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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 410 (372)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 410
Page 410

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 410

Ashoraft Arc Lamps

Strong Are Lamps and Rectifiers


AIfec-Lansing "Voice of the Theatre" Northern EIecfric Sfereophonic Sound

Super Panafar Lenses Asfrolife Screens


Century Projectors

Imperial and Motiograph Generators

Auditorium Chairs E THEATRE SUPPLIES



LA SALLE RECREATIONS, LTD. (Theatre Chair. Carpet & Linoleum Div.), 945 Granville St., Vancouver. Telephones: MA 5034, MA 5428-(Emergency Night) CE. 3929. PERSONNEL#President and Managing Director: S. A. Lechtzier. Vice-President: M. R. Lechtzier. AREA SERVED-Entire

Dominion of Canada.

PERKINS ELECTRIC CO., LTD., 839 Davie St., Vancouver 1. Telephone: Tatlow 7633. PERSONNEL - Branch Manager: S. G. Wilson. Service: F. Robson. Office: I. Davis.

THEATRE EQUIPMENT SUPPLY CO., 906 Davie St., Vancouver. Telephones: MArine 7033-(Emergency Night) KE 3427R. PERSONNEwaner: H. 1. Howard. Sales and Service: Bob Holm. Counter Man: E. R. Petch. AREA SERVED-British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon.


DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD.. 218-222 Fort St., Winnipeg. Telephone: 923529. PERSONNEL-District Manager: R. R. Huston. Sales and Service: W. M. Tulloch, J. J. Zagol, E. P. Harrison, D. A. Phillips. Acoustical Sales: G. R. Stetiens. AREA SERVEDuWestern Ontario, Manitoba, Sas katchewan.

GENERAL THEATRE SUPPLY CO., LTD., 271 Edmonton St., Winnipeg. Telephone: 92-5795. PERSONNEL -- Branch Manager: Charles Maybee. Sound Engineers: H. B. Grimes, V. Lawrick. Alberta Rep.: R. Townsend. AREA SERVED#Manit0ha. Saskatchewan, Alberta, Northern Ontario.

I. M. RICE 81 CO., LTD.. 202A Canada Bldg, Winnipeg. Telephones: 935486-7 - (Emergency Night) 64437. PERSONNEL$wnen J. M. Rice. Manager: J. L. Rice. Salesman: Howard E. Kinnear. Counter Man: Charles Carphin. AREA SERVED-Manitoba, Sas katchewan, Alberta, Western Ontario.


*PERKINS ELECTRIC CO., LTD, 164 Leslie Ave., Monrton. Telephone: 2-3239. Manager: Hector Boaulicu. AREA SERVED

--Marilime Provinces and Newfoundland.

DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 4- llazen Ave, Saint John. Tclephones:3-303l --(Emergency Night) 3-7327. PERSONNEL wManager: J. E. Tagg. Service Engineer: F. Burdon. Salesman: C. L. Johnston.

AREA SERVEDeNew Brunswick.

*Listing not confirmed by Supply Dealer

GENERAL THEATRE SUPPLY CO., LTD., 86 Charlotte St., Saint John. Telephone: 3-2819. PERSONNEL # Branch Manager: Duncan H. McDonald. 065cc: Thomas H. Dare. District Engineers: Wm. Orr, I. Duncan McPhee, Basil Bragg. Products Sold: Everything for the theatre. AREA SERVED *Maritime Provinces including Newfoundland.


ATLANTIC FILMS & ELECTRONICS, LTD., 22 Prescott St., Saint John,s. Telephones: 3071-2-3. PERSONNELMManaging Director: Alherts Jekste. Products Sold: National Theatre Supply Line.


*DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 76 Hollis St., Halifax. Telephones: 3-8211, 38212 (Emergency Night) 2-3379, 6-6385. PERSONNEL-District Manager: J. McEwan. District Service Supervisor: C. J. Gilbert. AREA SERVEDeNova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Island and Province of Newfoundland.


DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 270 MacLaren St., Ottawa. Telephone: 6-7421. PERSONNEL*Manager: D. E. Neill.

