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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 37 (3)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 37
Page 37

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 37

LOUNGE OF THE MEHBEN has navy blue walls and ceiling. Furnishings are in harmonizing shades of gray upholstery. Floor covering is Napoleon gray. Red plaster walls and cream-colored ceiling of inner lobby oi Hobart,

Some of these are: Cerulean or sky blue, Aspen blue-green, peach, Cardinal red, off-white; robin's egg blue, Cerulean or sky blue, pewter gray, smoky brown, carnation pink, salmon pink, forest green; Wedgwood blue, deep blue-gray, pebble tan, sand, terra cotta or Toledo red; turquoise blue, citron, off-white, Colonial rose.

The ultra-modern intimate theatre can take its color cue from modern art, with yellow as a key color. Uncluttered interior effects, unpatterned or boldly-patterned ceiling-to-fioor draperies, pastel wall colors, blond or natural wood finishes, and dashes of strong color for accent, characterize sophisticated modern design. Color combinations using yellow prominently include: citron yellow, forest green, Celadon green, putty, terra cotta or Toledo red, off-white; buttercup yellow, Cardinal red, olive green, smoky brown, White; buttercup yellow, olive, avocado green, terra cotta or Toledo red, Cardinal rcd, smoky brown; butter yellow, nasturtium orange, Cardinal red, pebble, smoky brown, white; buttercup yellow, Citron, pebble tan, Celadon green, pearl Whitey charcoal, terra cotta or Toledo rod.


Some distinct trends in theatre design and color usage may be illustrated by Specific examplcs of various theatres in Which they are apparent-a large thentl'ti in a large city; a good-sized theatre in a smallcr city; a medium-sized theail'c in the suburbs; and an intimate, ulth modern theatre in a sophisticated rosi(lential district of a metropolis.

The Morin-n, in l'hiladclphia, designed by Armand (Tarroll and William .J. Slcphcnson, A. I. A., makes unique use of" simplicity of design in its outer lobby and brilliant color in its auditorium.

Create Atmosphere Th0 WOO-scat Mci'bcn is a two-story StI'llcture of contemporary design. Facade



is buff-colored Roman brick and bluegreen porcelain enamel. The marquee extends right into the 35 X 20 foot outer lobby and the Roman brick of the facade is carried right through to the doors that lead into the theatre. Built-in flower boxes contribute a color accent. On the opposite side is the boxoffice of stainless steel and glass.

Red formica doors leading into the promenade are a bright color accent, and serve the very practical purpose of preventing light from outside entering the auditorium to disturb projection. The promenade runs at right angles to the auditorium and leads to all aisles. Its pale ivory ceiling with has-relief design of tropical palm trees sculptured in pale ivory runs the full length of the area. A pale green leatherette banquette also rims the full length. Walls on opposite sides are slate blue.

The Merbenls rectangular auditorium strongly stresses brilliant color. The ceiling is midnight blue, with llush downlights, and the projection booth at the rear is painted watermelon red. Walls arc birch plywood and acoustical plaster in light blue, Thcrc is no proscenium

in Woodside. L. 1.. are underscored with rubber tile tlooring in crisp colors. The gay colors create an air at festivity with; a promise ot entertainment in the theatre proper. Such careful use of colors pays off at the boxottice.

molding, the screen being revealed by the graceful parting of 90 foot wide draperies of silver and ivory, indirectly lighted. The narrow platform that forms the stage is Hoored with Napoleon Gray asphalt tile. Slide-back seats are of leatherette, with backs upholstered in eggplant velour to harmonize with the eggplant fioor covering.

The projection booth rises like a huge toadstool on a single 10 foot pedestal in which is concealed the stairway that leads to the booth. The brilliant watermelon red of the booth attracts the eye as one enters. Architects in particular applaud the ingenuity of the designer in deliberately drawing attention to the projection booth, a theatre element usually made as inconspicuous as possible. Structurally7 the styling of the booth here saved space and added to the seating capacity of the theatre.

Below the auditorium is a large circular lounge with navy blue walls and ceiling. An indirectly lighted central column rises to the ceiling. Furnishings are in various woods with harmonizing shades of gray upholstery. Floor covering is asphalt tile in Napoleon Gray and Travortino (iray,



Will-Ton n Nulmr/nm TIN-ulrt' Thriler Kw Color: Rlu'll va (Solar: URI-{I53 Flame Red with olive Aspen - hluc Green gray, silver gray. with (icladon green, sand, Citron. pearl smoky brown. (iardiwhite: Cardinal Rod Hal Red, wllitc. ofL

white; Avocado green with olive, sand beige. nasturitum orange, white: Sage Green with putty graymlivc, peach, rilron yellow,

with tcrra cottn or Toledo Red, pcach tan, silver gray. medium grccn. olll-whitc: and (lardinal Red with nasturtium or ange. pastel green. and smoky brown. gun metal gray and white,

I'l/Iu-Umlwn 'l'lwnlrn va (.ulm' YELLUN' ('itron Yellow with forest green. ('eladon grcou, putty, tcrra cotta or Toledo Rod.

(.nnxltrrrllit'r' 'I'hvuln KW Color: [Ill/i ('crulran or Sky Blue with Aspen blue grccu. peach. (lardinal Red, nit-white:

Robin's cm: Blue with (HT-white; Buttercup (lcrulcan or sky blue. Yellow with ('nrdinal pewter gra, , smoky Red. olive green,

hrown, carnation pink. salmon pink. forest

smoky brown, white: and Buttercup Yellow

grccn: Wedgwood with olive, terra cot;zrcen; Wedgwood Ia. pcbhlc tan. charliluc With deep bluc- coal, pearl white,

gray. pchhlo tan, Toledo Rod. sand, tcrra who or Toledo Red; Turquoise Blue with citron. off-white. (loloninl rose.

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 37