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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 305 (269)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 305
Page 305

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 305





I R.::':;*'."::.3.. 1 Maximum Mirimc'zzzifi'h L31!) TY"? "f C"""'" No. 3 Si" 1 Arc Current Volts legjfs'gjfngfs " a: Center I g ; Ampere: .'3% Screen Reflectivity V m I High Intensity Positive L 0115 13.6 nun x 22 in. l 160 77 j 10,250 39.0 Condemtr iiOrotip" Cored Negative . L 1139 x 9 in. i iiHitex'a Super High Intensity I I i Type Positive L 0175 I 13.6 mm x 22 in. 130 1 71- 12.400 43.2 Heavy Duty COrotip" Negative L 1142 1/; x 9 in. 3 i : ii5uprex" Cored Positive lNerT L 0521T 7" mm x 12 in? 50 < 1-0 j 5.850 29.6 asupmx" Cored Positive (NewIT I L 0525? 7 111111 x 14 in? 5 Simplified iiOrotip" C Negative L 0563 6 mm x 9 in. High iiSuprex" Cored Positive L 0509 8 mm x 12 in. 1 70 40 7.000 31.6 iiSuprexl' Cored Positive L 0512 8 mm x 14 in. j Intensity ii0rotip1i C Negative L 0566 7 mm x 9 in. 6iSuprt*x1, Cored Positive L 0515 9 mm x 14 in. I 75 i 45 7.500 32.2 iiOrotipli C Negative L 0569 8 mm x 9 in. 1 iiOne iiSupreiW Cored PositiveI L 0503.? 7' mm x 12 in.i 1 40 27.5 j 3.250 21.9 KilowalW iiSuprexli Cored Positivei L 05061 7 mm x 14 in.i I I).C. Arc iTirotipw C Negative L 0563 6 mm x 9 in. I

(All data based on use of F/2.0 treated projection lensesl. iFor use with fixed ratio TOne Kilowatt" lamps only. *For other than fixed ratio lamps.

The history of screen lighting, in which National Carbon Company has played a major role since the very beginning. records a continuous How of improvements to obtain more and better light. Even today, with light levels which were considered unbelievable not long ago, progress has not stopped. Year after year the table above has been revised to include new carbons or improved carbons with one objectiveia better and brighter light

at the lowest possible cost.

Today every theatre in the country, large or small, can have snow-white projection light of sufficient intensity to prmide a clear cut image on the screen, and a safe and comfortable level of general illumination in the audi torium. Each of the arcs listed above supplies light of

the proper intensity to permit this level of illumination in the size theatre for which it was designed. Patrons want comfort in the theatre just as they want it in their


The extensive use of color movies now makes these high intensity arcs a iimustii in every theatre. They permit true and realistic reproduction of the carefully planned color combinations of the modern color feature. The dull and distorted reproductions of the old style low intensity lamps are now as outmoded as the horse and

buggyeand are just about as popular.

Check today to see if your projection light is sumlciently bright to reflect in your boxotfice.

The terms "National", iiSuprex", uHitex" and iiOrolip" are trade-marks of Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation.


A Division of Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation


10 [dull/air INA/III!) re the allot-r. [Ileana mrnllen :lvu Ia/nmr and page number.

30 East 42nd Street. New York 17. N. Y.

DISTRICT SALES OFFICES Aflonfo-Chicaqw-Dallas-Kansas City-New York Pittsburgh-San Francisco

In Canada: National Carbon Limihd Montreal. Toronto. Winnipeg
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 305