ARROW FILMS, LTD., 214 Adelaide St., W.,

Toronto 1.


Square, Toronto.

DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 386-388 Victoria St., Toronto 2. Telephone: EMpire 8-6131. PERSONNEL-vDistrict Manager: D. E. Daniel. Manager, Theatre Equipment: L. E. Rice. Salesmen: H. R. Hansher, V. Castle, C. E. Clews. Manager, Sound Systems: F. S. Hastie. Salesmen: D. G. Boynton, J. M. Cohoe, H. Montagnes. Manager, Acoustical Sales: H. Eve. AREA SERVED-Ontario.

GENERAL THEATRE SUPPLY CO., LTD, 861 Bay St., Toronto 5. Telephone: EMpire 4-9307. PERSONNELeI'resident and General Manager: George Cuthl)ert. Vice-President and Secretary: C. E. Yonson. Purchasing Agent: J. Leonard. Supervisor Projection:

T. C. Hoad. Sales Engineers: P. R. Hayes, P. L. Shea. AREA SERVEI)-Ontario.

PERKINS ELECTRIC CO., LTD., 277 Victoria St. Toronto. Telephones: EMpire 4. 6243-(Emergcncy Night) EMpire 4-6243.

Ta [Milka/3 inquiry u {be about, pleat: mention the volume and page number.

PERSONNEL-Manager: R. V. Shale. Salesmen: A. A. Richardson, W. Walterhouse. Sound Division: W. Fitten, K. Johnston, F. Demsar. Counter Men: M. Aslihee, S. Parker. Shippers: D. Casemore, T. McBride. AREA SERVED-Ontario.

THE ROBERT SIMPSON CO., LTD., Contract Division, Toronto. PERSONNELManager, All Branches: L. E. Wicklum. Salesman, Toronto: E. W. Bryant. Montreal: J. F, Davies. Halifax: H. R. Tamplet. Winnipeg: J. C. G. Hood. Regina: R. G. Wehber. Edmonton: R. A. Harris. Vancouver: R. H. Dickson. AREA SERVED-Dominion of



DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD. 4040 St. Catherine St., W. Montreal 6. Telephone: FItzroy 9663. PERSONNEL#VicePresident and General Manager: F. E. Peters. General Sales Manager: Lloyd C. Pearson. District Manager: H. S. Walker. Manager, Equipment Sales and Service: P. L. Keppie. Salesmen: A. Lalumiere, J. J. Kilcullen.

GENERAL THEATRE SUPPLY CO., LTD., 288 St. Catherine St., W., Montreal 18. Telephone: UNiversity 6-6911 (Day and Night). PERSONNEL--District Manager: H. H. Burko. Sound Engineers: Jean Lajeunie, P. Galliard, J. H. Hewson. Office Manager: L. J. Davis. Salesman: R. Bousquet. AREA SERVEDeQuebec, Eastern Ontario.

PERKINS ELECTRIC CO., LTD.. 1197 Phillips Place, Montreal 2. Telephone: UNivcrsity 1-3666 (Day and Night) LAncaster 2154. PERSONNEL - Vice - President and General Manager: L. M. Bleackley. Sales Manager: Armand Besse. Salesmen: B. H. Lavell, C. Laliherte, A. Boudreau. Servicernen: C. Nadeau, R. Whil)ley, R. Dory, B. Marquis. Controller: J. C. Elliott. AREA SERVEDeQuehec.

RCA VICTOR CO., LTD., 1001 Lenoir SL, Montreal 30. Products Sold: RCA Theatre

and Sound Equipment.

DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 1299 Blvd. Charcst, Quebec. P. Q. Tole phone: 7-3572. PERSONNELgSalas-Scrricc: J. M. Colo, Cyrille Uoudn-ault. AREA SERVED4QUPIICC City and vicinity.


DOMINION SOUND EQUIPMENTS LTD., 5 Pisch Block, 1651 - llth Ave, Regina. Telephone: 29730. PERSONNELeSalesman: L. B. (logger. Sales and Service: L. A. Sass. AREA SERVEDVSHSIUIU'IIOWlln.

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 410