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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 158 (124)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 158
Page 158

Drive-ins Mentioned

Trail Drive-In Theater, Houston, TX

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 158

Chemical Fly Swatters

Drive-Ins That Use Recently Developed Chemicals, and Proper Sanitation Procedures Eliminate Danger of Weeds and Insects

BRIEF: The outdoor theatre operator must always be constantly on guard against the growth of weeds . . . which detract from the appearance of his theatre and might even result in creating short circuits in the speaker post wiring systems . . . He must also wage a continuous battle against the development of the pesky mosquito and fly . . . This can be accomplished without undue expense or bother . . . with the help of modern equipment and use of the new weapons that science has developed in recent years.

This article discusses some of the common hazards which aid the growth of weeds and the breeding of insects and pests . . . It also indicates some of the latest chemical preparations which have been especially designed to eliminate these hazards.

One important point which is brought out is that proper equipment . . . and trained experts should be used in order to get the most satisfactory results . . . Another valuable reminder is that even the use of the finest machinery and the latest preparations will be of no value if the grounds are not put in good shape at the start of the season . . . and maintained that way . . . The combination of good sanitation practices and the right insecticides will result in pest-free outdoor theatres . . . and eliminate the chance of losing patrons because of unsightly grounds . . . and annoying pests.

Outdoor living brings with it the problems of bugs and weeds-and drive-in theatres are no exception. Weeds are sometimes defined as "plants out of place" and they can find many wrong places around a drive-in theatre lot. As for insects, probably the two worst pests are flies and mosquitoes. One jet invasion of a swarm of mosquitoes can spoil an outdoor theatre party in a hurry.

Control of both insects and weeds is largely a sanitation problem, Weeds often shelter breeding places for various kinds of insects, as well as being a problem in themselves. They also harbor rats, mice, and other rodents, and may hold enough moisture to increase rusting and wood decay. A gustrof wind may fill a weed patch full of litter, and then the vegetation interferes with the clean-up crew. In addition, of course, weeds and tufts of grass or clumps of brush give the grounds an unkempt appearance, and may seriously increase the risk of fire.


Weeds, grass, and scrub growth may be a problem wherever there is enough moisture and fertility to permit a plant to grow. Around speaker stands, parking ramps, platforms, gate-posts and fencelines-these are some of the places where weeds are often a problem in drive-in

maintenance. Around electrical installations, they may grow high enough to shortecircuit a line. And hay fever sufferers will avoid your theatre for several weeks or more if they suspect the air may be full of ragweed pollen. Where labor costs must be considered, the use of chemical weed killers is economical. Modern chemicals can be easily applied by any maintenance crew, and the investment in equipment and materials is repaid many times over. Hiring a custom applicator has the advantage of providing at reasonable rates, trained personnel thoroughly familiar with chemicals and able to supply the equipment for applying them.


Chemical weed killers are uspecialists and it is important to select the right material for the job to be done. Some, like 2, 4-D and related chemicals, are tiselectivefl That is, they wilLkill certain broadleav'ed species of plants, while grasses continue normal growth. Then there is ttAmmatei, weed and brush killer, which is specific for killing poison ivy and other woody plants. Sprayed on the foliage it kills the whole plant.

nSoil sterilantsii are used where it is desirable to control all plant growth. One chemical that meets major requirements for the "soil sterilant" class is ttTelvar" W Weed Killer. This material is a powder to be mixed with water. A cupful in two


THE TRAIL DRIVE-IN. Houston, Tex., uses "Swingiog." a portable pulse-jet device altered by Devenco, Inc.. with a liquid insecticide as part 01 its equipment for the control of weeds and pesky insects.

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 158