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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 199 (163)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 199
Page 199

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 199

A LIGHT automatically indicates the admission at child's rate. Adult's and children's admissions are separately registered by remote registers.

Rate Changes during the day are handled by taking a reading at the time the rates are changed. This method is followed when the rates are changed on different days, such as Saturday, Sunday, or holidays.


These turnstiles can be used when the boxofiice is at the side of the. lobby or in the center. Enough railing must be installed to guide the patron to the entrance door, preventing the person who has not paid from getting into the. theatre. Percy systems are so designed so that there are always as many exits as required by the Fire Department. The entrance is constructed so that it takes a minimum of space and is an additional exit is case of emergency. The Perey Theatre Type Turnstile is always of the two-way passage type, permitting free exit in case of emergency.

The turnstile itself is easily installed on the wall of the boxoffice. It may be necessary to reinforce the walls of the booth since there is a considerable strain on the fastenings when someone pushes against the arm if it is in a locked position. A pair of 2 by 4 inch timbers, upright, will usually take up the strain very satisfactorily.

Operating controls for the system are worked by the cashier inside the booth through means of running steel rods from the back of the turnstile through the booth wall, with a foot pedal attached inside the booth which unlocks the turnstile when the pedal is depressed. This child register is put in gear by means of hand lever, worked by the cashier from inside the boxoffice.

The child register overhead indicator is connected electrically to the turnstile by means of a switch actuated by turning the arms when the child register control lever is operated by the cashier in unlocking the machine for passage.

Design Features

The Perey Turnstile is said to be the only one available that has been especially developed for theatre work. The machine, according to the firm, is the result of several years continued evolution and cooperation between engineers and prominent theatre operators.

Special features have been built into the machine to relieve the cashier from operating the turnstile. When the patron passes through the machine he is uncon


sciously doing the work, and registering himself. The turnstile is so designed that the cashier can easily lock the machine if she does not wish someone to enter. The register is arranged to facilitate easy and frequent readings. It also has been carefully designed to provide maximum protection against tampering and manipulation. The meter registers to 99.999, and automatically returns to zero. The machine is hung on the booth wall instead of being provided with a conventional stand supported from the 'loor. Most theatres have a ramp Starting at the booth. The angle of the ramp makes it difficult to install the conventional turnstile so that it will line up and still make a pleasing appearance. The wall type arrangement makes it easy for the maintenance staff to keep the door clean around and underneath the turnstile. As mentioned before the turnstile is a two-way passage operation. It permits passage for either entrance or exit. It registers on entrance, but is non-registering on exist, thus avoiding any possible confusion or error in the record. This exit feature has another advantage in that it often helps compliance with Fire Department regulations. While offering ample space for patron use, the turnstile occupies only threetifths of the space required for the con THIE TURNSTILES may be installed for use with the ticket booth in the center (left) and aiso with booth located on theatre's side (right).

ventional 4-arm turnstile. Patented movement of the arms and hubs permits the use of rigidly fastened arms, eliminating all cams and wearing parts.

Special attention has been given to the design so that the turnstile functions with feather-weight action. The machine has rounded corners to prevent injury, and to let the patron ease through the unit.


The type of theatre which is suitable for a turnstile-type operation may look for the following advantages if the system is installed:

Lower payroll expense because tickettaker is unnecessary.

Elimination of ticket, ticket machine, and boxoiiice expense.

Elimination of ticket manipulation.

Less opportunity for pilfering by the cashier.

Accurate, impersonal, tamperproof count of patrons.

Dependable check for absentee management on business done. . Reduced opportunity for ugate crash ingn at entrances.

Less confusion at elitrancesspatrons going in separated from those coming out.

Cashiers job easier-no tickets or ticket machine to bother with ecan give more attention to making change correctly, and serving patrons.
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 199