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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 167 (133)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 167
Page 167

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 167

board will pass normally on .the sanitary requirements of the equipment and arrangements and layouts which have been submitted. Some States go even further and pass on the structural qualifications of the pool, through a Building Department under the State, but most States will not go into that angle. They will merely pass on the sanitary requirements. Plans and specifications must be prepared by a registered professional engineer in order to get State Board of Health approval.

Normally the State Board of Health requires a Purification System that will filter, sterilize and recirculate the water at an eight-hour rate as far as the pool is concerned. In the bathhouse-one urinal and one toilet for every 60 menis dressing facilities, and one toilet and one lavatory and one shower for every 40 men or women otherwise. In other words, with a pool and bathhouse where you have provided 480 bathroom facilities, 240 facilities for men and 240 facilities for women, there would be required on the menis side four urinals, four toilets, six lavatories and six showers, and on the womenis sideasix toilets, six lavatories and six showers.

Proper Design

The engineering in the design of a pool is of a terrific importance and as given above is the major item in the design of a swimming pool. A swimming pool improperly designed will result in immediate maintenance costs and something that will hound the owner over the years because frost has worked on the pool and broken it up, in one way or another or settlement takes place, and you can't have that in a pool! Improper detailed design might mean that you have to dig up back of your pool to replace certain piping because they havenit been properly supported, etc. It has happened oftener than one might think. There are so many things that can happen that it is essential that the man contemplating the building of a pool should employ proper professional service to do the job for him. The bathhouse should also have not only the proper construction, but also the proper layout; because it is necessary that the bathers be properly routed when dressed and undressed as they pick up the locker facilities, take showers, and proceed in an orderly manner to the pool, etc. Such things as foot baths for the bathers are required in some States and not in others. Some require one fee and some others. So it is essential that before any pool design is carried on by the owner that the engineer knows exactly What the requirements for that State Board of Health are before they proceed with the plans and specifications for a swimming pool.


Finally, it might be said that there isnt a greater sport in the United States than swimming. It requires a moderately high-priced structure to allow people to satisfy this sport. However, that statement is only true taken in the aggregate. Individually, it is not a true statement. For instance, it requires from $1000 to $2000 to provide a place to pay for a golfer. Tennis courts run about $4000 apiecevand the most people who can play


on it is four. That means it costs about $1000 to provide a place for a man to play tennis. A swimming pool only costs about $200 to $300 for a place for a man to swim. Of course, the only trouble right here is that you can build one tennis court and in a few years build some more, but with a swimming pool you more or less have to do it all at once. Its very expensive and in a great many ways impossible to build a pool in a certain size and expand it at a later date. It just doesn't work out because the piping that would lead to the pool would be too small and the bathhouse facilities wouldnit be adequate and so many things enter into it that it is not normally feasible to increase pool sizes. So swimming is not an expensive sport, but is one that takes a rather moderate investment to provide for a community.

Admission Charges

In the matter of admission charges: By making a charge of 15 cents to 25 cents in the morning, 25 to 40 cents in the afternoon and 50 cents to $1.00 in the evening, the pool will not only be able to pay all operating and maintenance costs, but will also make a reasonable return on the investment. If the prices are made much higher than those indicated, it will tend to keep people away. Then you defeat the purpose for which the pool was built in one respect,

and that is to make money. Of course, built in connection with theatres it has another important function, as it becomes a drawing card for the theatre. Pools are not generally good paying investments as far as they themselves are concerned, but they are the greatest drawing card one can have to draw people to enjoy the other facilities. It is conceded that Country Club pools double and triple restaurant and bar income, and the same thing would be true insofar as an outdoor theatre is concerned. It would increase your patronage immensely for the theatre use and the other facilities which have been provided for the use of the customers.


In conclusion, we might recapitulate our above thoughts:

1. Swimming Pools provide the most important participating sport there is.

2. Be sure the right size, shape, and cost is determined before starting.

3. State Board of Health Approval must be obtained.

4. Certain minimum requirements are necessary.

5. Competent engineering services are a must40n't start without!

6. Swimming pools in themselves are only moderate income producers, but the by-product of drawing patronage is greater than any other sport.

FIGURE C5 shows the completed wall with the step and handheld. and it also shows an underwater light where such a light might be used. The community center type of drive-in will find that pools pay.
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 167