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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 164 (130)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 164
Page 164

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 164



Projection and Sound Equipment I

Bullantyne's Outstanding, New


Dow-6009* SPEAKER



Ballantyne-Dub'l-Cone speaker is a revolutionary new development in drive-in-theatre in-a-car

The New Royal Soundmaster Model 9 Soundheads combine more new features, simplified design, and advanced engineering to bring to the theatre the most outstanding sound repro ' Trade Mark


speakers. It offers features never R i ' before found in any speaker, re- egIStered ducer available regardless of cost. gardless of cost. In fact, Ballan- Patent

tyne brings you all of these features at a cost no greater than you pay for run-of-the-mill speakers on the market today. And the Dub'l-Cone speaker will outlast 3 to 1 any other speaker available.

Again Ballantyne engineering brings to the driveein theatre a product years ahead of the field in design, construction, and quality of reproduction. The Bellantyne Dub'l-Cone offers all of the desirable features of a top quality speaker, plus advanced improvements which overcome practically all of the disadvantages of ordinary speakers.



As the originator of tipackaged" equipment for drive-in-theatres, Ballantyne still offers the only complete package unit for any size theatre. Included are: In-acar Speakers, Soundheads. Am< plifiers (Single or dual channel), Ramp control panel, Projectors. Hi-Tilt projector Bases, 18" Magazines, Projector Changeovers, Arc Lamps, Rectifiers. Tungar Tubes, Lenses, Electric Rewind, Hand Rewind, Rewind Table, Film Cabinet. Aluminum Reels. Film Splicer, Reel End Alarms, And a completely prefabricated screen tower.

Added to this is Ballantynescffer of a layout of the size drivein you desire on your own piece of property, including entrances, exits, ramp detail, projection and concession room plans. etc.. free of charge. The job of building your drive-in resolves itself to your securing a dirt man and a local contractor to erect the projection and concession room building. Your problem is res duced to the simplest terms. Write for complete free details, catalogs, pictures, blue prints. and the name of your nearest Ballantyne Dealer.

NEW 3-D INTERLOCKS ELECTRICAL AND MECHANICAL 3-Il-l and 3-l)-2 Universal Electri '11 usng Solsyn motor. 3-Il-4 :ind 3-I)-5 Univvrsal

Me-t-hnnicul for other units than Snundmnstvr Soundhemls.

ii-ll-li Mechanical with Instant. Disconnect for Motlvl 6 Soundmztsti-I' Soundhumls.

3-I)-E! Mi'CIHlIlICHI with Instant llismnnm-t for Model 9 Soundmuster Soundhezids.

('ompletc 3-D Equipment is available through your llallantyne (mummy Dealer.


FEATURE l-The sensational Dub'l-Cone 4" Speaker (Fig. 1. A). Consists of two cones, one superimposed over the other with a 3/16'i air space between. The outside cone for protection, the inside for projection, of sound. Both cones are completely weatherproofed by the latest methods.

The sun can dry or bake out, water can soak, and the outer cone can go to pieces without damage to the inner cone.

If the outside cone ever becomes destroyed it can be replaced with a new cone and ring by the drive in theatre owner in a few seconds . . . and have a new speaker for less than 20 cents.

FEATURE 2 - INCOMPARABLE QUALITY SOUND. Has a Heavy 1.47 ounce Alnico 5 Magnet (Fig. 1, B) which gives 2 to 3 times the power of earlier magnet materials. This plus the sounding board effect of the protective cone and air space produces sound that is more completely developed in the lower frequency than ordinary speakers and gives a full round tonal effect to both music and voice. The life-like sound reproduced by this speaker more closely resembles theatre sound than anything heretofore available.

FEATURE 3--Aluminum Voice Coil (Fig. 1, C). The Voice coil is aluminum..,wi11 not swell, warp, or buckle, Retains its shape thus maintaining the vital delicate air gap around it.

FEATURE 4eAlumizite treated diaphragm. (Fig. 1, D). Impervious to rain, dampness, sun and heat. The only speaker on the market. with treatment of any kind at this vital point.

FEATURE 5-Die Cast Aluminum Case In two tone fInIsh. The case is die cast of aluminum for strength. lightness, and durability. and has a beautiful two-tone finish. Both colors are double-coated and each coat baked on. It is truly the most beautiful speaker on the market. The junction box is also finished in the same twotone effect.

FEATURE 6-Every point in a speaker that can be attacked by water or dampness has been protected in the Ballantyne AX Series Dub'l-Cone Speaker.

OTHER OUTSTANDING FACTS about the DUB'L-CONE SPEAKER. All metal parts are zinc-plated by a special process.

0 Cones. gaskets, and dust buttons are treated with a fungus and weatherproof lacquer approved for use on Signal Corp equipment.

0 Gaskets are punched out of solid beaverboard to eliminate splitting as often happens with laminated chipboard normally used.

0 A brass dust collar completely eliminates any possibility of corTOSlOTL

0 A high quality, enclosed, wire-sound volume control is used.

0 The junction box transformer is varnish impregnated to guard against moisture.

0 The AX Series Dub'l-Cone speaker is available with or without downlights, and with straight or coiled cords.


To meet all the requirements of government limitation order MA Ballantyne offers a skillfully engineered, completely prefabricated screen tower for drive-in theatres. All timber used in the tower is Douglas Fir, select structural, as graded by the West Coast Bureau of Lumber, Grades and Inspection, or equal. The entire structure is anchored by 8 concrete footings, cross braced for maximum strength, and designed to withstand a 35 pound per square foot wind load. The entire screen area and screen border is covered with shiplap for added strength and protection to the picture screen.' A transite screen facing over shiplap insures flat picture surface. All members are pre-cut and drilled for uick and easy assembly. Complete plans for erection are urnished. Shipped complete to your drive-in site on company truck.

For low cost, rigidity, durability, and easy erection you can't beat the Ballantyne Prefabricated screen tower.



To [ml/[Into inquiry rr [/19 above. Neale mention tile vol/Um: am! page mun/1m.

Model "BW" ProEndorsed, approved, and installed as standa r d b y m a n y leading circuits.

j ecto r.

Soundmaster Bases. Over 200 pounds of weight gives perfect rigidity. Available With reverse tilt support arm for drive-in theatres at no extra cost.

Royal Soundmaster Complete Sound Systems. For theatres of any size. Includes Soundheads, single or dual channel Amplifier, and Two-Way Horn System.

Lightmaster Model 4570 Arc Lamp. 45 to 80 nmpef'es. Provides brilliant light for even the largest theatre or drive-in.

Royal Soundmaster Aleitiers. No amplifier on market compares in features and low cost. Available in single channel and dual channel with instant changeover switch.

The Bullantyne line also includes, rcctifiers. motor generators, magazines and a complete selection of projoction room accessories.

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 164