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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 313 (277)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 313
Page 313

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 313

accessible by simply lifting the top plate. The machine is activated entirely by the use of cams and levers rather than by gears. The top plate and counter Hange are finished in satin chrome to eliminate glare and eye-strain.

Circuit Breaker

Mini-Breaker is the name of a new permanent type circuit protective device made by Mechanical Products, Inc. The device is designed to replace the conventional fuse, and it is claimed to be the only one of its kind to meet all the essential design, safety, and performr ance requirements established by Underwritersi Laboratories, Inc.

The device fits like a fuse in any standard Edison base fuseholder delivering up to 125 volt ac.c. service, and requires no additional equipment and no special wiring when applied to branch or main circuits of corresponding 15, 20, or 30 ampere ratings, it is said.

Mini-Breakers can be installed in a matter of seconds, and anyone can restore electrical service simply by presse ing in and releasing its shock-proof reset button. In operation, the new device safely interrupts excessive overloads on "shorts" but with a built-in time lag to handle temporary starting loads and line surges. It is claimed that although service can normally be restored within 10 seconds after an interruption by releasing the reset button, it will not maintain a circuit that has not been cleared of the condition that caused the interruption.

Cashier Rcvicc

Designed to make the cashierls work easier, faster, and more accurate, Chashand is a new metal device for handling paper money, and is made by the Cashand Company. Said to fit the bill compartments of all cash registers, cashier draws, and cash boxes now in use, the device is easily installed in a few sccOnds, and features a spring construction which keeps the bills aligned and evenly stacked. An automatic, self-adjusting riscr plate kecps one bill or a capacity load level with the top of the compartment for instant withdrawal. Special rubber flare buttons at the front fan


out the edges of the bills, and keep them separated to eliminate any possibility of picking up more than one bill at a time. The flare feature prevents new bills from sticking together, it is claimed, and makes them as easy to handle as used currency. One bill or a stack can be inserted in device instantly by a slight downward pressure of the fingertips.

Fire Alarm Station

A fire alarm station that sets off a signal manually or automatically when the temperature reaches approximater 165 degrees F., is now being marketed by the Faith Company.

Attractively framed in a wall panel made of plastic, the station is always ready for operation. To set off the signal manually, a small hammer attached by a chain is used to strike a small round glass panel. Shattering the glass releases a spring, automatically making electrical contact and sounding the alarm. If the temperature reaches approximately 165 degrees a drop of soft solder meltsy releasing the alarm.

The station can be tested by simply loosening two screws, above and below the glass disk, setting off the alarm automatically. The station is available with the plastic wall panel molded in colors to harmonize with the decoration.

Coin Changer

Metal Products Engineering, Inc., recently announced the availability of their new MP Jr Coin Changer. Said to weigh only nine pounds, the coin changer features a new inner storage box for currency that fits out of sight under the top tray. The removable top tray with recessed handles lifts easily even when

fully loaded with coins, and adequate utility space is provided in the tray for additional change, stamp pads, etc., and contains a slot for 10 silver dollars. According to the manufacturer, each touch of the thumb ejects a single coin into the palm, and the machine handles worn coins as easily as new ones without sticking or jamming. The body and component parts are constructed of nonbreakable heavy guage aluminum. High grade steel parts are Cadmium plate for rust-proof protection, and heavy duty piano wire coil springs assure continuous trouble-free operation. The coin changer is finished in durable hammer-tone gray.


Prefabricated Building Panels

New prefabricated, prefinished panels are now being sold by Marsh Wall Products, Inc. These panels are said to combine quick installationr economy, permanence, and low maintenance costs.

This new hollow core paneller may be used in the construction of (3')n(w"-tsioii stands, storage areas, etc. The rigid panels are selfatlfgning and require no backing other than ,ioists, studs, or furring strips on masonry or partition walls, thus saving in labor costs, time. and material, according to the manufacturer.

Hm. v r '

./ 4d

These panels can be installed without the use of backing materials, adhesives, clipsy division mouldings and bracing. A tongue and groove system with special joints provides easy accurate fitting and a finished appearance without the use of mouldings.

Available in two sizes, 24 inches by 48 inches, and 24 inches by 96 inches, the panels are manufactured in cream and white, and in wood patterns.

Durable and permanent, it is an ideal paneling for walls in areas which are subjected to hard daily wear.

Emergency Power Plant

A new ultra-modern and electric generating plant, engineered primarily for emergency stand-by service, was recently announced by the Universal Motor Com. pany. This new model has a 10 KW capacity suiting it for a wide range of applicationsy such as use as an emergency power plant for thcatres. It is available with electric starting, or can be supplied with controls which automatically start the plant the instant regular power fails.

An important feature of this moch is its four cyclinder air-cooled gasoline engine.
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 313