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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 39 (5)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 39
Page 39

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 39

THE TICKET booth is so designed as to give a hint of what the interior of theatre looks like.

with Simplex XL projectors, Simplex LL-l pedestals and National Excelite Lamphouses, 135 ampmeter. The booth has been arranged so as to allow for installation of Eidophor color theatre television, and was also planned in such a manner that it will be possible to use any new system or method of projection, including Todd-A0.

The theatre is also equipped with Simplex XL sound equipment, Simplex stage speakers (3) and Hertner converters. Transporting the film to the booth is facilitated by a dumb waiter installation.

Heating and Air Conditioning Temperature and air conditioning is regulated by a complete Minneapolise Honeywell control system. Heating is from two large individual boilers, heated by natural gas, and during the hottest summer days patrons will be kept cool


and comfortable with the Westinghouse mechanical refrigeration unit, the largost theatre cooling unit in the region. It is anticipated that the air conditioning unit will remove as much as 85 per cent of the dust and pollen from the air, and the system is so sensitive that it will switch instantly from heating to cooling and vice versa. It is easily conceivable then, that the patron himself will regulate the temperature in the theatre. With a big crowd making an exit and consequently lowering the auditorium temperature, the cooling conditioning would be changed to one of heating.

All the furniture in the lobby and grand lounge is custom made and built to fit the various curvatures of the walls against which they rest. The rest rooms have been designed with a thought to eye appeal as well as to utility. The men's smoking room has scenic wall paper with an outdoor hunting motif, while the ladies lounge is of a dogwood laurel design. This lounge has one long mirror covering the entire side of the wall, a mirror topped vanity bench extending the length of this same wall, and six swivel vanity stools.

Switching from the interior to the front of the theatre, it seems safe to say that the marquee, upright and display lighting of the Centre is unrivaled by any theatre between Chicago and the west coast. This display covers an area 60 feet wide by 100 feet high, and consumes 70 kilowatts of electricity. The marquee is constructed so that changing of reader panels will be done from the inside. The marquee utilizes two sizes of the Bevelite letters, the 17-inch and the 10-inch.

GIANT proiection booth is 40 teet wide. and is so arranged as to allow for the installation of color theatre TV. or any other new process.

EVEN A heavy storm could not keep the crowds away iron: the Centre when it opened its doors

The lower portion of the theatre front is covered with terrazzo blocks that resemble pink marble. Massive stainless steel poster cases give the entrance che look that movie theatres ought to have." And the floor of the entrance is covered with giant Columbines, Colorado's official state flower, 14 feet high and seven feet wide, in 16 diiferent shades and colors from Mack Marble and Tile Company.

The cost of the Centre was one million dollars. The expenditure of money has brought forth a luxurious, pretentious motion picture theatre, a theatre which can be a pride and a source of inspiration for the entire industry.

Frank H. Ricketson, Jr., president of Fox Inter-Mountain Theatres, the man chiefly responsible for the building of the theatre, said: HThe Centre theatre will stand as a symbol of the motion pitcure exhibitorls renewed faith in the future of the movie industry?
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 39