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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 163 (129)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 163
Page 163

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 163

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the Ovoid fits into the condition asqwell as the rectangular and many times much better. If We give the rectangular pool an index of 100, we will find that the Ovoid is about 110, whereas the odd shapes mentioned before will be down in the 50's to 90s depending upon the particular shape used. p

Letis discuss for a minute pool types. In types of pools today, you could build one which was developed about 30 years ago, known as the iiBintz Pool], This is a combination pool and bathhouse built as one co-ordinated unit. It is 25 per cent to 35 per cent cheaper to build than the conventional two-unit sunken pool and bathhouse of equal size, permanence, details and equipment. It has about a dozen advantages as compared with the conventional sunken pool and bathhouse

Then we might build a sunken pool and bathhouse which is a conventional type of structure involving the construction of a sunken pool in the ground and building a bathhouse to one side. Or we might build just a little pool and add some type of a rather small, mostly open arrangement building for bathhouse facilities. Then again, if you


happen to be on the side of a hill, we could use the Country Club arrangement which is a combination sunken pool and Bintz pool where the uphill side is on the ground and the downhill side has bathhouse facilities under the deck

around the pool. This makes for a very economical arrangement.

Bintz Pool

The Bintz Pool has many advantages as well as the terrific savings in cost as

noted. For low ground it is almost a must in that the outfall for draining the pool, instead of being down the ground 10 or 11 feet will only be in the ground two or three feet and, therefore, the pool may be drained to some creek or river or sewer into which it might not be able to get into with the sunken pool. Since the pool sets entirely on top of the ground it is out of ground water and frost action and makes for less upkeep costs. It is possible to service all of the fittings that go through the pool wall. The pool is built like an inverted hat,

SMALLER DRIVE-INS might be interested in a pool of the size illustrated in this picture.

ANOTHER INTERESTING swimming pool is [his one in Boise. Idaho. Pool is 60 by 90 feel in size.

where the pool is in the crown of the hat and the bathhouse under the rim of the hat and the pool wall becomes one side of the bathroom and, therefore, all of the fixtures which go through this wall are immediately available. You will note from the picture that you have no unsightly fence around the pool, which must be placed around a sunken pool, to protect it against unauthorized use. With a sunken pool, being at ground level, surface dirts will be blown into the pool which dirty it up to a great extent not possible with the Bintz pool. Subdrainage, is much simpler in a Bintz Pool because it is up and out of ground water and frost action. The Bintz Pool adapts itself much better to uneven terrain than a sunken pool since it automatically takes care of about eightfoot difference in elevation in the ground.

At the present time, a pool designed by the writer is being built in West Virginia and has a difference of 25 feet in ground elevation between one end of the pool and the other, and we are able to do it with this type of pool, which would be quite a problem if you had a sunken pool. The Bintz Pool also uses less ground space by as much as the size of the bathhouse. This is very important if land is at a premium, as it would be at a drive-in.

Ovoid-Shape Pool

Now let's just for a minute discuss further the Ovoid-Shape pool. Ovoid is merely a technical term for egg-shaped which means that one end is larger than the other and that the walls are curved. In this particular shape the ends are squared up so that you can hold aquatic meets the same as in a rectangular pool. This shape of pool is more etiicient in every way than the rectangular pool and it is possible to give our client about a 10 per cent larger pool for 10 per cent less money. One of the particular advantages of the Ovoid pool is that it
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 163