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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 362 (324)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 362
Page 362

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 362

There is no danger if you walk quietly to the nearest exit." He should then point out the exits. Ushers should see that all exit doors are opened. Again, WALK, do not run. If anyone should fall down, either get them to their feet or out of the way as rapidly as possible. Ushers should stand on seats near the exit door and direct patrons in a calm voice.

The doorman, of course, is responsible for the front doors and he should open them immediately. Ushers are to take care of other exits.

An interesting sidelight to this is that the Production Code, under which nearly all Hollywood movies are made, forbids the use of any scene where anyone shouts thire."

AccidentseAny accident, such as a person falling, should be reported to the manager or his assistant immediately. Give all possible assistance to the patron and listen carefully for the very first thing the accident victim says, because this is likely to be the truth. A lady can hardly win a false suit for damages for having tripped over what she says was a hole in the carpet if you remember that she said at the time, ffI should have had that heel fixed before nowfl

However, getting this information is secondary, although important. Your first duty is to help the patron with whatever service you may give. Never comment about the insurance company taking care of the patron, or make any reference at all about insurance. Withhold any personal opinion you have regarding the accident until you can speak privately with the manager. The name and address of the person having the accident should be obtained, as well as that of witnesses.

If a person seems to require first aid, notify the manager. He will arrange for the services of a doctor if the patrons condition is such that it is necessary. In cases of fainting, have the patron lie down with the head slightly lower than his body and provide smelling salts. If the person who has fainted is with someone let him or her administer the smelling salts. Never give a person anything internally. If requested to do so by an accompanying person, let the person requesting it give it to the ailing person. Do not express your opinion of an injured persons condition except to the manager. A calm, cool manner while providing first aid does much to keep excitement in check.

DrunkennessaAn intoxicated person should be handled very carefully. There are three main types: the noisy, the sleepy, and the dangerous. In many cases it is a waste of time to try to reason with them. In the case of the sleepy type, a good approach is to nudge him and say, ffPardon me, but you are missing the best part of the showf' then leave.

If it becomes necessary to got an intoxicated person out of the theatre, one way is to tell him that a friend has asked for him outside. When outside, you can tell him that the friend has left, give him a refund pass and suggest

RAMP attendants should see to it that cars 'are parked and the in-car-speakers in good condition.

that he take a walk until he feels better. In extreme cases call the manager.

Crying Babies-Sometimes parents become used to their babyls crying and it does not bother them as much as it does other people, and they remain in the auditorium while the crying continues. Such cases are to be handled carefully. When necessary tell them in a quiet voice, uI beg your pardon, but the child is disturbing others. Thank you.H If this doesnlt work, return and tell them ffI am sorry but would you mind taking the baby into the lounge until he is quiet'Fi After this, if the baby continues to cry and the parents refuse to take him out of hearing of others, call the manager.

Mashers and PervertsaMashers are men who try to pick up women they do not know. Peverts are nearly always men, who try to lure children, both boys and girls, into indecent behavior. You should be on a sharp lookout for both types at all times.

These persons usually make their advances in places other than theatres, but since they do occasionally try it in the theatre, you must be watchful for them and see that they are arrested when there is proper evidence.

The masher can usually be spotted because he changes his seat frequently, always selecting one close to a woman or a girl. Many people change seats for good reasons and intend no evil, so it is important that you be sure which is the case. If a man moves from one seat to another near a lady, walk slowly past him and make certain that he catches your eye. Thus he will know that he

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is being watched. If, later, the lady moves from her Seat, notify the manager. If however, he again moves to another seat, again by a woman, go to him and suggest that since he is having trouble finding a suitable seat you would like to show him a seat elsewhere.

Sterner measures are to be taken in the case of the pervert. He, too, will change seats, always sitting close to a child who is either alone, or without adults nearby. Note also if a man sits by a child when he first comes in the theatre and watch him carefully if he does; most adults prefer to be away from children in a theatre, as the children are likely to make noise. If a man

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 362