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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 292 (256)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 292
Page 292

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 292



ned on the basis o

Screen sizes are not determi prevailing or desired screen size as determine

selected on the basis of the

the world's largest manutacturer of proiection arc lamps, has designed a tull ran e

That's why Strong, II the light requirements for

a line which includes lamps to exactly and most economically ti

of lamps,

screens of all sizes. As the only lamps produced complete within one factory, Strong lamps can be eered to obtain the highest etTiciencies ever attained. That's why theatres buy more Strong-made of getting the brightest pictures at the lowest

engin lamps than any other make. They are your guarantee ONE right lamp for every theatre. You tell us the size of your screen,

cost. Remember, there's tell you the lamp you should use.

90,000-8 (ii-ll) PROJECTION ARC LAMP

Strong-made Lamps Are the Only Lamps That Have Been Designed to Meet All of the Requirements I of All 3-D Proiection Systems.


75 to I30 Ampere Reflector-Type


for screen widths more than 24 feet.

*Accommodate a 20-inch trim of carbons which will burn continuously for the full hour as required by the new 5,000foot reels, at 78 amperes (using 9mm positive and 3%"

negative) or at 95 amperes (using 10mm positive and


*Proiect the tremendously increased volume of light required because of the increased screen size, the 50% light loss at the screen resulting from the use of polaroid tillers,

and the further loss to the viewer occasioned by the use

Delivers the most light that can be pro'e t d to any screen, REGARDLESS OF HOW MARI; :ndlAT FAR lESS COST than other types oi ig amps! No other lamp can outperform 't Exclusive lightronic automatic-focus control.

Forced-air-cooled fe ed mech ' ' arc stabilization. um"... All-"ream

of polaroid spectacles.

*Automatically, without manual odiustment, maintain a screen light that in intensity and color value is constant

and identical to that of the associated lamp which is burnf the positive arc crater

ocal point of the

ing simultaneously. The position o is automatically maintained at the exact f reflector by means of the exclusive Lightronic crater-posi tioning system. The positive and negative carbons are adthe speeds of which are

fBe sure that the lamps you buy maintain ull light output regardless of the length of

"'9 positive curl, on, that the p. fully automatic, y ave me new'

arc-crater positionin f

9 eature, that hand feeding is not necessary to maintain full screen brightness, and that the advertised lumen output has been measured

by. the methods approved by the Screen Brightness Committee of SMPTE.

vanced by separate motors, governed by the Bi-metal lightronic Tube.

The optical system comprises an elliptical reflector 10/2" in diameter with a resultant speed of ".9 to match the

currently available high-speed ".9 proiection lens

WMdanSTRONG somew/

W/rite toda i y for literature or f ree demonstration of i any STRONG prod uct


45-70 Ampere High Intensity tor screen widths up to 24 feet


46 Ampere High Intensity to! screen widths up to 20 teal.


One-Kilowatl to Ampar High Intensity

tor scrun widths up to 18 mt.



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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 292