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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 166 (132)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 166
Page 166

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 166

" UNIVERSAL" Die-Cast ALUMINUM Speaker-- HE ln-The-Gar Speaker With Alli

These ADVANTAGES . . .

- THE EFRAD" 1 , i-"UNIVERSAL" , AND "cusyow


A at n a; Lil, .u hwm . r u ..

o Quick-Disconnect Termmals SILICONE-TREATED CONE! Installation - Full tidel'ty nd d 'n m.

C A Beautiful Glo'TOP ]unc ic range1 at: acqlluiared

with Eprad's siliconetreated cone. This cone will last almost indelinitely because the non 4 Brilliant Colors

re 0 A Fiberglas Acousdcal Pad to Improx

. 5 y, n . .1. Ound 60 Second evaporating 51 icones S d Can be Changed In . l S inoisturemroof the cone . A COr Top Where It Be Ong y and a paraHin base preV lume C0ntf01 at T e vents drying. The four-Inch driver unit makes . A 0 Most-Natuf3-l on lull use of cavity resonance to give better bass

learest, ms t E d' 1. V ' *< / t ( I' . ' ponse. pra s p astic ramcoat. Wthll e N66d f0! Check'outs does not impair sound or eHiciency, is also

Maintenance Cost available at slight additional cost.

. The Finest, C

o Eliminated th

The Lowest-Known : A Trouble-Free Volume Control

. X . . ' uncthn Bo y , This beautio A Non-shorting l fuli'Glo-top" 0 A Lifetime TranSfmmet junctionb box

. I is availa le in A o Simplest Maintenance 4 brilliant able Price colors: green,

. A Reason f rejblamrllzleir7

Li e an ue. e O Longer Cone "ears'i for

' hanging the speaker have been designed to

H T H E M L I make it practically impossible to knock or blow E P R the speaker of? the junction box. Down-lights 1 are available at extra cost. FaVOI'l e i See Your 5" 'y Dealer! FUNGUS- AND MOISTURE-PROOF ENT Theme PP TRANSFORMERS!

Eprad transformers are double-hard varnished and

WRITE FOR vacuum-impregnated to

make them fungus- and

FREE LITERATURE! moisture-proof. Because of

i a better transformer and a

E P R A D larger magnet on the speaker, the over-all cfhciency is the highest, and you get more

sound volume and better quality than by any

1206 CHERRY ST. ' TOLEDO 4- 0- other system.



7551'; SPEAKERS!

wii'h exclusive Eprad also makes a rugged.

lightweight, stamped-steel

speaker that has been de signed to last a lifetime.

After over 500 hours of a steam Simple assembly and exclusive, quick dis- They have a Special PriWer

humidity test! EPRAD speakers and connect terminals make this the easiest and two'tone Vinylcmh

Junction boxes continued to operate . y . baked on over parkenzed perfecuy' . Every part in Eprgd Speaker to mStaH' Eprad S aum Cllp snaps steel. Oncrscrew assembly and exclusive, quick jiDStailfggngzl-Oilhffgpefggufe. (jfthlliz over the qUiCk disconneCt*NO TOOLS disconnects make it the easiest speaker to eliminating interference and assuring ARE REQUIREDl service. The spiral-wire volume control is the

long life. BEST! To [militate inquiry re the aim/Ire, please mention the volume and page Immbvr. THEATRE CATALOG 1953-5A
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 166