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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 405 (367)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 405
Page 405

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 405

THE STAGING FACILITIES are complete: the equipment is professionally and technically good.

ped loft space, two tiers of dressing rooms, a prop room, and a radio control room. In addition, separate from the auditorium, but directly connected to it by a passageway, are complete prop and scenery construction facilities.


The advantages of such a fine theatre to a large industrial organization as the Armstrong Cork Company, are obvious. Tailor-made to specific needs and requirements, it offers an ideal site for conventions, sales meetings and other business gatherings. With such a wide selection of equipment to choose from the management can make an effective combination of films, slides, talks and live demonstrations to help put over some training, sales or promotional program.

Perhaps the greatest advantage can be found in the field of employe relations. Many studies have brought out the fact that a Worker often places a sense of belonging even higher than wages. An auditorium of the type that Armstrong has constructed makes it possible to map out a complete program of employe activities, ranging from the showing of technical films and giving lectures, to a weekly radio show, scheduled movies, and amateur theatrical productions.

Commercial Possibilities

A recreational and information center with the 16mm camera as the focal point is by no stretch of the imagination limited to industrial uses. in the hands of an ambitious and skillful businessman, an attractch small community 16mm theatre could be developed into a highly successful venture.

During the past decade there has been an amazing growth in the general public's interest in things cultural and artistic. This growth has not been restricted to large cities, and interest is as strong, if not stronger, in the smaller community. Proof of this can be found


in the ever increasing number of symphony orchestras that are being organized. The country-side is filled with roving companies offering operas and great dramatic works. Concert artists are becoming conscious of the fact that the so called fisticks" are filled with people who have a fine appreciation of art.

With proper planning, an enterprising showman could develop a means to help satisfy the publicis thirst for the fine arts, and find a sturdy foundation in 16mm films. There are huge libraries of 16mm films covering almost every subject and theme imaginable. Most of them are excellent productions, and often deal with topics which could not be found in regular movie houses, or on television. Programs appealing to almost every taste and temperament could easily be arranged. And some of them without cost.

The 16mm Club

It has been found that when making use of films dealing with the arts and sciences, creating a mood of intimacy and privacy usually gets the best results. On the basis of this fact, it is often detrimental to have an auditorium that is overly large. Creating a ff16mm Film Club," with members paying fees and dues, as opposed to throwing it open to the general public and charging admission, has proven to be an effective method.

Although films would naturally make up most of the activities of a 16mm Club, the auditorium can be employed in other useful and profitable functions, and still remain in character. It is almost axiomatic that patrons of such an organization would also enjoy live lectures, piano and violin concerts, etc. The owner of the club could either handle the details for such events himself, or, and this would perhaps be wiser, rent it out to someone more experienced in such matters.

Concerning the running of such an establishment, the very nature of the operation precludes large staffs or expenditures. In most cases, a staff made up of someone to run the projector, an usher who would help in keeping the place clean, and a secretary to handle

the correspondence and perhaps act as a sort of hostess, would be sufficient. The cost of 16mm prints is usually well within reason.

A source of revenue not to be overlooked in a film club operation is that to be gotten from the extra profits department. Regardless of whether people come for entertainment or cultural enlightenment, they still get hungry and thirsty. In maintaining the atmosphere of a club, however, the sale of these products should be handled in as informal a manner as is possible.

Place in a Shopping Center

A development which has been expanding rapidly in both the large and small community, is that towards the construction of large shopping-recreation centers. The obvious advantages of having a centrally located area in which to shop and find some amusement, have been appreciated by many, as evidenced by the growth of such centers in all parts of the country. In such a center the versatile 16mm theatre once again can play a useful role.

One possible use for such a theatre would be the establishment of a place where mothers could drop on: their youngsters while they shopped, or even took in a movie. The shops themselves could very Well be willing to sponsor such a venture as a service to their patrons. If taken on as a joint operation, the costs would be nominal and probably show a profit in the increased sales and good will.

In running such a theatre for tots, specially prepared programs of both an educational and entertaining nature would be arranged. It would also be necessary to maintain a staff trained to handle children. After store closing hours the auditorium may possibly be rented out to a 16mm club of the type described previously, thus adding another source of income, as well as performing a public service.

New Home-Made Sound

A recent development in 16mm equipment suggests a number of interesting

THE STAGE AND DECORATIVE LIGHTING has controls which produces infinite effects.
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 405