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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 198 (162)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 198
Page 198

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 198

ltls Easy To Floor-Clean Carpets

Proved To Be Highly Efficient and Economical, New Product Solves a Big Maintenance Problem

Probany no woven floor covering receives the severe day-by-day abuse to which theatre carpeting is subjected, and, unless it is cleaned properly and frequently, the carpeting that once lent bright color and beauty to the theatre soon becomes a dingy eyesore.

-# BRIEF: Tramped orer by hundreds of

pairs of dirty shoes each day . . . theatre carpeting soon becomes a detriment to the beauty of the house . . . rather than the asset it should be . . . if it is not properly maintained. A new semi-moist cleaning compound called iiGIamoreneli has proved to be a valuable aid to carpet care. Containing chemicals of both a solvent and detergent nature . . . it emulsifies carpet soils . . . and carries them out of the pile. The new product even. loosens insoluble sand and lgrit . . . making them easily removable . . . and is effectire in. removing chewing gum. Easily applied . . . and economical to use . . . flGlamorene,, offers a practical solution to the problem of periodic carpet maintenance.

Regardless of where the theatre is located, the floor coverings are certain to absorb a considerable amount of soil, part of which is carried onto the carpet by foot traffic and not removed by daily cleaning, and part being deposited by dust-laden air. This dust, natural gray in color, begins to collect the day the carpet is laid. When light colors are used where traffic is heavy, or where the air contains large quantities of greasy soot and dust from home furnaces and coal-burning industrial plants, the

cleaning problem is a serious one. The grease and tar content of dirt particles, often as high as 10 per cent, causes them to cling tenaciously to the pile fibers, and even the daily use of an electric cleaner will not remove all of them.

This grease-laden dust will cause some discoloration in light colored carpets. For example, a delicate rose carpet, as it becomes soiled, will gradually lose its rose tone and change to a neutral taupe shade. A light blue carpet may change to a dull gray-green. Such apparent loss of color often causes alarm as it is mistaken for permanent discoloration or fading. However, the original color and tone can be restored most effectively by dry, absorbent type cleaners. Cleaning materials of this type have an important advantage over duid cleaners: they do not leave a ring and therefore the contrast between the cleaned and uncleaned portions of the carpet is less noticeable.

The New Cleaner

A revolutionary new carpet cleaner of the absorbent type, trademarked thlamorene," has been tested in theatres with outstanding results. Manufactured by Jerclaydon, Inc., the product is not a liquid, foam, jelly, or power, but a semi-moist compound that is reddish in color and has the consistency of snow.

The cellulose fiber base of ttGlamoreneli is thoroughly impregnated with highly effective cleaning chemicals, both of a detergent and solvent nature. The fiber base acts merely as a carrier in a dual role. First, it carries the chemicals deep into the pile of the carpet, where they immediately attack and emulsify all of the carpet soils, and are squeezed from the fiber by means of a simple

and easy brushing action. Then the fiber becomes highly absorbent, again becoming a carrier in absorbing and carrying the emulsified soils out of and off the carpet. Even insolubles, such as sand and grit, are loosened and freed from the carpet pile, making them easily removable by vacuuming. After ftGlamorenell is brushed into the carpet and the cleaning action has taken place, vacuum removal is easy and complete, and no residue is left on the carpet. Any type vacuum cleaner may be used.

Test Results

Unlike orthodox cleaning methods, which often cause shrinkage, warping, rotting, and ugly streaks, and which too often do nothing more than soak the dirt from the top of the carpet pile deeper into the nap, "Glamorene" actually lifts soil right out of the carpet. And, unlike some shampoos and foams which leave a residue in the carpet and cause rapid resoiling of as high as 80 per cent, thlamorenell has the lowest rate of resoiling of any other type cleaner according to tests conducted by the York Research Corporation of Connecticut.

Complete results of tests run by the York organization on thlamorenels" resoiling rate, cleaning ability, coverage, drying time, cleaning technique, and flammability are as follows:

It was found that ftGlamorene" does not contribute to the resoiling of a carpet, and carpets treated with it have but a 30 per cent soil retention rate, as coin LEFT-l. Glamorene is first scattered by hand over area of carpet to be cleaned. 2. A deck scrub brush is used to brush it in. 3. A regular rotary machine with brush may also be used.

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 198