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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 201 (165)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 201
Page 201

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 201


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This automatic door control mechanism is in POWER UNIT


stalled in the floor as easily as any nonautomatic control. Because of the compactness of the hydraulic unit, equipped with the latest model General Electric Form C motor, it can be stationed in any convenient location. In some cases, thc hydraulic unit has been placed as far as 400 feet from the door control mechanism. The electric cord is simply plugged into any standard 110-volt, AC. circuit.


AUTOMATIC CUT-OFF The door opens away from the person who is entering. If someone is standing on the opposite side of the doorway, the automatic control provides absolute safety by not operating until pressure on that section of

the carpet has been relieved.

EMERGENCY MANUAL CONTROL With the Invisible Dor-Man on duty, there is never a need to touch the door or handle. In case of power failure, however, the door will operate manually without locking or jammingeproviding

a safe exit during emergencies.

the person walks through the entrance way and then it glides to a closed position without a whisper of soundy mute testimony to its quality, design and construction. Closing is accomplished in a two speed action-quickly until almost shut, then slowly for the fast few inches to insure the noiseless operation. Door operation is unaffected by extreme temperature changes for the Invisible Dorman is designed to operate at r40 degrees to 130 degrees F.

The model which is designed for calm pet or mat operation is installed with an 80 by 30 inch mat laid through the doorway. The light pressure of even a childs footstep will activate the hydraulic power control through a completely safe low-voltage, actually only 12 volts, control circuit. Once activated the hy"raulic power unit applies pressure to the oil in the lines leading to the door control mechanism, causing the door to open. For safetyis sake, entrance and exit doors are st-t to operate away from a person stopping on the door opcrating side of the mat. However, the door will not operate if someone happens to step on the opposite side until the pressure on that portion of the mat is relieved.


Another Type

The push bar or pull handle type operator eliminates the need for mats or carpets and permits all doors to swing out as required by building codes in many areas. The operation of the push bar or pull handle activated Invisible Dor-Man is similar to the mat operated model. If the entrance doors are outswinging, a person wishing to enter grasps the pull handle and exerts a slight pulling pressure. This pressure causes the electric switch incorporated in the handle to close the low-voltage circuit so the hydraulic power unit again applies pressure to the oil in the lines to the door-control mechanism, causing the door to function. The door then glides open quietly at a safe speed and stays open a set time, permitting the person to enter. Then the door closes smoothly and automatically. If a person should happen to stand in the way of the door after the opening cycle has been started a safety feature built into the specially designed pull handle will Stop the door instantly when the handle contacts the person in the way. This is accomplished by an extremely sensitive electric contact switch which stops the


door until the person gets out of the way. To start the door opening cycle again the person entering merely grasps the pull handle, applies a slight pulling pressure, the door opens and stays open until the person is safely in the lobby or vestibule. Then the door closes. Should another person enter during the closing cycle and again apply pulling pressure to the pull handle the door opening cycle is repeated. This insures a speedy, uninterrupted how of traffic. On exit doors equipped with push bars the operation is similar to that described above for the pull handle operated entrance door, except pushing pressure activates the door control mechanism. Again a safety feature is incorporated. If a person who is leaving the theatre has applied pressure to the push bar to start the door operating cycle and should continue to hold onto the bar, the drag of the pcrsoifs hand will cause an electric switch to instantly stop the door. The. opening cycle will be resumed the instant the person again applies pushing pressure to the push bar. Thus it will be noted that the automatic operation of doors equipped with handle.actuated push and pull bar INVISIBLE
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 201