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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 213 (177)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 213
Page 213

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 213

Stage "9 is Best


You can play a veritable symphony of light and color with Trumbull

Controlite, thanks to the advanced design of its controls. The lavish produc " , i 0 f tion of The Merchant of Venice at the 1952 opening of Jones Beach Marine

Stadium (below) demonstrated the beautiful eHects which can be achieved with Controlite lighting control.

Whatever type of dimmer control is desired - resistance, autotrans

former or electronic-and whatever the size requirement, Trumbull can engineer and custom-build exactly the right switchboard for the job, at lowest cost. Trumbulls years of experience assure complete satisfaction . . . and you can count on the availability of Trumbullis complete and expert

Desk type remote control console, of multi scene preset type, utilizing electronic control. engineering service fOI' years t0 COIDB. Remote location of pilot control console per- . . I I ' mits operator to view and check results, with Please write for full information, outlining your problem.

dimmer switchboard located out of the way.

Operator at the main console control panel has this battery of lighting equipment at his finger-tips; at left, preset switchboard; at right, master console. Detailed lighting needs for three completely different scenes can be Preset on switchboard at left.


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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 213