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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 337 (301)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 337
Page 337

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 337

Whatever your lighting problem . . . therels a G-E lamp to solve it!

NEW FLUORESCENT LAMP FIRST TO FLATTER COLORS AND COMPLEXIONS G-E De Luxe fluorescent lamps make interior furnishings and patrons, complexions look better than ever before possible under fluorescent lighting. De Luxe Warm White lamps create an intimate atmosphere like filament lighting, are recommended for foyer, lounge and auditorium. De Luxe Cool White lamps produce a daylight effect, can be used for lobby and marquee lighting. De Luxe lamps are perfect for lighting posters and candy counters, too.

LATEST G-E LAMP DEVELOPMENT is colored ISO-watt R-40 spot lamps in blue-white, pink, red, yellow, green and blue. A glass-like, color-stable coating is fired on the outside of the bulb. The blue-white and pink colors add dramatic appeal to display and down-lighting. The others create distinctive effects with maximum lighting efficiency for curtains, color coves and lobby and foyer decoration. Use these new lamps separately or combine with regular lamps for subtle results.




NEw DECORATIVE EFFECTS are possible with G-E Circline lamps, now in 8", 12" and 16" sizes. They combine advantages of fluorescent light with a distinctive shape that adds interest to lobby, foyer and auditorium lighting.


DESTROYS ODORS! Herels a little lamp that does a big job. Its the General Electric Ozone lamp, now used by many theaters. This lamp bulb gets rid of unpleasant odors electronically. Use it in special fixtures in your public rooms and lounges.

ACCURATELY CONTROLLED LIGHTING When you need lamps that put light right where you want it, try General Electric PAR and REFLECTOR lamps. The PAR-38 lamp (top) is just right for spotlighting poster panels, down lighting candy counters, and similar applications. The 300-watt PAR-56 spot or flood (middle) is recommended for high intensity building or display lighting. For outdoor floodlighting, such as in parking areas, specify G-E SOD-watt R-40 lamps (bottom). Also available in 150 and 300-watt sizes.

G-E LAMPS for theatre lighting range from lO-watt sign lamps in enameled colors to ISOO-watt inside frosted lamps. Every General Electric lamp bulb and fluorescent tube is made to the highest standards of quality. They assure long life and dependable performance.


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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 337