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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 192 (156)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 192
Page 192

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 192

CHARTS. luck as the on. soon. are valuable aids to the proper selection of spollamps. and of floodlamps to achieve maximum desired eliecl.

56 floodlamps. Because of its rectangular beam, this lamp will avoid the wasted light which might be obtained with circular beams. Lenses of PAR-46 and PAR-56 lamps should be protected from rain and snow if the lamps are aimed upward. Redector lamps should be protected from weather regardless of burning position.

There are numerous locations both inside and outside the theatre Where additional spotlighting or floodlighting are needed. Conventional equipment; in the form of a lens type spotlight, a heavy duty floodlight, or any number of commercially available spot or floodlighting units; may often be best for the job. This equipment is sometimes more economical than PAR and R lamps. There are also instances where PAR and R lamps will be preferred for their small size, convenience of use, ease of maintenance, or better appearance.

THIS 200 watt lamp is only available for use as a spot lamp. Its concentrated beam provides a lamp that has excellent light control values.


Lighting at the entrance of a theatre plays an important part in attracting potential patrons from a distance. The noodlighted banner over the marquee, the well lighted attraction board on the marquee, and the scintillating or chasing lamps around the attraction board all do their part. PAR lampseone for every ten square feet- provide effective lighting for large cut-outs on the attraction board or over the marquee. The use of a relatively large number of small sources oHers flexibility in aiming

and ability to emphasize certain areas. Building floodlighting, another phase of attracting attention, can

be accomplished with a wide vari-I

techniques. For a smooth PAR lamps can merely be

ety of effect,

UNUSUAL AND FLATTERING effects are possible simply by taking different colored lamps and mixing Iheir beams. Six colors are to be had.


PAR-38, R-30 and R-4O LAMPS FOOTCANDLE PROFILES . . I I I I PAR-33, R-w and IL" Approxrmate lnIIIal Candlepowcr and Lumen Dlsmbullon Spots lb , ' l . p . ILLUMINATION fROM PROJEUCR i SPOTS 10' 20' mi 60' "at?!" 01233,. mo nmecvoa SPO! LAWS 0N , .. I , , t A PLANE PERPENDK'ULM l0 lHE 1 jammeao V 457 mno A 220 fiaraorilijio 720 {3315MB N '5 m mm 'H5 u if. 7 1501M moius V , Hedonwsoj micso / V #177qu 77 7 g 1570:wanPAR:3787722L A 1100 1350 lilego 38907 I40 g a i V ' l 300-walt R40 330 3 1450 9100 i 3900 3300 '2 Uri FLOODS :10a 40' eon no" "wt" Jiiali' jS-wmQJO 40 150 9707 7 $80 3- V 700 Jyod '20 m l Ewan 240 .190 473707777 753,77 lSSUhl 17007 am 1, r 150;!9:PAR-3?7310 999, 115.0. 37,50,,,l,,;990, n00, g BOO-warrll-AO 220 no 1500 3000 i 3200 3300 W 0 m > E i 1 . . I; a 15mm" was 7 [so-MW Panda m menace SR)! 32 Y Weston FLOOD, , l r, , 7, so I

O z ( U


mm n-mo



Isa-M11 nIEFLEcvon

Mer a-Jq r LECYOR rrooo

30 a Io 20

mounted on top the marquee and aimed upward at the building. PAR-38 or PAR-46 spotlamps located close to the building will create a pattern of brightness, if widely spaced. If their spacing is equal to their distance from the surface, the result will be reasonably uniform and any projections from the buildings, such as cornices and raised decorations, will stand out in bold relief.

Emphasize Displays

As the patrons reach the entrance of the theatre, reflector lamps can be used to emphasize posters and other displays which describe the show. Where elaborate cut-out displays are used on the entrance attraction boards, PAR-56 floodlamps are recommended because of their rectangular beam. And the PAR56 floodlamp is useful for lighting the banner which hangs across the sidewalk under the marquee. Its rectangular beam means that light is utilized effectively and glare can be minimized.

The use of projector and reflectorlamps as downlights in the soflit of the marquee is becoming wide-spread prac Green


Blue BI e " *Whit?

Purple 5 Pink


3-40 as FLECYOR . SPOT

20 75-WATT R-JO




tice. The R40 floodlamp is particularly popular in this application. The sparkle provided by these lamps, which protrude slightly beneath the soflit, helps give the theatre entrance a clean and distinctive appearance. Reflector color lamps offer new opportunities for better showmanship in this type of installation. They will add both color and sparkle to the theatre entrance. Blue-white reflector color lamp downlights will provide a cool appearance. Or, pink reflector color lamps will cause the entrance to take on a warm, friendly atmosphere, so desirable for a cool evening. Arrangements of reflector color lamps can also form festive patterns for holiday seasons. At Christmas, for instance, alternate red and green, or patterns of red and green reflector color lamps will not only provide color accents, but the mixture of light below will be warm and friendly.

The boxoflice is, of course, a focal point. Brightness is the most important factor here. Reflector lamps can be used to provide additional general lighting in the area. In addition, the concentrated




a Yellow




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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 192