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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 311 (275)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 311
Page 311

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 311

leaves no splintered or ragged surface, but rather a rounded, lightly polished, considerably harder face, it is said. The panels have a natural Redwood tone and lend themselves to a wide choice of finishes. Finishes will respond in a better than usual way with Shadowood due to the fact that some of the soft grain is left on the face. This allows the panels to display more color and variance of tone when stains or Enameloids are

applied. Aui'omafic Hand Dryer

Development of a new automatic hand dryer that combines round-the-clock deodorizing with new drying ediciency, was announced by the American Drytr Distributing Corporation. The new American Dryer employes a specially developed General Electric ozonating

system which is said to destroy all objectionable odors in washrooms. The ozonaire system works constantly converting oxygen into odor-destroying ozone.

Housed in a streamlined white porcelain and chrome cabinet, the American Dryer is modern in appearance. A press of the starter button produces a gentle, effective stream of warm air from the nozzle, and is said to dry hands completely in 18 seconds. An accurate timing device turns off the motor and heating elements at the end of a ISO-second cycle. The nozzle, which revolves on a 360 degree cycle, may also be turned for face, and body drying,

Dual Purpose Stall Lock

Electric-Aire Engineering Corporation is currently marketing Cee-Loc, a dual


purpose combination, self-cleaning cigarette shelf and toilet stall door lock.

As a cigarette shelf, Cee-Loc provides a clean place to lay a cigarette, and a disposal unit that automatically disposes of ashes and butts. The cigarette shelf is automatically brought into position for use when the stall door is locked, the company claims. The door is une locked by lifting the cigarette shelf, and at the same time the ashes are dumped into a fully concealed self-contained receptacle, which is removed for emptying through use of a special key supplied by the manufacturer.

As a lock it insures privacy and also provides a safe place to hang a purse or handbag with no possibility of being forgotten, as stall door cannot be unlocked without removing the bag and closing the shelf.

Germ-Killing Toile'l' Seai'

Sanitaryseat, manufactured by Sanitaryseat Corporation, is a toilet seat which is said to be made germ-free by the ultra-violet rays supplied by a Sterilamp. The all-metal cabinet has a white, baked enamel rust-resisting finish, and the molded seat is of durable construction. When the normally ttup seat" is lowered, shutting off the lamp, it remains in lower position for a few seconds

before The Sterilamp is securely socketed in a vertical position and hidden from View by the central panel of the cabinet. It is so placed that it discourages tampering, it is claimed. The ozone generated by the lamp is said to oxidize the rest room odors.

According to the company, the unit comes completely assembled and bolts on to any standard hopper, as does an ordinary toilet seat, and will eliminate the need for deodorants and the practice of covering seat with paper.

returning to the cabinet.

Fire Equipmenl- Cabinef

A complete fire protection package for theatres in a wall cabinet with satinfinish extruded aluminum door and trim is available from the Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Company,

An interesting feature. of the new hose cabinet door and trim is that it may be installed after plastering so that the architecturally well-designed trim

da magc

and door are kept free from during construction.

The typical hose cabinet door, factory glazed with high quality glass, rubber cushioned channels, is said to put on view the entire contents of the cabinet, including a one and a half inch angle valve with '75 feet of unlined hose mounted on a one-piece rack, and equipped with an approved fog nozzle, plus a two and a half inch valve to be used by local fire fighters, a two and half gallon 500a pound tested brass drawn shell fire extinguisher, firemanis axe and spanner wrench.

Cabinets may also be made to hold hand extinguisher only. Standard sizes come in five widths and three lengths. The doors may be removed easily for installation of hose rack and hose.


Magnetic Recording Console

Ampex Electric Corporation recently made available a new type console for audio magnetic recording. Designed especially for the medium price market, the console has all push-button control, a built-in microphone pre-amplifier, and a newly styled cabinet which gives full interior accessibility.

Exclusive Ampex 15,000 cps response at the seven-and-a-half inch speed has been incorporated, as well as such other features as wide dynamic range, negligible speed variation, and low noise level, it is claimed.

Two models are presently available; Model 402 has half-track heads and

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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 311