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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 192 (156)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 192
Page 192

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 192

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CONCRETE IS ONE .01 the most durable and longest-lived Hearings available. It is low in cost and the materials used in it are available almost anywhere. Ability to carry loads makes it popular.

changes in the materials or proportions of ingredients used, and by making modifications in the procedure for pros ducing the concrete.

Installation and Maintenance- Concrete doors demand careful selection of materials, expert supervision and skilled workmanship in their installation. Finishing operations are particularly important, to provide the proper floor surface. For these reasons, the floor should be planned by an architect and installed only by a qualiiied contractor familiar with the recommendations of the Portland Cement Association.

The new floor should be scrubbed thoroughly, and it is advisable to apply concrete finishes which clean and harden, thus protecting,r the floor surface against dusting. pitting, and cracking. Where a fast-drying, highly resistant finish is desired it is recommended that a rubber base treatment he used for areas where excessive alkali, or grease conditions prevail.

Recondiii()l1ing*Tlio appearance and serviccability of old concrete lloors, with the exception of those having a defective top surface, may be improved by proper recondititming methods.

If there is any wax on your floor it should be removed, and after the floor has been thoroughly cleaned and dried the proper concrete finishes should be

applied. An economical and time saving method of cleaning unwaxed floors is to use a concrete hardener and etcher as the cleaning solution. By this method the cleaning and etching can be done in one operation, saving both time and materials.

General Mai'ntenanceeConcrete fioors protected by concrete finishes will require only dust mopping or vacuuming, and an occasional buffing with a door machine to keep them clean and attractive under ordinary conditions. When required, the floor should be wasth with a safety cleaner and water. Rewaxing should be complete as required, with care being taken to insure that the floor surface is clean before additional wax is applied. The use of wax is not recommended where oil or grease are present. Periodic buffing with a floor machine and polishing brush will reduce sweeping time, increase durability of the vax film and reduce the frequency of wax applications. Occasionally, where there is heavy floor tradic, dirt may become so deeply imbcddcd that the wax film does not respond to the bufiing treatment. When this condition exists, it is best to remove all the surface accumulation. The floor should then be rinsed with clear water. After the floor has dried, it should be treated with two coats of floor wax.

Some DonitseDo not use oil-type sweeping compounds on waxed concrete floors.

When soaps are used in cleaning either treated or untreated concrete doors, they always should be rinsed thoroughly with clear water to avoid leaving a slippery surface.


Terrazzo is a composition material, made up of marble chips or other aggregates combined with cement. This mixture, or timatrixiy is applied as a plastic mass to an underbed of concrete, and is spread to form a layer of about its-inch thickness. Colored pigments are often added to the matrix, to provide a variety of color effects.

Terrazzo is fireproof, and is one of the most durable flooring materials. Unless abused, it rarely needs replacement or repair, once it has been installed properly. It is also notable for its ability to withstand heavy traffic without showing signs of wear. While the initial cost of terrazzo may be higher than that of some other floor materials, its exceps tionally long life and splendid service bring its over-all cost to a low figure.

Capacity to withstand heavy weights is a characteristic of terrazzo floors. The brass strips used in its construction are not used for decorations alone, but also provide reinforcement which enables this fiooring to resist strains and stresses commonly developed in buildings. These brass strips also act as conductors of static electricity, a feature which makes terrazzo particularly desirable for installation in places where combustible materials are found.

Because of its pattern, terrazzo does not readily show soil or even a limited amount of litter, and stays presentable longer than floors of one color, making it ideal for public buildings such as theatres, Where floor trafiic is heavy. Ease of maintenance is another advantage of terrazzo. Only sweeping, dust mopping, or vacuuming are required for its daily care. It also may be cleaned satisfactorily by damp mopping. Periodic buffing with a floor machine will enhance the beauty of terrazzo floors.

Installation and Maintenance-Only a competent, experienced contractor should be considered for the installation of terrazzo flooring to insure a floor that will give long, trouble-free service.

After the floor has been installed and "cured" for about ten days, it is machinerubbcd or ground to produce a smooth surface, treated with a thin coat of cement grouting to fill any voids, allowed to dry, and is then ground by machine to remove any surplus material. A coat of liquid spirit wax, applied after grouting has set, but before final grind, will prevent loss of moisture and produce a more dense and durable floor after final grinding. When the grinding process is completed, the terrazzo should be thoroughly cleaned. Making sure that the floor is dry, the terrazzo should be sealed. One coat of sealer is usually sufhcient, and will prevent the absorption of water and other foreign matter which might cause staining, and will provide protection against udusting" of the surface. A good sealer will beautify and intensify

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 192