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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 394 (356)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 394
Page 394

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 394

New Introductions During 1953-54

Some Thumbnail Descriptions of Selected Products With Interesting Possibilities

BRIEF: Space permits only cursory presentations of some products . . . and only those that seem to have unusual idea value . . . The objective in this survey is to give the industry some recorded fact about available products and supplies that may not warrant fuller analysis or specific surveys of their own.


Rewind Device

A radically new device which rewinds 35mm and 16mm reels simultaneously is being marketed by the 8.0.8. Cinema Supply Corporation. Known as the 8.0.8. Differential Rewind Gimmick, it is said to guarantee absolutely uniform take-up. Previously the only known item of this nature is said to have been very costly and complicated.

With the ttGimmickii two different films may be rewound at the same time no matter whether they are the same size or in various sizes. The tiGimmickii is simply placed on a keywayed rewind spindle and regardless of the various sizes of the rolls or widths of the film, it is claimed that the operator will never throw slack. Proper balancing of reels is also assured and users find they can go through the film synchronizer backward and forward at will.

Hilux Variable Anamorphic Lens

Hilux Val, made by the Projection Optics Company, is an attachment for the purpose of spreading an anamorphic squeezed print. The maximum magnification of Hilux Val is two times. Such magnification is achieved by two highly corrected achromatic prisms which can be rotated independently, resulting in desired spread and side shift.

The setting of the attachment is accomplished by adjusting the tWo rotating knobs until the proper spread and the, proper lateral or side to side location of the picture is obtained. Once the pro

jectionist has found the proper setting, markings can be made on the matte surface of the two knobs so that this setting can be relocated quickly in the event a print of a different squeeze has to be shown.

The mounting of the Hilux Val attachment is accomplished by simply screwing it onto the front of the projection lens barrel. The unit is available to fit either the small 2333;: inch diameter lens, or the high speed four inch diameter lens.

Carbon Cooler

The source of light in a carbon arc is highly heated carbon particles commonly called soot. These very minute particles of carbon are also ionized, that is, each particle has an electrical charge. In an are these particles do not. remain completely in the hottest part on the are, but fan upward and from the tail

dame. The light from this tail Hame, not being at the focal point of the mirror or condenser, throws a diffused light on the screen, causing fuZZiness and tail flame which is annoying to the audience.

In order to avoid this situation, the Hydro Carbon Cooler, made by the Huff Manufacturing Company, is equipped with a patented magnetic tail flame stabilizer which pulls the tail flame down into the hottest part of the are. This not only is said to eliminate the fuzziness and bicker from the screen, but in pulling more carbon particles down into the are, it makes the incandescent ball brighter and larger.

The Huff Hydro Carbon Cooler cools all of the carbon and the working parts of the lamp, it is claimed, thus helping to supply a brighter picture by helping supply full amperage.

Vari-Focus Lens

The new Wollensak Vari-Focus projection lens is a supplementary lens which will produce any wide screen aspect ratio (non-anamorphic) when

used in conjunction with the standard projection lens.

In order to install this lens it is only necessary to screw it to the front of the standard projection lens. The adjustable focus is said to provide quick, accurate matching of wide screen or 3-D projection.

All glass to air surfaces are Wocoted for maximum light transmission, contrast, and brilliance. The Vari-Focus comes complete with adapter to fit Wollensak and Kollmorgen projection lenses. To fit Buusch & Lomb lenses remove the adapter ring.

To change focal length of lens, loosen screw knobs and set to desired position. Knobs move the lens elements along a calibrated metal scale. This feature facilitates changes. The adjustable lens elements are specially mounted to eliminate ghost images and light iiare.

The design of this attachment provides a means to clean the lens without

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 394