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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 202 (166)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 202
Page 202

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 202

DOR-MAN units is exactly the same in principle as with conventional doors. This eliminates any possible confusion to your patrons.

Installation Procedures

For the convenience of those theatre owners and managers who are interested in more complete information on the application of the Invisible Dor-Man to their doors, details of a typical installation and a description of the operating portions of these automatic door operators is included in the following paragraphs.

The door control mechanism of the Invisible Dor-Man, as shown in figure 1, is similar in size and appearance to the mechanical type manually operated hinge which is set in the floor beneath the door. Therefore, it is possible to remove these mechanical t.Vpe hinges from existing installations and enjoy the benefits

of automatic door operation and still keep installation costs low, Usually no alterations are necessary to door frames and a minimum, if any, will be required with mat type operated doors. Often it is only necessary to remove the present iloor hinge arm from the bottom of the aluminum, glass or wood door and install the arm which is supplied with the Invisible Der-Man. Since the entire door control mechanism is contained beneath the door which is only 20%; inches long, 6%; inches wide and 3% inches deep, limited alteration costs will be encountered in making provisions in the floor to accommodate this unit. Onca installed in the floor this door control is completely concealed by the mat, by the existing threshold or a stainless steel floor dress plate which is available if handle type operators are specified. The only other alteration usually required to adapt the Invisible Dor-Man

THE MECHANISM required tor the automatic door opener is fairly simple and compact. It can be installed with little or no alterations needed.

to existing doors is the drilling of two one-inch diameter holes in the floor to permit the insertion of two flexible metal conduits through the floor into the basement.

The two hydraulic lines and the lowvoltage electric control wires which connect the door control mechanism and the power unit are protected by the flexible conduit. In this type of installation the hydraulic power unit is located in the basement directly beneath the doors for convenience and to keep installation expenSe to a mimimum.

If no basement is available to accommodate the power unit, it can be located over the doors, in a small closet-type area in the vestibule, or in any other convenient location within 50 feet of the doors. Installation costs will usually be less if the power units are located as closely to the door control mechanism as possible. Push bar and pull handle type Invisible Dor-Man installation costs are higher than those for mat type operators, if existing doors are being used because specially designed handles must be furnished by the manufacturer for simple field application. The hydraulic power unit is available for the operation of singledoors, in which case one power unit is required for each door or it can be supplied as a dual unit to operate two doors independently of one another. This dual hydraulic power unit is popular because it results in lower overall costs. When this unit is specified, one dual power unit is required for each series of two doors. The dual operator can be installed to operate one door in and one door out, both doors in or both doors out.

The hydraulic power unit is operated by a 110 volt 1/; H.P. motor which can be plugged into an existing 110 volt outlet or one installed specifically for the Invisible Dor-Man. The fact that special heavier voltage circuits are not necessary for proper operation also is a factor in keeping installation costs low. In the event of a power failure, the Invisible Dor-Man will operate manually without locking or jamming, thus providing a safe exit during emergencies.


Progressive theatre operators should consider the increased profit opportunities offered by the installation of the Dor-O-Matic Invisible Dor-Man on ontrance and exit doors. lts traffic-drawing attraction will increase patronage, while its quality manufacture and simplicity of design will insure trouble-free performance at a reasonable price. The complete cost of the Invisible Dor-Man for single door operation is approximately $795.00. The two door operator is approximately $1350.00. Those prices do not include installation costs, which will vary slightly according to entrance construction conditions.

WHEN HANDLING large crowds such as seen on the right. automatic door. openers can be. at great assistance in keeping crowds moving.


1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 202