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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 298 (262)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 298
Page 298

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 298

PxolECTION an: lump recommendations for the various principles 0! indoor film presentation.

complete control, stabilization and the impressing of the gases of the core of positive carbons, into the crater thereby materially increasing the per centage ratio of lumens per arc watt of the total light generated by the arc, at no increase in current or carbon costs.

The magnet is made of cast "Alnico." It is a double beVel end, bar type. It is adjustably positioned, well above the axis of the carbons, so that the entire magnetic flux force is exerted against the arc crater and its gases, with an impressing effect.

Provision is made, so that the mage

net*s flux field can be adjusted in directions, parallel to the positive carbon crater face and also toward or away from the crater, coaxial with the carbons. The method of mounting also permits a tipping adjustment, in a horizontal plane, and hence, complete control of the burning arc's characteristics is attained.


The Strong Super S135" has been designed especially for those applications where the light requirements far exceed the capacities of lamps heretofore available. This lamp was designed especially to project the tremendously increased volume of light required for wide-screen and polaroid 3-D presentation on the tremendously wide indoor screens and those in larger drive-ins.

The Type No. 90001 Super S135" burns 11mm regular carbons up to 120 amperes, and the Type No. 90002 burns the new 10mm ttHitex" carbons up to 135 amperes, both projecting a much higher level of illumination than any other lamps. In impartial tests the foot candle meter proves that the Super





25 feet 46-Ampere Mighty 90 1 KW

30 feet Mogul Mighty 90 46-Ampere

35 feet Mighty 90 Super 135 Mogul Mogul

40 feet Super 135 Super 135 Mighty 90 Mogul

45 feet Super 135 Mighty 90 Mighty 90 50 feet Mighty 90 Mighty 90 55 feet Super 135 Mighty 9O 60 feet . A p 5' Super 135 Super 135 65 feet I Super 135 ViSl-uper 135 70 feet Super 135


"135ll is the most powerful of all lamps, according to the manufacturer.

Accommodating a 20-inch carbon, the Super S135, is the only reflector arc lamp which can burn the 10mm "Hitex" carbon at 120 amperes or 11mm regular carbons at 115 amperes for a full hour as required by 3-D 5000-foot reels. The Super n135," furthermore, maintains a screen light that, in intensity and color value, is constant and identical to that of the associated lamp which is burning simultaneously.

Cooler Unit

The new Infra-Ban Beam Cooler Unit, positioned in the path of the light beam, permits the free passage of the visible light rays while diverting the heat rays away from the aperture and back into the lamphouse from which heat is rapidly withdrawn by a mechanically induced air flow out through the stack.

Thus, the Strong Super "135" makes possible a tremendous increase in useable light without a corresponding increase in heat at the aperture.

The position of the positive arc crater is automatically maintained at the exact focal point of the reflector by means of Strong's exclusive Lightronic Crater Positioning System. The positive and negative carbons are advanced by separate motors, the speeds of which are governed by the Bi-metal Lightronic Tube. Once the arc has been struck, the crater positioning and the gap length are automatically maintained without manual adjustment.

A stream of air directed just above the arc stabilizers its burning, assures complete combustion of any black soot, and carries away the white smoke which would otherwise be deposited on the

reflector. The lamphouse measures 35 inches

long by 24 inches twide by 28 inches high which large content of 20,000 cubic inches combines with the forced air cooling of the positive carbon feeding mechanism to assure low operating temperatures within the lamphouse even when burned at this high amperage.

Optical System

The optical system comprises an elliptical reflector 161/2 inches in diameter with a resultant speed of fl.9 to match the currently available high speed fl.9 projection lens. The mirror and its tilting mechanism are an integral part of the back door of the lamphouse, which swings out to allow easy cleaning of the reflector and convenient trimming of the lamp.

The Strong Super "135d features unit construction whereby the various components are instantly removable for cleaning and inspection. The lamphouse is finished in attractive gunmetal gray with chrome trim and weighs 165 pounds. There is an arc imager; ammeter for reading the current at the arc; an automatic trimming and framing light; and an inside dowser system.

THE Strong Super 135 has been designed to meal the specicl light demand: ol 3-D and wide screens.


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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 298