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1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 45 (11)

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition
1953-54 Theatre Catalog
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 45
Page 45

1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 45

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Swank Indian Preview Theatre

This Beautifully Designed Screening Room is an Example Of Taste and Style Combined to Insure Pleasant Viewing

BRIEF: A private screening room has a number of varied and important uses . It is there that the press go to eraluate the worth of a film . . . trade shows are held there . . . often important personages are brought to preview theatres to decide whether or not to lend their names and support to a motion picture . . . A room that is attractively decorated does much to get the viewer into the proper frame of mind in which to determine the real quality of a film . rather than being annoyed by unpleasant and uncomfortable surroundings.

. . . An example of what can be done to make a screening room a place of beauty . . . as well as being functional . . is the Embassy Preview Theatre, Bombay, India . . . Making use of the finest materials and equipment the Embassy embodies all the finest qualities of a first class art house . . . and lends an air of elegance and dignity to whatever is presented there.

Although many are not consciously aware of it private screening rooms play an important role in the motion picture industry. No manufacturer of consumer goods, after spending a large sum for a new line, would think of introducing it to prospective buyers in a shabby showroom. This applies as much to a film distributor as it does to a manufacturer of women's dresses. In actuality a pre GIVEN LAVISH DECORATIVE TREATMENT. the auclitorium of the Embassy Preview Theatre features latest equipment {or proiection, lighting. and seating.


View theatre is a showroom in which new products are presented to various interested parties.

Importance of Screening Room

When a film is ready to be shown to the public the screening room is the place where the representatives of the press are invited to see the picture and decide whether or not they will recommend it to their readers. The preview theatre is the site for all-important industry trade showings, and therefore the place where the decision to buy and book a film is often made. In many instances the success or failure of a picture will hinge on a publicity campaign and the support of certain groups and organizations. Once again the preview theatre is usually the place where representatives of these groups are brought to evaluate and decide whether or not they will give their support. There are indeed many and varied uses to which these rooms are put, in addition to the obvious one of watching a film for personal enjoyment in comfort.

Psychology of Viewing '

It would be both false and dishonest to assume that a mediocre motion picture will absorb some of the beauty of a well appointed screening room, and become something that it is not. However, all of us, including hard boiled newspaper critics, are human enough to be affected by our surroundings. Almost any housewife would be able to tell you

that no matter how wonderfully a dish is prepared it loses something if it is not served on a table properly set to show the food off to the best advantage. The same holds equally true for the presentation of a film.

When a film is shown in a screening room that is dingy, cramped and uncomfortable it is only natural that the viewers are distracted, irritated and unable to give their full attention to what is being presented on the screen. Under such circumstances even the most excellent of pictures would suffer. Conversely, when a critic or prospective buyer enters a room that creates an atmosphere of dignity and quality he or she can not help but to be put in a better frame of mind, and therefore more receptive to what is being offered.


A glowing example of what can be done to make the preview theatre a place that is both functional and the ultimate in style and comfort may be found in the Embassy Preview Theatre maintained by Photophone Equipment Ltd., the Simplex Projector distributor in Bombay, India.

Making use of the finest and most modern equipment and designs, the Embassy creates an air of elegance and dignity that is impressed upon the viewer the moment he enters. The auditorium is completely air-conditioned, and is arranged to seat 48 persons in comfort. The floral iron grills on the stage and
1953-54 Theatre Catalog, 11th Edition, Page 45