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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 300 (264)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 300
Page 300

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 300

Intensity screen has an extremely high retention of polarization, which eliminates double image and "ghosting," which can be caused by a screen not properly designed to handle projected polarized light.

Besides this, the uniform seamless surface of the High Intensity screen brings out the best in three-dimension projection, as annoying visible seams and surface streaks become even more objectionable in three-dimension than in twodimension.

Plastic Compound

The surface of the High Intensity screen is a plastic compound, molded in one continuous piece over a cloth backing. The' surface is hot flat, but is composed of thousands of elliptiCal contours. This elliptically-contoured surface aids in the distribution of light over a wide angle, which is so necessary with wide screen projection.

To meet the need for additional picture brightness for wide screen projection, the High Intensity screen has a brightness gain over twice that of a white screen. This brightness or reflectivity is controlled so as to give as bright a picture as possible without specularity, which would result in an objectionable ithot spoti, or glare.

The High Intensity screen is designed to maintain its reflective efiiciency over a long period of time. This is done by using metallic pigments made of an alloy which does not oxidize or tarnish, combined with plastic materials which do not oxidize or discolor. Not only does this keep up the reflective efficiency of the screen, but it keeps the screen from changing color, which is as harmful to

good projection as the loss in reflective efiiciency.

The High Intensity screen has a uniform reflectivity over the entire visible spectrum. The color of the redected light is the same as the color of the projected light, which gives a faithful reproduction of color in color pictures. Blues are blue and not greenish blue, reds are red and not washed-out or off-color reds, and as the screen does not change color with age, this faithful reproduction of color continues throughout the life of the screen. 1;.

Resists Dirt

The High Intensityb' screen has a smooth, hard, metallicisurface which is almost impervious to dirt."='11t. can easily be kept clean by frequent brushing. The surface of the screen, while contoured, is smooth, and lends itself to cleaning with a dry bruSh. 'Howloften the screen must be brushed will depend upon the local conditions and hownirapidly dust collects on the screen. gm;

Holes for the transmission of sound are molded as tiny flaring horns with smooth plastic walls, Each miniature horn starts at the back of the screen, flares smoothly outward. These molded holes reducejtheufrictgion of sound waves passing throughfvdofnpt clog with dirt, and result in high fidelity [sound transmission during the. life gcreen.

The Walker HighAIntensity screen is made in any proportion and can be installed either flat or curved, as desired.


The Raytone Hilux Screen for theatres is an all-purpose screen for CinemaScope, VistaVision, all other wide-screen

systems, 3eD, 2-D, color, or black and white.

The Raytone Hilux was evolved afs ter two years of research and development. It is a thermoplastic product of extra heavy weight, tearproof in construction. The heavy plastic sheeting is inert and is subject to an extremely slow rate of deterioration.

Metallic Pigments

An integral coating of metallic pigments provides a projection surface with the required brightness of wide-screen systems. Experience and research indicated that a brightness gain of 2.85 is required to satisfactorily reflect all of todayis projection systems. The Raytone Hilux provides this brightness while (its unique composition and texture give the required diffusion of light throughou the average theatre. I '

The entire screen is formed intoi'e'ne sheet before thehighly complex pfoc'i'ess of coating is performed. As a resx nthe Raytone Hilux can be absolutely; liaranteed. to provide a completely seamless picture from any point in the theatres,ng

The Raytone Hilux Screen is.:..also fiameproof and mildewprqof. It is'\pacii2aged at the plant seminar it be unpacked and hung easily unskilled labor. ' i

The Hilux has been proved successful in the field. This is attested to by the largest screen sales volume in Raytoneis history. Raytone white screens are also available, but the company cautions the exhibitor to make a proper evaluation of light before a white screen is installed

THEATRE installation of the RCA Dyna-Lilo allpurpose screen. Maximum size is 30 by 65 test.

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 300