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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 194 (158)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 194
Page 194

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 194

Wood floors, properly maintained, will last a lifetime and longer. They will withstand heavy traffic with Very little deterioration. They possess a tremendous advantage in that they may be restored to their original surface condition and appearance with comparatively little effort and expense. Physically, wood is a resilient material which has exceptional structural strength and high insulating value.

Beauty of appearance has always been an important factor in the selection of Wood for floors. Its inherent richness and mellowness has made it a universal favorite.

Installation and MaintenanceeExcellent service and complete satisfaction can be expected from wood floors when several fundamental precautions have been established.

1. The species of wood selected, the grade, dimensions, and other special characteristics should all be chosen with the advice of an architect or qualified flooring contractor.

2. The subfloor and other construction fundamentals must be related to the function of the finished doors.

3. A maintenance method must be followed which will retain the advantages of the wood floor through a sound, simple, and economical plan. Such a program instituted at time of installation will result in great savings and convenience.

Wood is a product of nature. The trees growth is directly dependent upon the passage of great quantities of nutrient water through its constantly expanding cellular plant. Wood is, therefore, a naturally porous product. Since prolonged natural and kiln drying are necessary before it can be used, it be RUBBEH TILE IS A resilient and comfortable material that has fine sound-absorbing qualities. It can be kept clean by ordinary light-sweeping.

comes capable of absorbing and retaining even greater quantities of moisture and foreign materials.

SandingeA satisfactory sanding operation must perform three functions: (1) level abutting strips or sections; (2)

'level adjoining strips or sections; (3)

provide a smooth, level surface to which treatment may be applied. All sanding jobs should be free from scratches, stop marks, edger lines, and scraper pulls. Final sanding should be done with a floor machine equipped with a sanding disc utilizing a No. 1/0 or finer paper. Better results are obtained when a No. 2/0 is used for the final cut.

After sanding has been completed, the floors should receive two coats of sealer or floor preserver. Two coats of fioor wax should then be applied to assure a smooth, attractive and easily cleaned surface. For greater floor protection, many users put down a coat of spirit wax before applying the two coats of waterproof wax.

One of the foremost advantages of wood floors lies in the fact that neglected and deteriorated iioors can in many cases be restored to a pleasing appearance and renewed serviceability. This can be accomplished by one of the following methods, depending on the condition of the fioor.

1. By regular maintenance methods if the Hoor is in good condition and Well sealed.

2. By stripping the sealer and varnish if the floor is discolored by too many coats, but not in such a condition as to require sanding.

3. By sanding if the floor is in such condition that it requires a complete new surface to start the* reconditioning process.

Wood Hoors protected by floor finishes and covered with a protective film of waxes, will require only dust mopping or vacuuming, and an occasional polishing

or steel wooling to keep them clean and attractive under normal conditions. The periodic buffing with the floor machine and brush or steel wool disc will greatly reduce the frequency of wax applications.

Where special tramc conditions make it necessary, floors may be washed periodically with a diluted solution of safety cleaner, provided that the solution is promptly removed from the door surface after washing and rinsing. Rewaxing should be completed as required with care being taken to assure that the floor surface is clean before additional wax is applied. If traffic wears through the wax film and comes in direct contact with the sealed surface for a prolonged period of time, this area can be cleaned and resealed without showing patch or lap marks.

Use a minimum amount of water to maintain wood floors. Excessive water may enter wood through the ends and cause swelling or warping.

When floors are set in mastic, exercise extreme care in the use of sealers, spirit waxes, petroleum solvent cleaners and water.

Select a maintenance method which eliminates or minimizes the necessity for resanding.

Wood has advantages as a flooring material which can not be fully enjoyed until they have been aided by further treatment of the floor. After a wood floor has been properly installed, its life, appearance, and service are determined by the usereby the kind and extent of preparation and maintenance that are provided. No other type of floor so distinctly reflects lack of proper care, and no other type of floor responds so beautifully when that care is provided.


Linoleum is usually made from a mixture of solidified linseed oil with gums, combined with cork dust and/or wood

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 194