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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 314 (278)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 314
Page 314

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 314

Theatre Supply Dealers oi the United States

Comprehensive Listing of Names, Addresses, Personnel, Products, and the Areas Served


*BRADY MOVIE SERVICE. 308 N. 26th St., Birmingham. Telephone: 54-1362. PERSONNELeLarry G. Brady, R. E. Lee.

THE QUEEN FEATURE SERVICE, INC, 19121/2 Morris Ave., Birmingham 3. Telephone: 3-8665. PERSONNELA Manager: Miss Vivian Harwell. Salesman: William H. McKenzie. AREA SERVED*Alahama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Northern Florida.







A WORLD-WIDE R .. UTATION tor To Quality and Dependability.

Comnlete line of Supplies and Concession Sunnlies


*GIRARD THEATRE SUPPLY (10., 320 \V. Washington St., PIIOenix. Telephones: 4-2087 (Emergency Night) 2-9572 - 5-2711. PERSONNEL ePresident: \Veldon Girard. Treasurer: Thelma R. Girard. Office Mgr.: \Villiam Ferrell. Marie King, T. C. James. AREA SERVED e- Arizona, New Mexico.

Colorado. Utah.

ARIZONA FILM SUPPLY (10., 33 \V. Congress 5L. P.O. Box 5447, Tucson. Telephone: 26272. PERSONNEL-eNick DIHIIIOS. George N. Diamos. George I). Diamos.

AR EA SERVEI )*Arizona.


ARKANSAS THEATRE SUPPLY (30.. 1008 Main St.. Little, Rock. 'Iielcphoncs: 22632e7 (Emergency Nightl 202067. PERSONNEL-e ()icner: II. E, i'Sccd" \Viortsmitll. AREA SERVEDH \rkansas. Tennessee, Mississippi. Missouri.


MIDSTATE TI'IEA'IVRE SUPPLY. 1906 Thomas. Fresno. Telephone: 3-2133. PERSONNEL- --()1cner and Manager: Paul \Vallace. AREA SERVEDHCentraI California.

J. M. BOYD (30., 2032 3. Vermont Ave... Los Angeles 7. Telephone: REpuhIic 2-00-16. AREA SERVEDeSonthern California.

*JOHN P. FILBERT CO., INC., 2007 S. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles 7. Telephones: PArkway 1196-97-98. PERSONNELeConsultant: John P. Filbert. President: J. Edward Miller. Secretary-Treasurer: John P. Filbert, Jr. Salesmen: Don M. McLaren, James E. Doolittle. Shipping Dept; Robert Peterson. Bookkeeper: Ida K. Marshall. Stenograplier: Frances W. Flowers.


1678 W. 17th Place, Los Angeles 6. Telephone: PArkway 2894. PERSONNEL#

Owners: James B. Dabney and James B. Dalmey. Jr. AREA SERVEDeWestern and Coast states.

NATIONAL THEATRE SUPPLY, 1961 S. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles 7. PERSONNEL -Manager: Bundy Smith. Assistant Manager: Jack HeSsick. Salesmen: Al Schuyler, S. V. Aspaas. AREA SERVED-Southern

California, Arizona, Nevada.

PEMBREX THEATRE SUPPLY CORP.. 1969 S. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles 7. Used Equipment Division, 1975 S. Vermont Ave. Telephones: REpublic 1-3111e-(Emergency Night) DUnkirk 8-6764, TOpaz 2-3412. PERSONNELePresident and General Manager: Louis M. Wutke. Assistant Manager: .I. E. Magnire. AREA SERVEDeSouthern Cali fornia and Arizona.

B. F. SHEARER COMPANY, 1964 S. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles 7. Telephones: REpanic 3-1145e(Night) BRighIon 04901, AXminster 1-3576, PERSONNEL-Manager: Barclay W. Ardell. Salesman: Ed Budd, L. F. Abbott, Don Grieve. Engineer: Henry Grussing. Counter Man: Stanley H. Lay. AREA SERVEDhSouthern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Nevada.

