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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 409 (371)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 409
Page 409

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 409

SERVICE THEATRE SUPPLY CO., 256 E. First South 51.. Salt Lake City 1. Telephones: 5-12234(Emergency Night) Salt Lake 5-6990, Salt Lake 8-5358, Bountiful 374M PERSONNEL4President: A. C. Knox. Vice-President: J. H. Swonson. Secretary and Treasurer: J. A. Bugger. Installation: .1. A. Bugger, Edward Golden. Shipping: Ken Jones. Sales and Service: J. H. Swonson, J. A. Bugger. Secretary: Barbara Foote. Accounting: Spencer Searcy. AREA SERVED 4 Salt Lake Film Exchange Territory.

*WESTERN SOUND 81 EQUIPMENT CO.. 264 East Inn" South St.. Salt Lake City. Telephones: 3-9974-*(Emergency Night) 6-1532. PERSONNEL-President: Ted Lewis. Vice-President: Ned Fuller. AREA SERVED wUtah, Idaho, Western Wyoming,

Eastern Nevada.


NORFOLK THEATRE SUPPLY CO.. 2700 Colley Ave., Norfolk 8. Telephones: 5-3818 (Emergency Night) 5-1744, 3-5337. PERSONNEL - Owner: Morris Ornoff. Office Manager: Jerry OrnoFf. Bookkeeper: Renee Ornulf.

*PERDUE CINEMA SERVICE, 36 Kirk Avenue S.W., Roanoke. Telephones: 2-8817 -- (Emergency Night) 4-2789. PERSONNEL -Manager: Roscoe E. Perdue. Salesmen:

Doug Fleming. Nat Tanner. AREA SERVED

-Western Virginia.


AMERICAN THEATRE SUPPLY CO., INC., 2300-lst Ave. at Bell St., Seattle I. Telephones: SEneca 4572, VErmont 6662. PERSONNEL4President: R. E. W. Fairleigh. Treasurer: A. L. Hansen. Sales Manager: Richard Fairleigh. AREA SERVEDPacific Northwest and California.

MODERN THEATRE SUPPLY, INC., 24003rd Ave., Seattle 1. Telephones: SEneca 2515 M(Emergency Night) Alder 1007, Kenwood 7823, Alder 4805, Sunset 4220. PERSONNEL 4Manager: S. F. Burns. Salesmen: Lee W. Scott, Jack Barber, Don Farnham. AREA SERVED#Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Alaska.

NATIONAL THEATRE SUPPLY, 2319 2nd Ave.. Seattle I. Telephones: MAin 3121-3422*(Emcrgency Night) PLaza 5743, SUnset 8888. PERSONNEL:Manager: Harry L. Plunkett. Salesmen: Cecil Thompson, William Stahl, John Riley. Purchasing Agent: J. A. (Dutch) Trammell. AREA SERVED 4 Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Alaska.

B. F. SHEARER COMPANY. 2318 2nd Ave., Seattle 1. Telephones: ELiot 8247-(Emcrgcncy Night) EMerson 0088, Al.rler 6389, VErmont 1421, LOgan 5439. PERSONNEL 4- Vice President and Manager: T. L. Shearer. Salesmen: R. A. Broheck, C. H. Beresford, F. T. Lay, Dan E. McCill, B. F. Shearer, Jr., B. R. Doud, P. W. Blake. AREA SERVED-Montana, Washington, Panhandle of Idaho, Territory of Alaska. .


CHARLESTON THEATRE SUPPLY CO.. 506 Lee St., Charleston 21 Telephones: 34-413u(En1ergency Night) 21-045. PERSONNEL-Owner and Manager: N E. Merhie. Salesman: Albert E. Merhie.

LITTLE MACHINE CO., INC., 1114 Central Ave., Charleston 2.

LOVETT 81 CO., 333 W. Pike St., Clarksburg. Telephones: Clarksburg 2-26114(Emergency Night) 4-5931. PERSONNEL-General Manager: D. E. Lovett. Sales Representative: Gray Barker. Office Manager: Virginia Howell. Service Dept.: Harry Carper. Mascot: iIMaisie." AREA SERVED-West Vir ginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania.

VETERANS ELECTRICAL CONSTRUC. TION 81 SERVICE, INC., Randolph Ave. at 3rd St., Elkins. Telephones: 8324(Emergem-y Night) 1543W. PERSONNEL-Manager, Theatre Equip. Sales: Paul J. Zofsak. AREA SERVED-West Virginia, Western Virginia, Western Maryland.

