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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 27 (xxvii)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 27
Page 27

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 27

One of the features of the balcony construction is the shallow depth of supporting girders, with over-hanging cantilevers, due to the unusual iiatness of the balcony designs.

Another of the Tacnals unusual features is that it has no hanging or wall fixtures. The downlight type of fixtures, some 600 in number, are spotted in an over-all pattern in the main auditorium ceiling, mezzanine and second balcony sotfits, and foyer, lounge, and lobby ceilings. Lighting effects in the auditorium and orchestra spaces are soft and restful to the eyes.

Neon cove lighting is used above the wainscoting in the auditorium and at the mezzanine soffit. Exposed light sources have been completely avoided. Cove lighting and concealed pocket lights throw an even glow of light on all of the surfaces, with only a special accent of highlights on such important features as the main stair, displays, and featured architectural effects.

Schlangeris touch can be seen in the special type of corrugated texture of the auditorium walls and ceiling which makes it possible to keep the coloring comparatively light. With this treatment, disturbing light refiection from the walls when the screen light is projected, is avoided, yet the walls appear relatively light in tone during the picture show.

The front of the theatre was designed with a maximum of glass to achieve openess and the greatest degree of light. The marquee is an extension of the mezzanine fioor cantilevered over the sidewalk. The facia and the soiTit of the marquee are covered white and gold mosaics. Parallel lines of neon tubing were designed to give the ceiling of the marquee an over-all glittering effect. A planting box with all-year flowers and shrubs runs the length of the marquee.

Above the marquee a large window admits light to the mezzanine and second balcony lounges. The second balcony is held back from the window line, thus providing an open well appearance from the door of the mazzaine through the ceiling of the second balcony, A white satin drape with a sunburst pattern hangs in this well to be pulled across the large window areas when desired.

-A suspended light trough from the ceiling of the second balcony lounge is deSigned to throw an over-all intense 810w upon a reflective ceiling surface which is visible from the outside.

The ceilings of the inner and outer foyer are of the same color pattern mosaic as that of the marquee. The fioor is coral terrazzo with white metal divid111g strips. Walls are of a black marva With a rich pattern of color veining. The display frames for advertising are attractively designed as shadow boxes, and are a part of the architecture of the walls.

. Tempered glass doors lead to the ""191: foyer and theatre proper. Opposite the inner foyer is a concession counter 1n red mosaic. The lounges, ladies' FOO-mS, managersy reception room, main stairs to the mezzanine, and all aisles are carpeted. The carpet design is of an lletl'tht pattern of colors of green, gNY, black and white, From the first floor lounge a free standing curved stair 191148 to the mezzanine through an open Stair Well. Structural and decorative


columns in the lounge are covered with gold and red mosaic.

The wall extending through the open stair well is covered with a metallic wall covering of bright orange. The wall opposite the auditorium is in vertical strips of white oak wood in a matte finish. The ceiling is a deep grey. The sourco of light is from an open cove in the stair well, and through hat-lights recessed in the ceiling.

The front stairway leading to the second balcony is free standing and enclosed with thempered glass visible from the street, Attractive planting areas inside this glass enclosure, and underneath this stair gives a feeling of openness.

The ceiling of the mezzanines and second balcoin overhang are painted a soft coral red to match the color of the seats. The corrugated plaster of auditorium ceiling is painted in a soft sea green. The contour curtain is Chartreuse satin with a sunburst pattern.

A more detailed description of the Tacna may be found in the 1947-48 edition of THEATRE CATALOG.

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 27