in natural or red baked enamel.

SENIOR IN - A - CAR SPEAKER represents the most advanced in electronical and me chanical design now possible to achieve. Faithful reproduction of sound. 5" speaker

cone, koiled or straight cords, streamlined appearance and beauty. Transformer 'an be matched into any amplifying system.

DIT - MCO SCREEN COATING was Cally developed for both 3-D and standard pictures. It is an all purmetallic base for either brush or paint spraying". Thoroughly tested and economically priced it is the answer to your 3-D Screen problems.


specifi paint suitable

JUNIOR IN - A - CAR SPEAKERS are rigidly constructed for the utmost in performance

and economy. An ap. proved 31/2" weatherproof speaker cone assures long, faithful sound reproduction.

Beautifully and durably finished Junior speakers are available with koiled or straight cords. Transformer can be matched into any amplifying system.

SCREEN TOWERTWO TYPESBEAM AND TRUSS - iBoth specifically designed in conformance with American Institute of Stcel Construction specifications. Will winds of 30 pounds


per square foot equal to 90 MPH gale, with ample factor of safety. Economically priced to give the maximum in beauty. strength and utility.

UNIVERSAL IN - A C A R S P E A K E R matches in looks and performance many now in use in DrivesIn theatres all over the United States and Canada. It can be used for replacements so as not to change the appearance of present equipment. Equipped with 4" weatherproof inside speaker unit. Speaker bracket made to fit any junction box

in use.

REPLACEMENT SPEAKERsiThree sizes, three shapes. I three cone sizes. Left to right: DIT-MOO Senior 5" y p V cone. Universal 4" cone. DIT-MCO Junior 31/3" cone. All offer faithful sound reproduction and long life.

H mil; n m DIT-MCO EASY CHANGE MARQUEE LETTERS are weatherproof. won't warp or buckle and Virtually indestructible. Available in black or colors, equipped with Snap Clips 01' Rigid Clips. Aluminum track for installation on metal or wood, billboard. marquees or walls. Rigid Clips take special track.

P9RT HOLE BLOWERaNm- style made for Wide angle projection. Top of housing slants up 25 deters-cs so housing may be mounted flush at Dort hole. and projection beam will pass thrquzfi freely. Port hole blowers mean cleaner DPOJection. Eliminates dust. rain, bugs and flies rom coming in port hole. Eliminates need for

Obtlcal glass in port hole. acts as auxiliary GXhaust.

DIT-MCO STANDEE SPEAKERS are your anSWer to Playground, Lawn Chair Concession Stand. OverHow. Back Ramp and Truck area coverage, Unparalleled acoustic quality and volume control you set. Transformer impedance 2,500 and 7,500 ohms.

DIT - MCO ATOMIC JET LAMP HOUSE BLOWER permits highor :ilnpm'au'v. produces


bottoHApNISMi Mounts at pm'thole. Housingr beamm hidnis downward at 7'6 :IlUA'lO PH' Mims' m MISS through fi't'ly regardless of

Drojecm, . . i n :in r].- a . .: , ; . . 3 d1 erem i. IlllllH i iii In idiustid in \

lamps. reduces

(ll-posits and

cooler ca rlioii

consumption, oven burning of carbon

('zi rbon


MUSTS Left. in right (top): Roll

Opel-1mr (lnzsnkllllls and locked in lilmwv ,W'l produces consistcnt Ticket. Holder. Plastic Simakvr ()[wniniz Grill. Loft f '21 1 s ll 1 . ' i ' i - 4 i . . . \- . DTOJemjm, "ml qilil [:81 IN'IKhLOI' image, For to right (bottoml: Program Time Schedule Holdvr, o -' ' ' ' i t c r i . . . . . . prelim? ran :ipmmmmpm. such whip Hug-1.. aniaZiiiii,r results try it Ticket and (rilllIILIU Making hpairo Lock. All necesower 1111. f'i' ( "WhlnL'. ("Hi ( IlwmilN'fllw- and see. sary for ('11'1('lE'Ht opt-ration. d5 ample capacity to cool the liltvi'

ue to assures u

specially designed vvn distribution.

:05 w. 9ih STREET ANSAs CITY 5, Mo.

spreader which


Aluminum and Wood Safety Ladders Rotary Power Motors

Nee-Seal Burial Wire 14-2 Sr. 12-2 Sr. 14-2 Sr. 12-1


To /uii/im/u inquiry Ir l/ir u/mi'e, [ilriuu "nil/ion l/JU Pal/UHF and page mun/1w.
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 161