*THEATRE SERVICE & SUPPLY CO., 1019 Tenth St., Huntington.


VIC MANHARDT CO., INC., 1705 W. Clybourn St.. Milwaukee 3. Telephones: DIvision 2-8344-454(Emergency Night) Bluemond 8-4935. HIIltop 5-0415. PERSONNEL 4President: Victor R. Manhardt. Salesmen: Richard V. Manhardt, Elmer J. Engel. AREA SERVED4Mi1waukee Film Territory, Northern Wisconsin, Upper Michigan.

NATIONAL THEATRE SUPPLY. 1027 N. Rth St.. Milwaukee 3. Telephones: BRoadwav 1-7333-(Emergeney Night) Hilltop 5-7479, Division 2-8184, Lincoln 3-2405. PERSONNEL*Manager: A. J. Larsen. Office Manager: M. Anacker. Serviceman: F. J. Wagner. AREA SERVED4Milwaukee Ex change Territory, Upper Michigan.

*THE RAY SMITH COMPANY, 710 W. State St., Milwaukee 3. Telephones: BRoadway 1-21004(Emergency Night) FRanklin 4-3744. BRoadway 6-0579. PERSONNELOwner: Ray A. Smith. 0mm Manager: Jerome P. Kurz. Service Man: Alex Zsebe. AREA SERVED -Wisconsin, Northern Michigan.

THEATRE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO.. 1009 N. 7th St.. Milwaukee 3. Telephones: BRoadway 6-0123#(Emergency Night) EDgewood 2-4686. PERSONNEL#Manager: H. R. Vogel. AREA SERVED-Wisconsin, Up per Peninsula of Michigan.

STAR THEATRE SUPPLY CO.. 36 N. Cascade SL, Osceola. PERSONNEL--Manager: Emil A. Nelson.

Supply Dealers of the Dominion of Canada

Comprehensive Listing of Names, Addresses, Personnel, Products. and the Areas Served


*1)OMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS, LTD., 712 8th Ave, W., Calgary. Telephone: 29947. PERSONNEL # Manager: W. F. Graham, Theatre Equip. Sales and Service: R. E. Gordon. Sound Systems Equip. Sales: R. K. Peck. Acoustical Sales: R. L. Gale. AREA SERVED-Alborta.

SHARPIS THEATRE SUPPLIES, LTD., Film Exchange Bldg, Calgary. Telephones: 20076, 27266 - (Emergency Night) 30757, 83246. PERSONNEL 4 Manager: W. C. Sharp. Serrice Engineer: A. E. Sick. Salesman: I). N. Rhodes. AREA SERVED #Allwrla. Saskatchewan, Eastern British Col unlhia.

M. L. ADAMSON, 9021-113th St., Edmon ton.


DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS, LTD., 10330 . 104th St., Edmonton. Telephone: 42511. PERSONNEL-Acoustical Sales: A. T. Linden. Theatre Equip. Sales and Service: R. F. Downing. AREA SERVED4AIhcrta

and Eastern British Columbia.

J. M. RICE & CO., LTD., 10911-116th St.. Edmonton. PERSONNEL-Manager: Edwin Haugcn. AREA SERVED - Alberta and

Western Saskatchewan.


DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 820 Cambie St., Vancouver. Telephones: Ma. 2181-82-(Emergency Night) Pa. 4231. PERSONNELFDistrict Manager: L. C. Sigurdson. Engineer: R. II. \Villiams. Salesman: R. C. Benton. AREA SERVED British Columbia, Vancouver Island.

DOMINION THEATRE EQUIPMENT CO., Ltd., 847 Davie St., Vancouver. Telephones: Ma. 6634 (Emergency Night) Cherry 1298. PERSONNEL-President: D. V. K. Fairleigh. Sales Manager: C. M. Rae. Counter Man: C. A. Simmons. AREA SERVED-All

of Canada.

GENERAL THEATRE SUPPLY CO., LTD., 914-16 Davie Street, Vancouver Telephones:

MArine 7933, MArine 5449. PERSONNEL4 Branch Manager: W. IiBill'i Forward. Service

Engineers: Ray Townsend, Ed Graham.

Counter: D. Graham, W. McLean. AREA SERVED-British Columbia, Yukon Territory.

H. I. HOWARD THEATRE EQUIP. 81 SUPPLY CO., 906 Davie St., Vancouver.

* Listing not confirmed by Supply Dealer

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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 409