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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 207 (171)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 207
Page 207

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 207

to provide the maximum in comfort

and convenience.


The theatre seats available this year are a far cry from the chairs made 20 years ago. The smooth steel backs and seat bottoms enameled in bright modern colors with colorful durable upholstery fabrics for the backs and seat tops, are a complete change from the dark brown veneer backs and dark colors used in the twenties. New seating will effectively re-decorate the most important part of the theatre interior as far as the customer is concerned. This is so because the customer sits in the new seats, and the new colors surround him on all sides as a close visibility.

The new seats featured by all companies eliminate the old nuts, bolts and screws that were, and are such a maintenance headache.

Seat cushions are still cut up, but it is an easy matter to replace damaged c0\'ers as practically all cushions are easily removed from the steel bottom pan for recovering, and the covers can be obtained from the seating companies all sewn and ready to remount over the spring unit.

With Government restrictions relaxed, and with the new interest in motion pictures as the result of the better product and new technical advances, it is time that the theatre owners profit by modern merchandising lessons demonstrated in every business district, and every town. It is the merchant, chain or circuit that constantly renovates, refreshes, or builds new and better drug stores, gas stations, super-markets and theatres which will continue to make a profit. Those who take everything out of a business without keeping the phys ON THE LEFT IS A VIEW OF THE Castle. Bloomington, Ill., showing seating that is worn and which created a rather drab. gloomy atmosphere.



ical property up, are those who are fast closing up.

The seating companies are ready to provide free of charge engineering service, plus ideas on how to improve the. seating comfort and convenience. Naturally, they are also ready to deliver the best seating values ever available, for the theatre owner to capitalize on.


Advances made in theatre-chair design and construction in the past few years are even surpassing the expectations of the designers and manufacturers that are responsible for them.

In almost all seating companies topquality seating is reaching a perfection never before envisioned. The functional design of theatre seating has overcome nearly all of the inadequacies of prewar years. Structural faults and failures are a rarity. Modern materials have been utilized to the utmost, to bring comfort and convenience that present-day audiences demand.

Rigorous tests and experiments with woods, metals, upholstering and fabrics leave no doubt as to the suitability for the uSe intended. Miracle finishes are tougher and more durable than ever before. Springs have been devised especially for sustained comfort. Fabrics, using the latest and best synthetics, combined with traditional materials, provide for years more wear.

Paralleling these advances in designs and materials have been the great strides in manufacturing methods. Giant steel presses deep-draw specially-wrought steel, forming flat sheets into seat foundations and back panels in a few strokes of a labor-saving machine. Preparation of metals for better adherence of finishes, including caustic baths and

surface etching. The advent of the nelectro-static sprayn method of applying finishes, wherein the spray enamel is attached to the metal by static electricity, has vastly improved coverage of the entire metal surface. Infra-red lamps then automatically bake the tough enamels to a smooth, hard finish.

Innovations in upholstery methods and techniques have eliminated the use of tacks and other antiquated gadgets, and made the occasional replacement of upholstery damaged by vandalism a matter simple enough for the custodian to handle. Numerous mechanical devices maintain top quality, in terms of uniformity, comfort, and contour.

The development of the automatic, uniform -folding silent, three-quarter safety fold seat action, has provided convenience for thousands of theatre patrons, and has saved many hours of sweeping time.

Top quality modern seating gives an attractive, style-conscious first impression, with a wide range of chair styles, colors and choice of fabric designs and textures.

Americas taste for better living can, and must be reflected in the ifstepping out" feeling that starts at the marquee, and settles down with the customer, in solid comfort, to relax and enjoy the closest contact he has with the theatre -his seat. This is his lasting impression of the nations theatres. Make sure it is a good one!

It can not be stressed often enough! With more people returning to theatres, every theatreman should make a maximum effort to make his theatre so attractive that, coupled with the latest techniques, the renewed interest will not be allowed to fade. Seating plays a very important role in this job.

ON THE RIGHT IS THE SAME HOUSE after seating experts hnd put in modem seating, and eliminated one aisle for greater comfort and viewing.
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 207