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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 403 (365)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 403
Page 403

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 403

ElDOPl-IOR LARGE SCREEN TELEVISION PROIECTION EQUIPMENT-l. Eidophor proiector. 2. Proiection light beam hood. 3. Color Wheel. 4. Auxiliary services (vacuum pump, thermostat and system for Eidophor cooling). 5. Projection lump (Venture type). 6. Television receives circuits.

date in entertainment can be offered by every theatreman. Eidophor can be installed with only minor changes in the projection booth, it is simple to operate, and it can be made to receive any type of television signal either in black and white or in color from that now in use, or in the foreseeable future. As experience is gained through its use more efiicient and profitable aspects of the Eidophor system will become apparent.

Future Plans

At the present time the plans at 20th Century-Fox, concerning Eidophor call for a show to be built up for telecast in the same manner as stage shows are presented at the Radio City Music Hall in New York. Just as these shows are played in the theatre three or four times a day, they will be telecast for the exclusive theatre reception and used by each theatre according to its individual policy, whether this calls for two, three or four shows a day. The main attraction will be a feature motion picture with the "live" show built around it.

It is planned to telecast these shows from New York, for example, to cover the Eastern time zone. For the Central time zone other, or similar, shows will be telecast from Chicago, or some other central location in that zone; from Denver to cover the Mountain time zone; and from Los Angeles or San Francisco to cover the Pacific time zone.

There can be a new show every week so that eventually there will be three, four, or more shows telecasting every week to cover all theatres. In smaller communities, where theatres may have two changes or more a week, it will be possible for them to have different telce vision shows for each change.

As Eidophor develops through experience it is hoped to present regional


shows of a more localized nature when the occasion justiiies this. Resourceful showmen should be able to develop additional uses for Eidophor.


A great scientific step forward, the scientists and technicians have done almost all that they can in developing this new system of large screen color television. At this point it is up to 20th Century-Fox and the exhibitors to take this new instrument and create from it, by evolving programs which will please the public, a new source of entertainment and revenue.

From the very outset Eidophorls greatest champion and staunchest believer in its future has been Spyros P. Skouras, president of the 20th Century-Fox Film Corporation. The following is a statement he made which seems to sum up all the hopes and aspirations of those who expect great things from this new system:

ffIn an age of miracles, new marvels of science continue to widen our horizons, and enrich our manner of living.

HIn our time, the electric light, the telephone, the automobile, the airplane, the motion picture, the radio, and now television, have developed to a degree truly incredible from the viewpoint of our grandfathers. Every new invention and discovery has brought revolutionary betterment in our way of life.

"In the field of electronics, the accelerated pace of research has now produced as significant a new process as the addition of sound to moving pictures on the screen.

ftAs a gift of science, Eidophor is the golden key opening the door to an era of far wider dimensions in screen entertainment for the public and increased patronage for the theatre.

"As a new form of entertainment and enlightenment, Eidophor will place all the gifted talents of the earth*the peerleSS artists of every category-as well as current history as it is enacted, within the reach of theatre audiences of every community, large and small, no matter where located. These will be incorporated in unexcelled shows, built around the feature motion picture, but covering the widest range of entertainment.

ttEidophor, enhanced by the Columbia Broadcasting System color process, will bring this high quality entertainment instantaneously from anywhere to everywherey providing people in every interior city and town not only with motion pictures but with live presentations of metropolitan stage shows, spectacles such as the circus, water spectacles, and popular artists and attractions of every conceivable type.

"Superior entertainment heretofore available only to the few will be available to all e to millions instead of

thousandsethrough Eidophor, because it will enable many theatres, for the first time, to present these incomparable shows simultaneously, with the telecasting and programming arranged to conform to the different time zones of the country.

"Eidophor, in addition, will provide through the circuits of theatres it will link together, an emergency means of communication available for public service purposes in times of emergency.

"Combining other forms of entertainment as well as other media of communication, Eidophor will also enlarge cultural opportunities of the people, stimulate the arts and add to the economic well-being of every community, large and small.

"To my mind, Eidophor is another onward stride in the collaboration of the arts and sciences for the further betterment of mankind."
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 403