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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 324 (288)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 324
Page 324

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 324

these electronic deviCes have been manufactured by Altec to their own design and specification. In the photographs illustrating this article may be noted the use by Altec service engineers of meters for transmission tests, Altecls AS1800 all-purpose meter, an extremely small compass to detect and localize areas of magnetization, the DeGauser gun to eradicate magnetization, the Altec 1600 oscillator, used to check networks, explore frequency range, measure impedances, and perform various other service operations, The service kit of an Altec service engineer also contains another special service instrument carried by Altec field men. This is the Deca bridge. Designed by Altec for use in conjunction with the companyls 1800 all-purpose meter, the Decabridge provides all the facilities, other than test film and meter, required for making transmission tests efficiently, and for testing all types of condensers. Mention of test film brings out another facet of the equipment provided to assure maximum results on the part of our field engineers. Every Altec service man has available to him 12 different types of test films. In the forefront of these special film rolls today are two frequently used clips; a CinemaScope test film used to determine the presence of sound in the penthouse

THE GENUINE smile of welcome on the face of this exhibitor as he greets the service engineer is an indication of the valuable work that these men perform. With the increased demands of stereophonic sound it is more important than ever that the sound systems of large and small theatres be in tipdop condition.

reproducer, and a special film devised by Altec to determine the presenCe of magnetic fields in mechanisms, two procedures which insure trouble-free presentation. Other Altec test films include one for Perspecta installations, dealing with proper frequencies and adjustments, together with a variety of test films, both optical and magnttic, for transmission checks, sound lens adjustment, level balance, guide roller alignment, etc.

Close Knit Organization

Buttressing the activities of the Altec field crew of 200 qualified sound and service engineers is a closely knit operational organization directed by E. O. Wilshke, operating manager, who guides the operations of six division offices and 31 branch offices and stock points located strategically in key cities throughout the United States. Coverage of Altec service customers, a vital requisite for quick, efficient service, is assured by locating field men at those points best calculated to embrace the various centers of theatre concentrations. Constant contact is maintained between division ofiices, branch offices and the engineers in the field, Maps, with vari-colored indicators, are employed to indicate the location of every theatre, Altec-serviced or otherwise, in every territory, together with the exact location and availablity of each Altec field engineer. Each branch and division ofiice maintains an up-to-date library of technical information dealing with all phases of motion picture sound. These reference volumes, together with the Altec Service Manual, are used as Valuable adjuncts to the service Bulletins issued regularly to all members of the field engineering staff.

All Altec division and branch offices maintain elaborate test equipments for the immediate and proper evaluation of theatre sound components which require attention and repair, and all ofiices and stock points carry a complete supply of parts necessary for replacement work.


To convey an idea of the scope of Altec service operations, it has been estimated that the companyls staff of more than 200 field engineers travel more than 5,000,000 miles yearly in the performance of their duties in the interests of 6,000 exhibitors from coast to coast. That Altecis service and maintenance staff has kept pace with the

changing scene in the field of theatre

sound is attested to by the fact that our company engineers have been called upon to supervise, in association with 20th Century-Fox, many of the CinemaScope trade showings and theatre premieres, and have performed a like service more recently for some of the industry presentations of Perspecta Sound. Altec is presently engaged in the technical supervision of installation of Perspecta units in numerous Loew theatrts, and is maintaining a high rate of installation and service for both CinemaScope and Perspecta in various theatres throughout the United States.


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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 324