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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 322 (286)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 322
Page 322

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 322


CHARLESTON THEATRE SUPPLY CO., 506 Lee St., Charleston 21 Telephones: 34-413HlEmergency Night) 21-045. PERSONNEL-Owner and Manager: N E. Merhie. Salesman: Albert E. Merhie. AREA

*LITTLE MACHINE CO., INC, 1114 Central Ave, Charleston 2.

LOVETT 8: CO., 333 Pike St., Clarkshurg. Telephones: Clarkshurg 2-2611#(Emergency Night) 4-5931. PERSONNELeCeneral Manager: D. E. Lovell. Sales Representative: Cray Barker. 0199112 Manager: Virginia Howell. Service Dept.: Harry Carper. Mascot: iiMaisiePi AREA SERVED-West Vir ginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania.

VETERANS ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION & SERVICE, INC., Randolph Ave. at 3rd St.. Elkins. Telephones: 832gtEmergeney Night) 1543M: PERSONNEL-Man ager, Theatre Equip. Sales: Paul J. Zofsak. AREA SERVEDeVVest Virginia.

*THEATRE SERVICE 81 SUPPLY CO., 1019 Tenllt St., Huntington.


VIC MANHARDT CO., INC., 1703 W. Clyhourn St., Milwaukee 3. Telephones: DIvision 2-8344-45eiEmergency Night) Bluentond 8-4935, Hllltop 5-0415. PERSONNEL #[Wesidenu Victor R, Manhardt. Salesmen: Richard V. Manhardt, Elmer J. Engel. AREA SERVED-Milwaukee Film Territory, North ern Wisconsin, Upper Michigan.

NATIONAL THEATRE SUPPLY, 1027 N. 8th St., Milwaukee 3. Telephones: BRoadway 1-7333gtEmergem-y Night) Hilltop 4-1223, Division 2-8184, Spring 4-64-05. PERSONNELeManager: A. .I. Larsen. 0mm;

Manager: M. Attacker. Serviceman: F. J. Wagner. AREA SERVED-Milwaukee Exchange Territory, Upper Michigan.

THE RAY SMITH COMPANY, 710 W. State St., Milwaukee 3. Telephones: BRoadway 1-21007iEmergency Night) FRanklin 4-3744. BRoadway 6-0579. PERSONNELOwner: Ray A. Smith. Office Manager: Jerome P. Kurz. Service Man: Alex Zsebe. AREA SERVED eWisconsin, Northern


THEATRE EQUIPMENT 81 SUPPLY CO., 1009 N. 7th St., Milwaukee 3. Telephones: BRoadway 6-0123#( Emergency Night) EDgewood 2-4686. PERSONNELeManager: H. R. Vogel. AREA SERVED-Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

STAR THEATRE SUPPLY CO., 36 N. Caseade St., Osceola. PERSONNEL-AMaItager: Emil A. Nelson.

Supply Dealers of the Dominion of Canada

Comprehensive Listing of Names, Addresses, Personnel, Products, and the Areas Served


DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 712 81h Ave., W., Calgary. Telephone: 29947. PERSONNEL - Manager: W. F. Graham. Theatre Equip. Sales and Service: R. E. Cordon. Sound Systems Equip. Sales: R. K. Peck. Acoustical Sales: R. L. Gale. AREA SERVEDAAlherta.

SHARPTS THEATRE SUPPLIES, LTD., Film Exchange Bldg, Calgary. Telephones: 24076, 27266 e (Emergency Night) 30757, 83246. PERSONNEL. - Manager: W. C. Sharp, Service Engineer: A. E. Sick. Salesman: I), N. Rhodes. AREA SERVED # Alberta. Saskatchewan, Eastern British Columbia.

M. L. ADAMSON, 9921-113th St., Edmon ton.

DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS, LTD.. 10705 - 106th St., Edmonton. Telephone: 42511. PERSONNEL-Acouslical Sales: A. T. Linden. Theatre Equip. Sales and Service: R. I5. Downing. AREA SERVED-Alberta

and Eastern British Columbia.

.I. M. RICE & CO., LTD., 10911-11601 St., Edmonton. I)ERS()NNELiManager: Edwin Ilaugen. AREA SERVEI)%AIIwrta and

Western Sa>katehewan.

i'i I.I>III1;1 not confirmed liy Supply Dealer

Ashcroft Arc Lamps

Strong Aro Lamps and Rectifiers



DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 820 Cambie St., Vancouver. Telephones: Ma. 2181-82e(Emergency Night) Pa. 4231. PERSONNEL-District Manager: L. C. Sigurdson. Engineer: R. H. Williams. Salesman: R. C. Benton. AREA SERVEDA

British Columbia, Vancouver Island.

DOMINION THEATRE EQUIPMENT CO., Ltd., 847 Davie St., Vancouver. Telephones: Ma. 6634 (Emergency Night) Cherry 1298. PERSONNEL-*President: D. V. K. Fairleigh. Sales Manager: C. M. Rae. Counter Man: C. A. Simmons. AREA SERVED-VAR

of Canada.

*GENERAL THEATRE SUPPLY CO., LTD., 914-16 Davie Street, Vancouver. Telephones: MArine 7933, MArine 5449. PERSONNELBranch Manager: W. iiBiIFI Forward. Service Engineer: W. Moorhouse. Counter: D. Graham, W. McLean. AREA SERVED A British Columhia, Yukon Territory.

H. I. HOWARD THEATRE EQIUP. & SUPPLY CO., 906 Davie St., Vancouver.

LA SALLE RECREATIONS, LTD. (Theatre Chair, Carpet 81 Linoleum Div.), 943 (iranville St., Vancouver. Telephones: MA 3031, MA 5428--(Emergeney Night) CE. 3020. I'ERSIINNEI.7I'resi(ic-nt and Manag Northem Electric ml/oice 0/ the ghealre"



ing Director: S. A. Leelttzier, Vice-President: M. R. Lechtzicr. AREA SERVED-Entire

Dominion of Canada.

PERKINS ELECTRIC CO., LTD., 839 Davie St., Vancouver 1. Telephone: Tatlow 7633i. PERSONNEL e Branch Manager: S. G.


THEATRE EQUIPMENT SUPPLY CO., 906 Davie St., Vancouver. Telephones: MArine

7033*(Emergeney Night) KE 3427B. PERSONNEL$wnen H. I. Howard. Sales and Service: Boh Hohn. Counter Man: E. R. Peteh. AREA SERVEDeBritish Columbia, Alberta, Yukon.


DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD.. 218-222 Fort St., Winnipeg. Telephone: 923529. PERSONNEL-District Manager: R. R. Huston. Sales and Service: E. .I. lilaney, \V. M. Tulloelt. Acoustical Sales: C. R. Steffens. AREA SERVEDw\Vestern Ontario, Mani toba. Saskatchewan.

GENERAL THEATRE SUPPLY CO., LTD., 271 Edmonton St., Winnipeg. Telephone: 92-5795. PERSONNEL A Branch Manager: Charles Mayliec. Sound Engineers: H. 1}. Crimes, V. Lawrit'k. Allwrla lieu: R. Townsend. AREA SERVEI)rvTVIaniloha, Sas katchewan, Allwrta. Northern Ontario.

Century Projectors

Imperial and Motiograph Generators

Auditorium Chairs E THEATRE SUPPLIES

7 a Mill/th iii/I111!) ll 11w u/mn, ll/l'rlll' mull/'0)! l/u' roll/rm (II/ll part Mam/nu.

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 322