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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 223 (187)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 223
Page 223

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 223

Lounge Luxury

Luxurious Lounge Areas are an Important. Feature of Todayis Modern Motion Picture Theatre Architecture

BRIEF: One area of the theatre which is getting a new emphasis is the lounge . . . It has become very evident that the average movie-goer no longer will immediately take a seat in the auditorium . . . but will wait in the lounge until the feature goes on . . . The author puts forth the supposition: that this is the result of habits formed while watching television at home . . . Another result of home TV viewing is that the public has grown accustomed to comfortable surroundings . . . In all of these things the lounge plays an important role.

This article goes into detail about the rarious ways in which the theatre lounge may be decorated and furnished in a manner that is in keeping with the desired mood . . . The subject of proper floor covering materials . . . wall coverings . . . and color schemes are given thorough treatment . . . The article also is so arranged that the intimate art house . . . the large center city theatre . . . and the neighborhood house . . . are each given individual treatment . . . since the requirements and end results of each are different.

Radical changes in theatre design and decoration currently are taking place. Theatres are being designed today with patron satisfaction and comfort as the dominant theme of their planning, a


L'rcrulirc Director, .imcrican Society of Interior Design

trend that especially is marked in the luxurious waiting space provided by commodious lounges of contemporary design and appointments.

Whether new or remodeled, whether intimate art theatre, center city palace, or neighborhood house Hanked by suburban shopping district stores, modern theatre construction is demonstrating an acute recognition of the boxoffico importance of optimum ease and pleasant surroundings for patrons. As never before, theatres are being built with a purpose.

Demand Luxury

Conditioned, no doubt, by television viewing in' the relaxed atmosphere of their homes, today's motion picture theatre patrons demand the utmost in comfort and enjoyable surroundings, created by well planned design. Profitminded management is recognizing this important trend in public taste and recreation pattern, a development of the last half dozen years. It realizes that

THE LOBBY OF the Fine Arts Theatre lobby. New York. demonstrates how tasteful decoration can increase patron appeal, and create proper mood. The importance of this mood can not be ignored.

the great majority of todayis patrons insist on waiting until a show starts anew, rather than be seated in the auditorium during a picture.

Sumptuous lounges are being installed to meet this special, sharply defined need for catering to the comfort and mood of a waiting public, and to help offset competition from other forms of entertainment. New decorative media and some interesting new uses of longestablished materials are being utilized. to provide comfort and beauty that funcu tion with a maximum of efficiency, yet keep maintenance and replacement costs at the lowest possible minimum.

Since the lounge, in comparison with other parts of the theatre, such as the auditorium, is constantly lightedy unusual and eye-pleasing treatments of its facilities are of major importance. Real opportunity for tasteful use of color and design is offered. Walls, ceiling, floor, draperies, seating and lighting effects must be correlated for greatest attraca tiveness and functionalism.


Leading specialists in theatre design and decoration agree that color, properly used, is one of the greatest factors in creating an atmosphere of relaxation in theatre lounges. A feeling of grace and luxury, of freshness and pleasure can

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 223