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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 232 (196)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 232
Page 232

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 232

Stainproof Wall Covering

This Wallpaper Resists Stains and Wear, and Is Easily Cleaned Making It Ideal for Use in Many Parts of the Theatre Building

Just as the theatre operator or motion picture producer is always on a constant search for something new and exciting to oifer the public, so do the manufacturers of the many products that go into a theatre seek out new and better materials. And certainly no exception to this is the designer and manufacturer of wallpaper.

New wallpapers, such as those of United Wallpaper, Inc., the worlds largest wallpaper manufacturer, stress the changing color shades that have become increasingly popular with the public. These new shades have a clarity of color never before produced. and the


General lilauugilr, Varlur l)lL'.. United Wallpaper. Inc.

colors themselves are in more pronounced contrast, and so add heightened interest to any room in which they are used.

New Patterns

The constant search for something new culminates in new ideas for patterns that have unique decorating motifs. One of the most recent and successful patterns, ttTuftedf, a tufted effect was conceived by the companys art director two

BRIEF: Materials used for interior decorating probably are given, their greatest wear and abuse in the motion picture theatre where throughout the year thousands of people pass through . . . Since it is important for a theatre to look well . . . in addition to showing good films . . . the materials that go into the theatre must be 0/ such a quality as to withstand the wear and tear to which they will be put.

One area of the theatre which is constantly getting soiled is the wall covering . . . Stains from popcorn . . . dirt brought in from the streets . . . children marking up the walls . . . are some of the abuses to which the average theatre irall covering! material is subjected . . . This article discusses a new wall covering material which is said to be stainproo/

as well as resistant to wear . . .

abrasion . . . etc. . . . There is information on. actual tests . . as well as a

look at some of the various styles available. . . . There is also a complete section

devoted to the proper installation of this material.

\ years ago in Paris during a European design trip. Tufted effects are to be seen everywhereeon furniture. etc., but the sun happened to be shining on a jeWelers window on the Rue de la Paix on the morning of that day, with just the right amount of brightness to light up the silk and bring out the tufted effect. An artist sketched it and caught the realism-and another idea clicked. An interesting sidelight is that this particular paper was used, at the time of its introduction, as a covering for the speakers podium during a Democratic National Convention held in Chicago. Because of the tremendous TV, newspaper and magazine picture coverage devoted to this conventionethis particular pattern was undoubtedly viewed and reproduced in pictures more than any other wallpaper pattern in history. It gives such a realistic appearance of tufting that many of the Press Assoa ciation described it as a utufted leather" covering. One of the downtown movie houses in Chicago also papered the outside of its lobby with a blue coloring of this particular pattern as an attraction-getter for the picture that was being shown there at the time, nThe Moon Is Blue."

()'her even more outstanding successes are the "Dorothy Liebes Weaves" which were designed and developed by U-nited's own studios in collaboration with Dorothy

THE STRlKlNG designs. and the wonderful wearing qualities 0! this stainprool wall covering makes it good be! to: restrooms. lounges. otc.


1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 232