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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 218 (182)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 218
Page 218

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 218

let N0 VH Ty SCENIC STUD/03 solve your problems: i/ m ALL require the pig Use


Now that the audience is a participant in the show on your screen, old methods won't do. Greater light and multiple sound sources require new wall treatments to control reflection and reverberation. New types and siZes of screens demand changes in proscenium, drapes, masking, curtains, track and curtain controls.

VERSATILITY and FLEXIBILITY are of the greatest importance.

These are problems which NOVELTY SCENIC

STUDIOS have been solving for over 34 years. We solved them for CINERAMA! Let us solve YOUR problems. too! V.V i flirflllzrmm of! Elmira T/JBIIII'P, Elmira, N. Y. (Dipjnn Circuit) zr/a/r/J um JOIN/l He y I'm/m e e . including mill I'oIW'iIJgi, dz'd/wrler. .T/age cur/aim. and maralr, . ' . 7 s i , . b) NOVELTYSCEMC STUDIOS. A. O. BUDINA, dif/JI/ell, Awgbhnlmod Thea/I6, ' Inc., Richmond, Va. (34 l/Jea/I'e.r)e "We are happy to say that Novelty Scenic Studios has been doing work for Neighborhood Theatre, Inc., ever since the founding of this company some 20 years ago. Its services and materials have been highly satisfactory." ROBERT MURPHY, 20!}; Caz/[try Thea/re, Bzrjfaloe"We at 20th Century sincerely believe Novelty Scenic Studios is deserving of all the compliments bestowed upon the company. We are happy to say in the years that the company has been catering to Our needs that its work has been of the finestf' e The [HUN/151] [Irwrenlum 0/ [be Brmm'zmy Theatre, Neu York. N. Y.. .rlmu'mg CINERAMAIS fir}! I'm/alla/lun In The W'ur'ld. Rig.. " ging mater/211;, lll'd/NfVI-Pf, Inn-kl. am] mutmxr 1mm? .rk/lI/Irll) hand/ml H " 7 v I); NOVELTY SCENIC STUDIOS. A Partml LIsf of Organizations and People Served . . . NEIGHBORHOOD THEATRE CT. ASSOCIATE THEATRES FAMOUS PLAYERS CANADIAN CORP. 20th CENTURY THEATRE R'Chn'ondv Va- c'eVB'alld. Ohio Toronto. Canada ' Buffalo, N. Y. WLE'LLpNthK hEYlS CT. SCOVILLE, ESSIC a REIF. CT. MEWS BUFFALO THEATRES STRAND AND CATARACT THEATRES an I0 I31. . . Cgevelandv Ohio Buffalo. N. Y. I UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN RANDFORCE AMUSEMENT co NIauara Falls. N. Y. Madison. Wis. A- M: ELL'S. C'RCU'T New York. N. Y. ' PARK THEATRE FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT LIBRARY Ph'm'e'nh'a- Par BRANDT CIRCUIT Tamua. rIa. Hyde Park. N. Y. DIPSON THEATRES New York. N. Y. LOVAL on E CONVENTION HALL BuITan, N. Y. WEINSTOCK CIRCUIT D R W M0055 Atlantic City. N. J. BASIL THEATRES New York. N. Y. "hmmwm PaPlfnggfanzugl'mmum BuITan. N. Y. MgR'RIs MECHANIC THEATRES INTERBORO CIRCUIT . no a inmra. M . New York, N. Y. CIXEIAFanlEJIEJT'ang-JM ORMFcEa': I
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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 218