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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 398 (360)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 398
Page 398

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 398

sponge rubber padding called Durapad, which is being marketed by the DurkeeAtwood Company.

Durapad is made of a strong nonstaining sponge rubber compound with a fabric backing that prevents curling and provides stability, The vinyl facing protects the sponge rubber against abrasions, and provides longer wear than ordinary rubber skin types of sponge, it is claimed. It also resists oils, alkalies and other chemicals. Another feature claimed is that it serves as an ideal cushion against shock and noise.

The pad comes in 18 inch and 36 inch widths and thicknesses from one-eighth to one inch, and any length up to 40 yards. Colors are dark green, red, brown, gray, and black. It can be cleaned with soap and water, and solvents may be used for cleaning the surface without damage to the pad, it is said.


The textured, three-dimensional effect of natural wood is featured in a new Woodgrain series recently introduced by Bolta Products Sales, Inc.

Available by the yard or in eight by eight inch tiles, the Bolta-Wall Woodgrain series comes in prima vera, natural mahogany, gray mahogany, and African mahogany. Having a vinyl face sheet laminated to a firm rubber-saturated backing, it is easily applied to old or new walls and can even be installed around columns or bent around sharp inside or outside corners, it is claimed.

Since Bolta-Wall is cemented to the wall, there are no nails to rust or mar its appearance. When properly applied, seams are said to be practically invisible. This product wipes clean with a damp cloth, resists moisture, grease, steam, alcohol, and most staining agents. Recently, it was classified as fire-retardant

material according to Federal specifications, the manufacturer says.

The face sheet of the material is up to six times thicker than the coatings used in most waterproof wallpapers. This added thickness provides protection against scratches, scuff-marks and abrasion. The manufacturer is said to guarantee that this material will not crack, chip, nake, or become brittle with age. Colors resist fading and discoloration in direct sunlight up to several times that of most wood veneers,

Powdered Soap Dispenser

Bobrick Dispensers, Inc., is marketing the Bobrick 38, a new universal powdered soap dispenser. This low-price chromeplated powder dispenser effectively dispenses all powdered soaps including hand cleaners with lanolin, it is claimed.

The adjustable output-per-stroke valve, permits the custodian to regulate the mechanism to accommodate any powdered soap he chooses to purchase, it is said. This exclusive feature overcomes the problem created by dispensers which can handle only one type of soap.

The fingertip control offset from pushup valve, directs soap to palm of hand, minimizing spillage and messy plunger. An apron protects valve against water splash. Valve has no slide mechanism or fixed small openings to clog, and there is no continuous flow at any position of the plunger, it is claimed.

Electric Hand Dryer

The Electric-Aire Engineering Corporation recently introduced a new electric hand dryer especially designed for recessed installation in public washrooms, such as those found in theatres.

According to the manufacturer, the design permits architects and building operators to make their new or remodeled washrooms more attractive. Projecting three and three-quarter inches from the wall, the "C" model recessed hand dryer can be installed in a steel box that is conveniently set into the wall during construction, The dryer mechanism and cover plates are easily installed after walls are completed, it is claimed.

Featured improvements of the dryer are said to be increased air velocity and volume, reducing length of drying time, a permanent type air filter that can be quickly brushed without removing; touch action starter bar; new type revolving air jet baffle for convenient face and

forearm drying; illuminated user instructions; vandal-proof construction and aerodynamic engineering.

Motor Control

A new motorized curtain control. especially designed for wide screen and contour curtains was recently announced by J. R. Clancy, Inc. Known as the No. 770 Peerless Model, the new control olfers positive foolproof operationestart, stop, and reverse from any position, with direction clearly indicated. A visible set limits switch is also to be found. A specially designed base permits easy modifications for wide range of uses.

The unit is compact, requiring minimum space, and rugged in construction so that maintenance is negligible. The motor stops instantlyethere is no coasting. Momentary contacts prevent burning of the points, and only four wires are required for the installation. In case of power failure, the unit is easily operated by hand without wrenches or other tools. It is available in all voltages and horsepower, as required.


Intercom System

The Talk-A-Phone Company recently announced the availability of a master selective system with 10 times the volume of conventional intercom systems for use in large areas, such as drive-ins, and to overcome high noise levels.

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 398