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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 399 (361)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 399
Page 399

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 399

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The line includes tWo units, one a master station with five substation capacity, and the other with a 10 substation capacity. The master station can talk and listen to any one substation or all simultaneously, it is claimed. Only the master station plugs into an electrical outlet. Both systems have an optional feature whereby substations can be connected privately or non-privately, and still originate calls to the master station under either application. Once a conversation has been initiated with a nonprivate substation, persons at substations need operate no controls and can reply from a distance, it is said. Where the system is connected privately, the master unit cannot listen in on substations.

Ufili'l'y Cabinet

The General Industrial Company recently announced the production of a complete line of KfSee-Thru', drawer cabinets for small-parts filing and storage. One part of the theatre which should make good use of such an item is the projection booth, which is filled with many small pieces of equipment that the projectionist likes to keep around in case of an emergency.

The model shown consists of 20 crystalclear lifetime guaranteed plastic spillproof drawers, Overall size is 101/4 inches high, 121/2 inches wide, and six inches deep.

Cabinet has a silver-gray hammer finish and is equipped with rubber feet. Adjustable drawer dividers and identification labels are included, it is said. The plastic drawers are non-combustible and safe for use in the booth.


According to the manufacturer, other ttSee-Thruf drawer units now in production include models ranging from eight to 128 drawers, models with larger size or metal drawers, and portable models with carrying handles. It is claimed that over 750 combinations can be supplied.

New Type Flashlight

An entirely new type of flashlight which can throw either a concentrated spotlight beam for long range use, or a diffused beam for close range was recently announced by the National Carbon Company.

Known as the "Evereadyil N0. 7253 Spot-Flood, this Hashlight makes use of a new double filament lamp which is said to be similar in principle to that used in automobile headlamps. If one of the two filaments burns out, it is claimed that the other is always available for immediate use.

Other features of this new fiashlight are its unbreakable polyethylene lensguard, special ring-hanger, and heavy gauge plate nickel for a long lasting finish. The square shape is said to provide an easy grip.

Conventional and drive-in theatre operators should find this new item valuable.


Dust Pick-Up A'H'achmeni'

A dust pick-up vacuum cleaning attachment for use on Multi-Clean Products, Inc., floor machines while doing light. sanding or finish sanding, was recently announced by the firm.

According to the manufacturer, the unit can be put on or taken off a heavy duty iioor machine in 10 minutes by the user. The device consists of a detachable vacuum power unit with a one horsepower motor that mounts on the floor machine handle, and a suction ring assembly which clamps to the base of the machine without drilling. Both the vacuum and the machine operate together from the switch lever directly under the floor machine handle bar. If desired, however, the floor machine can be operated independently, it was pointed out.

An adjustable leather shield concentrates suction for thorough vacuum cleaning action. This, coupled with the fact that the vacuum unit is capable of a 46-inch water lift, provides ample

power to pick up all sanding dust; completely, it is claimed. Dust bag is easyempty type, and dust hoses are iiexible so that the machine handle remains completely adjustable to comfortable operating position.

Quick-Setting Cemeni Permanently repairing chuck holes and breaks in concrete doors and securely fastening hand rails, seats, or equipment of any type to concrete by means of anchor bolts, can now be done quickly, easily and safely with Por-Rok quick setting cement made by the Hallemite Manufacturing Company.

Por-Rok is said to successfully replace lead and sulphur for most bolt Setting operations. Applied cold, there is no heating hazard, and it is claimed that it requires only a few minutes to set up.

Toilet Cleaner

The X-50 automatic toilet bowl cleaner is now being offered by the Peckts Prod ucts Company.

This new product is said to do away with scrubbing and the use of any special preparations to remove stains, since chemical action does all the work. The, maintenance man drops one tablet once' each into the tank (not the bowl) of the toilet. The tablet dissolves slowly, working each time the toilet is flushed, keep-l

ing both the tank and the bowlr'clean,wA

it is claimed, Each tablet is said top" contain a deodorant, a water softener

and slime remover. There is no brush, no scouring, or work of any kind involved.

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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 399