*NATIONAL THEATRE SUPPLY, 25$ (iolden Gate Ave., San Francisco 2. Telephone: VIArket 1-4171. PERSONNELW Manager: Heaton RmIdalI.ARE.'-\ SERVED-e Northern California. Nevada, Southern Oregon.

WALTER C. PREDDEY, 187 Golden Gate Ave.. San Francisco 2. Telephones: UNderhill 1-7571-2 (Emergency Night) IlAyview 1-5749. PERSONNEL#0wner: Walter (L. Prcddcy. General Manager: Robert O. Remis. Salesman: II. C. (lraywood. Kenneth Sturgis. R. L. Mann. AREA SERVED California, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, Hawaii,


R. F. SIIEARER COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA, 243 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco 2. TtiICHIIOIIPZ UNdcrhiII 1-1816. PERSONNELiManager: II. I. Teglmeicr. Salesmen: \Vesley Rosenthal. L. R. Abbott, T. L. Shearer, Jr., E. R. Bechtel. AREA SERVED veNorlhern California. Nevada, Southern Oregon. Hawaii.

'l v null/any imp/u} tr (Zn a/mm, Meme mm/iml #1: Minnie and page Hum/Hr.

R. SKINNER Mm. co. 292 Turk 5L San Francisco.

*WESTERN THEATRICAL EQUIPMENT CO, 337 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco 2. Telephone: Hemlock 1-8302. PERSONNELPresident and General Manager: James R. Barry. Salesmen: Davis Petersen, J. E.

Doolittle. AREA SERVED e CaliforniaI Nevada. COLORADO

*CRAHAM BROTHERS. 546 Lincoln St., Denver 9. Telephone: TAbor 5-1-67. PERSONNEL e Owners: J. M. and H. W. Graham. AREA SERVEDeeColorado, New

Mexico, Wyoming, Nebraska.

NATIONAL THEATRE SUPPLY, 2111 Champa St., Denver 2. Telephones: TAbor 0201e(En1ergency Night) Race 0392. PERSONNELeManager: Joe B. Stone. Assistant

Manager: Dick Lutz. Salesmen: Bob Tankersley, Morton Dyksterhuis. AREA SERVED wColorado, New Mexico, \Vyoming, Western Nebraska, Eastern Montana, and Black Hills of South Dakota.

SERVICE THEATRE SUPPLY CO., 2054 Broadway, Denver 2. Telephones: ALpine 1597* (Emergency Night) AL. 1597. PERSONNEL-President: Ted Knox. Secretary and Treasurer: Elsie Knox. AREA SERVED

elk-river Film Territory.

\VESTERN SERVICE & SUPPLY INC... 2120 Broadway, Denver 2. Telephones: KEystone 80-11, KEystone 5729 # (Emergency Night! BE 3-1510. PERSONNEL-#President: H. M. McLaren. Sales: S. R. Langwith. Jean Gerbase, Jack M. McLaren. Fred Anderson. AREA SERVED A Colorado, \Vyoming, \Vcstern Nebraska. Wrestern S. Dakota, New Mexico.


NATIONAL THEATRE SUPPLY. 122 Meadow St., New Haven 10. Telephones: STate. 7438297 (Emergency Nighti WEst 3-2026. PERSONNEL 7 Manager: R. J. Mauro. Assistant Manager: David R. \Vlarncr. Secretary: Miss Pranccs Hogan. AREA SERVED

vi( lonnecticut.


ELMER II. IIRIENT 81 SONS. IN(I.. 925 New Jersey A\'c., NAM. Washington. (See rlisplay listing on opposite page.)

BEN LUST THEATRE SUPPLY (10., 1001 New Jersey Avc., N.W., Washington 1. Telephones: ,NAtional 8-5376 * (Emergency Night) DEcatur 2-5738. PERSONNELee Owner and Manager: Ben Lust. Salesman: (I. P. Leland. Secretary: Mrs. Harold Nixon. Scri'ice Engineer: IIcrIn-rt Rarhcric. AREA SERVED-We District of Columbia, Maryland. \\e>t Virginia, Virginia.

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 314