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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 262 (226)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 262
Page 262

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 262


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ACYION 0" A IEAM OF LIGHT DBDJICTID AT .0 "Gill. U'ON MIRACLI MIIIOI SCIIINS -1: v... .umm. or v... Pun-205! ve yaw. run. a! mun: n. a..." Luau. - mama. m u... i-'-( 19...... naval: un FIGURE 7 shows the two available patterns of the Miracle Mirror for 20 degrees of proiection.

radius equals the projection throw the screen size required for a given picture size may be obtained from Table II, The formula for computing the dimensions

of the curved screen is also given in Table 11.


The screens are shipped as rolls and are carefully boxed, with the reflecting face of the screen protected by paper, inserted during the rolling.

Screen sizes are given in over-all dimensions, including the webbing, in which latter the grommets are spaced evenly on six inch centers, with extra grommets at the ends of all seams.

All Miracle Mirror screens are plainly marked as to top and bottom, and this is particularly important in the case of the tilted pattern. In case of doubt, and in order to prevent errors, every panel is marked down the center with a row of tiny "V"s, which tiVly has been placed on the embossing roll and repeats about every 20 inches. This "Vi, should appear point downward when the screen is properly installed.

In the earlier shipments the top of the screen was also indicated by a series of looped cords inserted at regular intervals in the top grommets. These served as temporary top supports while unrolling the screen, and also served to permit positioning the screen vertically. Since these temporary loops caused con. si'der'able trouble in rolling the finished screen, and made the t0p of the screen 2011 up more loosely than the bottom, thus permitting the layers to shift in shipment, these temporary ties have now been omitted, and loops of the proper length must be prepared, and inserted on the job, as the screen is being unrolled.

The screen will be rolled upon a metal tube to stiffen the package and must not

TABLE I show- picture line on a Hat ecu.'ith the proper CinonaScopo apertures given.

be unrolled except to install it upon the frame. Accompanying the screen container will be a wooden plate somewhat larger than the diameter of the roll. In this wooden plate is a rectangular hold through which a peg (also included in the package) may be thrust and nailed securely in place. This peg will be furnished long enough to enter the tube on which the screen is rolled and yet leave a sufficient length below the plate to position the upper webbing of the screen at lacing distance from the upper member of the frame, when the entire roll, plate and peg have been assembled and lifted to a vertical position. The length below the plate may vary somewhat in every installation. If this peg is rounded at its lower extremity, the entire roll may be rotated freely upon the door of the stage when upright, and the lower portions of the screen will be protected by the plate from crushing. Before starting the installation of the screen, it should be determined how

I close the lower webbing of the screen

is to be set to the door and the lower member of the frame. A measurement should then be taken from that point to the hooks of the top member of the frame; subtract the height of the screen between grommets, and this dimension should then be used to make temporary loops for the top of the screen.




FIGURE 8 illustraios typical situation when lop of screen is tilted away from proioctora.

The operation of installing the screen is started by standing the roll upright, preferably in its box, adjacent to the

frame and then carefully easing the screen out of its box on its peg. The prepared ties are inserted through the grommets and hooked to the top mem


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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 262